3rd Century Alexander The Great’s Portrait Found in Denmark

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According to the estimation, Alexander The Great’s Portrait in Denmark dates back to 1800 years. The Portrait was found on an island in Denmark. While taking survey work in the field west of Ringsted, a city on the Danish Island of Zealand. 

Two Archeologists Finn Ibsen and Lars Danielsen found a bronze alloy known as a bracket with the help of a metal detector. Recently discovered Alexander The Great’s Portrait in Denmark is now a hot topic for many experts, historians, archaeologists and news houses. 

This Bronze bracket having Alexander The Great’s portrait found in Denmark measures approximately 1 inch which is 2.7 centimetres in diameter. Alexander The Great’s portrait found in Denmark has an engraved portrait of his wavy hair and a crown of twisted Yam horns. 

According to the statement from the Museum of West Zealand, the archaeologists could easily recognize that they were looking at the portrait of Alexander the Great. The typical image of Alexander with his wavy hair and Yam horns made it easy to recognize the portrait. 

This Bronze piece showcasing Alexander The Great’s portrait found in Denmark has similar characteristics to another portrait found in Jutland years ago by another set of archaeologists. It has a similar style and imagery to Alexander the Great, although it is made of gilded Gold and was found in a stockpile of weapons. It was usually worn on a silver mount to show off.  

The Danish archaeologist Freerk Oldenburger said, “I nearly fell out of my chair.” referring to the moment when he saw a bronze bracket of Alexander The Great’s Portrait found in Denmark. Oldenburger further added, “that the piece has the typical attributes of Alexander the Great, such as his distinct wavy hair and ram horns.”

While the purpose of this artefact is unclear, many experts believe that it could have functioned as a decorative shield disc or a bracket attached to a sword belt, offering insight into the fashion and style prevalent during the era. 

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