Dreams To Dollars: 5 Countries That Pay You To Relocate

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If you ask anyone what is the best thing they like the most, 90% of the people would say that they love travelling and would do anything to travel almost every week. At the same time, some of them would say that they would want to relocate to a place surrounded by mountains and calm. 

The rest 10% are those who have given up on life, and since you are reading this, it is proof enough that you are not in that 10%.

We often wonder how lucky the people of the place are, who live where we yearn to travel. We make so many plans and get so excited even with the thought of travelling, but these people get to live there. 

How lucky is that? 

But do you know that there are countries that pay you to relocate?

Isn’t this too good to be true? 

Well, it’s true because there are countries that are paying you to move to boost tourism as well as to increase the population over there, or to make it an International tech hub.

Let’s get into more details. Shall we?

1. Ireland

Image Source : britannica

Islands such as Dursey, Inishturk, Clare Island and the Aran Islands have been declining over the years, and the Irish government has initiated a policy asking people to relocate to these Islands. The government will pay $92000 to revitalise the island. 

This means that the government will be funding people to relocate and refurbish a house to either stay or put on rent.

However, there are certain conditions attached to it, which require you to live on an island which is disconnected from the main city, and the island is an isolated one, due to which the government is funding people to revitalise it in the first place. 

This initiative taken by the Irish government is part of its ten-year policy of “Our Living Islands” to revitalise approximately 30 deserted islands of Ireland.

Upon the policy’s success, people could have employment opportunities, medical facilities, improved infrastructure, tourism activities and so on. 

2. Chile

Image Source : cntraveler

The Chile Government has planned to make its capital Santiago an International tech hub for aspiring entrepreneurs by offering them an amount of $40000 to move to Santiago and set up a business there. 

This scheme comes under the policy launched in 2010 called Start-Up Chile and has been successful till now. 

The catch here is that aspiring entrepreneurs have to come up with an interesting business idea, one which has the potential for global reach. If the idea has been selected, the entrepreneur will get funding of $40000, a year-long work visa, a complementary workspace, and a strong network of contacts. 

You can bring your business partners as well. For the first six months, the businessman has to stay in Chile to kick start the project, once its been set up, they can go back. However, most entrepreneurs are staying back to make their start-up a success.

3. Italy

Image Source : britannica

Pressice Acquarica are two towns in Italy that merged in the year 2019, which currently is facing a problem of low population. So in order to boost the population, the government has come up with interesting initiatives to lure people to move to this place. 

The program launched by the government is known as “Welcome to Presicce-Acquarica”.

Now the catch is that you have to move to Pressice Acquarica and buy a house here and get it registered under your name. The homes that have been put on sale were built before 1991 and start at the amount of €25000. 

This program will cover 50% of the cost of purchasing a home and any renovations that may add up. 

Currently, there are only 9000 inhabitants in both cities, and to combat the population, the government is also paying €1000 for every newborn baby registered in the town.

In Sicily, the decreasing population has been a matter of concern for a long time now, and in order to combat the situation, the two towns of Sicily, namely Sambuca di Sicilia and Troina, are giving away homes at $1, with the condition to renovate the home within the next three years, with a security deposit of $6000 or $48000 which will be refunded later. 

4. New Zealand

Image Source : movehub

New Zealand, undoubtedly the most beautiful country in the world, is paying you to move there. 

How amazing is that?

Kaitangata is a small town near the shore of Otago, which has a population of only 800 people. There are about 1500 jobs available, but no one to work for because of the meagre population. 

The town council has come up with the idea of paying $165000 for land and housing for all the new residents who will take up jobs there. 

5. South Korea

Image Source : hotels

We have all heard about South Korea, and we have loved Korean drama for a long time now, but did you know that South Korea offers scholarship programs? 

Yes, that is true, if you have always wanted to visit South Korea, its best that you enrol in the scholarship programme and take your higher studies in South Korea while also having the time of your life. 


Several other countries pay you to move there for one reason or another. Some want to boost tourism, some want to increase the population, and some to develop the place. Whatever may be their reason, what we hear is that we are getting paid to relocate, and it could not get better than that.

However, there are various conditions that come with it because everything comes with a price, doesn’t matter even if it’s free. It will always have a price. 

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