Skytrax Awards 2024: Doha International Airport Crowned The Best International Airport!

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Airports are like starting points for our adventures, making faraway dreams real and bringing us back home with joy. Giving awards to these Best International Airport encourages us to try new things and get excited about going to new places. A research company called Skytrax stated that the airport in Doha, called Hamad International Airport, is now considered the best airport in the world. Before this, Changi Airport was number one, but Doha Airport made it move to second place.

The sky-high in Germany on April 17 for the 2024 World Airport Awards was held at the Passenger Terminal Expo in Frankfurt, it was a celebration of the best airports worldwide. Guess who snagged the third spot? None other than South Korea’s impressive Incheon International Airport!

As we got to know Doha International Airport Crowned the best International Airport, taking the place of Changi Airport but still Changi Airport has maintained its reigns supreme in Asia! 

It got even more praise for its immigration services, which are considered the best in the world. Also, the Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Hotel won the award for best airport hotel. This is its ninth time winning in this category!

Further, a survey was done by Skytrax from August 2023 to February 2024. They asked travellers about their experiences at airports all around the world. People shared their thoughts on everything from check-in to shopping, security to boarding. Based on all this feedback, they gave out awards like Changi Airport’s win!

Anyhow the Doha International Airport Crowned the best International Airport won the top spot for the third time now! They also won in 2021 and 2022. Changi Airport was able to win in 2023, making it the 12th time it’s been crowned the best airport in the world.

As a token of gratitude for the award, A spokesperson from Changi Airport Group (CAG) thanked Hamad International Airport for winning and everyone for their support during the tough times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She also continued her gratitude by saying, “Big thanks to our passengers and airport partners for always backing us up. They’re the reason we work hard to make Changi Airport the best for everyone we welcome.”

She also highlighted her speech by stressing the importance of how passengers and airport partners inspire Changi Airport to keep improving travel experiences for everyone who visits.

Reason For Awarding The Best International Airport!

Source: Skytrax

There is a reason for selecting the Best International Airport. We know that for a long time, Hamad and Changi Airports have been competing to be the best in the world. Changi Airport used to win a lot, but this year, Hamad International Airport won again, just like it did in 2022 and 2021. The reason behind this is as follows:

The main reason that Doha International Airport Crowned the best International Airport is that Doha Airport is special because it offers cool things for travellers. If you have a long waiting time between flights, they even give free city tours. That’s probably why it’s rated so high. Lots of people heading to Europe or North America pick Hamad Airport to change planes. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying with Qatar Airways or another airline, you’ll still get to enjoy the awesome stuff at Doha Airport. This helps travellers have a great time during their layovers at the DOH airport

The Position Of Indian Airports In Skytrax’s List Of The Best International Airports in The World


Do you know what position our Indian Airports stand in Skytrax’s list? Out of many Only five Indian airports made it to the top 100 list! Delhi Airport stayed strong at 36th place, and Mumbai Airport held its spot in the top 100, though it slipped a bit to 95th from 84th last year. Bengaluru Airport soared to 59th place, while Hyderabad Airport climbed to 61st. Goa’s Manohar International Airport also secured a spot at 92nd position. 

How Does Skytrax Pick The World’s Best International Airport?

Source: travelobiz

Wondering how Skytrax selects the World’s Best International Airport? It is the passenger’s review. Yes, Skytrax finds the best airports by asking travellers from more than 100 countries about their airport experiences. They ask about food quality, and how happy passengers are with the overall experience. Then, they use all this feedback to decide the rankings for the Skytrax World Airport Awards. It’s like a big vote where travellers get to have their say!

Hence, finding the best international airport isn’t just about winning awards. It shows how much airports worldwide work hard to improve our trips. Whether it’s Doha Airport’s cool stuff or Changi Airport’s great service, each airport tries its best to make travelling smooth.

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