Dive Into Adventure With 12 Water Sports In Dubai

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Water Sports are always fun, even if it’s as small as going to the waterpark and going for the fun and frolic rides, but how about I tell you that take your love for adventure up a notch with some of the most fantastic water sports in Dubai if you take our Dubai Tour Packages this season. 

Dubai, as incredible as the city is, offers plenty of opportunities for the people here in Dubai and for all the tourists who visit this marvellous city that boasts stunning skyscrapers, luxurious cruises, and drool-worthy cuisines.

It’s time to make the most of the beaches and go for popular water sports in Dubai, providing you with water adventure Dubai.

List of Best Water Sports In Dubai

1. Windsurfing


Windsurfing is one of the water sports in Dubai, which is just like surfing, except that you will be standing on a board holding the sail. The sail is attached to the surfing board and is powered by the wind across the water for it to move.

The steering part of the board can be done by adjusting the position of your feet and sail. 

Windsurfing is one of the most thrilling water activities in Dubai, making it one of the best places for water sports in Dubai.

Ensure that you are wearing proper safety gear and all safety equipment. 

Location: Jumeirah Beach

Estimated Cost: INR 5000

2. Wakeboarding

Image Source : Viator

Water sports in Dubai include Wakeboarding is a great way to tone up and awaken the daredevil in you, for it is one of the water activities in Dubai that will take your Dubai water sports experience to another level. You won’t have any fancy protection, only a board to keep you company. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, a motorboat will pull your board, and you will try to maintain the balance. It is going to be an epic adventure, making it one of the must-try water sports in Dubai.  

With your legs strapped on the board, you will feel like you are walking on the water. It is also one of the most challenging Dubai water sports and is nothing like water skiing. It combines the elements of skiing, skateboarding, and surfing, giving one heck of a what you call a water adventure Dubai.

Make sure that your wakeboard is sturdy and not broken. If you feel that you cannot rely on your wakeboard because it’s defective or you feel there is something fishy about it, then ask for a new one instead of putting your life at stake. 

These water sports in Dubai are fun only as long as nobody gets hurt.

Location: Wake Evolution

Estimated Cost: INR 5800

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3. Water Skiing


Water Skiing is another water sports in Dubai, giving you that adrenaline rush. The activity was invented by Ralph Samuelson in the year 1992, and the sport has picked up ever since. 

Dubai, with it’s calm water and pleasant weather, makes an ideal location for water skiing.

You can enjoy water skiing in Dubai while being tied to a speedboat, it is quite similar to wakeboarding, making it one of the most amazing water sports in Dubai.

The water ski is quite a powerful machine that pulls the rider onto the surface of the water while moving in a haphazard manner to make the ride a thrilling one for the rider. 

You must have done skiing on snow, but doing it on the water is where the adventure lies. 

Location: Sky & Sea Adventures

Estimated Cost: INR 8100

4. Scuba Diving


We all know Scuba Diving is the best water sports in Dubai there is, as you get to see the coral reefs, along with tiny fishes that get startled seeing humans inside the water. The water pressure inside the ocean is way too much, and somehow you can still feel every beat of your heart as the adrenaline rushes through your body. 

The sound of water is a melody to your ears, making Scuba Diving one of the best water sports in Dubai. 

It’s nothing like other water sports, for the unique experience inside the water makes every penny worth spending. You don’t necessarily have to know swimming to undergo this activity. There are several packages for swimmers and non-swimmers as well. 

You get to see the species of tiny fish you never knew existed. It is a must try water sport in Dubai and is highly recommended. 

Location: Atlantis, The Palm

Estimated Cost: INR 5000

5. Kite Surfing


Kite Surfing or Kite Boarding is another extreme water sport which is a blend of paragliding, wind surfing, and wakeboarding. So you can imagine how enthralling this water sports in Dubai would be. 

The months between October to May are the ideal time for Kite Surfing because the weather is pleasant, and the consistency of winds in Dubai makes it the best location for this sport. 

It may look quite similar to wind surfing and wakeboarding, yet it is different in several ways. The equipment used in this sport is safety gear, a harness board, a control bar, and obviously a kite. 

So the deal is that you hang on to a rope attached to a kite, and you will control the directions of the flow with the help of a harness and the board. You will feel the sheer power of the wind, but you have to try to hold on to it. It may sound a little challenging, but in reality, it is one of the best water sports in Dubai that you can easily get a hold of. 

Location: Kite Zone

Estimated Cost: INR 5000

6. Sea Breacher

Image Source : Artaaj

What I am about to tell you will blow your mind, for this could be the most thrilling water sport you would have ever encountered. 

What exactly do you think is a sea breacher? Is it a machine, is it a car, is it a shark, who can say? 

Well, it looks like a very cool car that will take you at a speed of 55 mph on the surface of the water. 

Before you know it, you will be 5 feet deep inside the water in this adventure pod and then come back and jump like a shark 18 feet up in the air and again land on the surface, giving you the thrills you have been looking for in all of these best water sports in Dubai. 

Out of all the adventure sports, this has to be on the top of your list, and you should definitely go for this ride, and see what it’s like to be a shark for a day. 

Location: Water Adventure

Estimated Cost: INR 9600 for 15 minutes and  INR 15400 for 30 minutes

7. Fly Boarding

Image Source : Viator

How cool would it be if you were able to fly, and that too on water? Sounds too good to be true, right? 

Well, let me tell you that you can have the best time of your life by choosing Fly Boarding as your next water sports Dubai, probably one of Dubai’s best water sports.

Have you heard of a jetpack? If you played Sand Andreas, then you can understand what I am talking about. It’s pretty similar to that, yet different. 

In the game, the jetpack has nitrogen gas which allows you to fly, however in reality, you will be standing on the jet pack, with your feet attached to the saddle-like board, connected to a powerful motor that propels you to move in various directions. 

You may feel a little scared initially, but after 5 minutes or so, you will understand the mechanism, and it won’t feel so difficult then. No wonder it is one of the best water sport activities in Dubai.

With stunning views of Dubai, you may feel like a superhero ready to save the world. 

Location: Nemo Water Sports

Estimated Cost: INR 7200

Time: 30 Minutes

8. Fly Fishing

Image Source : Fly Fisherman

If you are looking for one of the most affordable and best water sports in Dubai, then you should go for Fly Fishing activity and fly away with Dubai winds while watching the stunning skyline. 

Not only is this activity an affordable water sports activity but also the most demanded by tourists, that is probably because of its affordable prices. 

Now you are probably wondering how this Dubai Watersports called fly fishing works. 

Well, let me tell you that it’s very safe, and you will be tied to an E-shaped inflatable with all the safety pieces of equipment intact. 

This inflatable will be guided by a speed boat. 

The moment you experience the gushing wind against your face as you fly in the inflatable like a bird above the ocean in a safe environment will be beyond words. 

Its affordable price is not only the reason for it being the most loved water sport in Dubai, but also the most fun as well. The feeling is out of the world, and you are likely to come back for more of this Dubai Watersports.

Location: JBR Beach

Estimated Cost: INR 3800

Time: 15 Minutes

9. Speed Boating

Image Source : Viator

Now this does not need a lot of explanation because you already know what speed boating is, and it’s pretty common.

It’s so common that you have seen it almost everywhere, even in movies, when the protagonist tries to run away, chase the criminal, or maybe just take his girl out on a date, so the bottom line is that you have seen it quite often. 

But did you know that Dubai adds experience to your experience? You do know that, right? 

With that being said, Speed Boating in Dubai allows you to involve your entire family in this adventure sport. 

It usually happens that when you want to indulge in some adventure sports, your parents back out because they are not up for so much adventure or maybe they are scared, but in the case of speed boating, you can involve them as well, because it’s not so scary and a lot of fun. 

Four members can take the ride in the speedboat in one go, taking you to some famous city landmarks. You can get some really amazing pictures to take back home and flex all over on your social media, taking your social media game up a notch, making it one of the best and most friendly water sport activities in Dubai for families. 

What’s better than that, anyway? 

Location: Water Adventure

Estimated Cost: INR 3300 For 30 minutes and INR 6600 For 1 Hour.

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10. Jet Skiing

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Jet Skiing is all about allowing you to zip across the water waves with your personal watercraft, giving you a chance for a thrilling adventure. 

Jet Skiing is an enthralling adventure and is offered in several places all over Dubai. So you can do it in several places and have the best time of your life on the waves of Dubai. 

Location: Nemo Water Sports

Estimated Cost: INR 7000 For 30 Minutes, 14000 INR for 1 hour, and INR 20000 For 2 hours.

11. Parasailing

Image Source : Viator

If you like to take it slow and don’t have a thing for feeling the adrenaline, then maybe Parasailing is the best water sport for you. 

So what happens in Parasailing is that a parachute is attached to a boat and is guided by it as well. 

The boat takes the parachute to a point where the parachute can be released, and you can feel like an eagle soaring high in the sky. 

The parachute rises with the speed of the boat, and once released, the parachute takes off from the water’s surface, giving out panoramic views of the city and obviously the stunning skyline of Dubai. 

As you fly away up in the air, you might feel like a bird that is free to fly anywhere without any restrictions. 

It is best for people who are willing to go for an adventure but not to the extent where they get scared or anything like that. 

Parasailing is best for families, as you can have a nice quality time with your families or your friends and make the most of one of these water sport activities in Dubai.

Parasailing may be a common water sport, and you may find it everywhere, but truth be told, with the stunning views of Dubai city, the experience is totally different. 

It is a must-try water sport if you are in Dubai. 

Location: Nemo Water Sports

Estimated Cost: INR 9500

12. Swimming With Dolphins

Image Source : Pinterest

Have you always wanted to play with Dolphins because they are said to be the happiest and friendliest fish in the ocean? 

Well, if that is the case, then you are in for a treat because here you can swim with dolphins and make friends with them. 

It may not be an adventure water sport in Dubai, but it is definitely the cutest. 

Dubai has a Dolphinarium which is home to 20 exotic seals, parrots, and bottlenose Dolphins. 

Dubai Dolphinarium has a programme called “Swimming With Dolphins”, where you can interact with these very friendly Dolphins, and you also get to swim with them. How cool is that?

You may not be up for an adventure, but this Dubai Watersports is the most fun for both kids and adults. 

Location: Dubai Dolphinarium

Estimated Cost: INR 500 For entry in the Dolphinarium

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is the best time to visit Dubai for water sports?

The best time to visit Dubai for any water sports is between the months of October to May. It is not only limited to water sports, but also Dubai in general. During the months between October to May, Dubai witnesses a large number of tourists visiting and exploring the city. The reason behind it is that the scorching heat of the summers has gone, and now the weather is all pleasant, making it an ideal time for visiting Dubai and indulging in various adventure activities.

Which are the most popular places to visit in Dubai?

There are innumerable places to visit in Dubai because Dubai, with all its dazzling glory, has everything for everyone. Be it the architectural marvels, the sandy beaches, or its luxurious cruise dinner, you have plenty of options in Dubai. Coming back to your question, you can visit Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Frame, Dubai Mall, Dubai Aquarium, Dubai Fountain, Burj Al Arab, and the list is endless. 

Are there any water sports in Dubai for kids?

Yes, as I said, Dubai has everything for everyone. Kids are in for a treat because there are plenty of activities for kids in Dubai and water sports. Kids can join and indulge in the Swimming with Dolphins Programme, where they can interact with the friendly Dolphins and swim with them as well. 

Which are the best beaches for water sports in Dubai?

The best beaches for water sports in Dubai are Jumeirah Beach, White Beach, and Dubai Harbour. 

You can find the best water sports activities on these beaches, from Parasailing to Sea Breacher to Kite Boarding, and so on. 

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