Delhi to Gurgaon Air Taxi in 7 Minutes by 2026

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InterGlobe Enterprises, the parent company of IndiGo Airlines, is set to redefine urban commuting in India through a strategic partnership with Archer Aviation, a US-based aerospace company. The collaboration is planned to bring Delhi to Gurgaon Air Taxi, an all-electric air taxi service with operations expected to start by 2026.

A Game-Changer For Delhi-Gurugram Commutes

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Delhi to Gurugram air taxi service aims to bridge the 27-kilometre gap between Delhi’s Connaught Place and Gurugram in just seven minutes. Currently, travelling this distance by car can take up to 90 minutes due to traffic congestion. With the new air taxi service, commuters can enjoy a faster, quieter, and more environment-friendly option for their daily travel.

Fleet and Infrastructure Plans

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To kick off the project, Archer Aviation will supply 200 electric vertical takeoffs and landing (eVTOL) aircraft to InterGlobe Enterprises. This aircraft, called the Midnight model, can carry four passengers and a pilot. The design prioritizes safety and low noise, reducing the typical noise levels associated with helicopters. Each aircraft is powered by six battery packs that allow a full recharge in 30 to 40 minutes, with each minute of charging providing a minute of flight time.

Economic and Environmental Impact

The cost for a seven-minute ride between Connaught Place and Gurugram is estimated to be between Rs 2,000 and Rs 3,000. This pricing is competitive, considering the substantial reduction in travel time and the potential to avoid traffic. In comparison, the same trip by car costs approximately Rs 1,500.

The total investment for this Delhi to Gurgaon air taxi project is expected to be around $1 billion. InterGlobe and Archer Aviation are also exploring additional routes, with plans to extend the service to Mumbai and Bengaluru, thereby offering a broader range of urban transport options in India.

Regulatory Pathway

The certification process for the eVTOL aircraft is progressing smoothly. Archer Aviation’s CEO, Adam Goldstein, mentioned that the company is in advanced discussions with the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), with certification expected by 2025. Once this milestone is achieved, the focus will shift to obtaining approval from India’s Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)

Preparing for Launch

InterGlobe and Archer Aviation are in discussions with municipal authorities to ensure the necessary infrastructure is in place, including vertiports and other operational facilities. The companies are also considering the real estate requirements for launchpads and other essential infrastructure to ensure a smooth rollout.

The Future of Urban Mobility

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The introduction of Delhi to Gurugram air taxi service represents a significant leap forward in urban transportation in India. With the potential to produce 650 aircraft in its initial year and plans to expand to 2,000 aircraft, Archer Aviation aims to change short-distance travel. As cities get bigger and traffic gets worse, their new service could be a major solution for easier transportation and less environmental damage.

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