Indian Passport Is Second Cheapest Passport In The World

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If you love to travel a lot, then there is good news for you! It has been updated recently that Indian Passports is the second cheapest passport in the world, that can be obtained after the UAE. Indian Passports is one of the cheapest passports that are available with the cheapest in terms of cost with a validity of one year.

Using the Indian Passport, one can travel to 62 nations with visa-free access. The first position is taken by UAE which is the cheapest in the cost of acquisition and the visa-free access facilities to more number of countries.

The research was conducted by Compare the Market AU, which is an Australian company. They looked into the details like how much it costs to get passports from various countries, how much value they would offer per year, and how many countries you can visit without needing a visa.

There was a study that discovered that Mexico has the most expensive passport, priced at $231.05 for 10 years. While Australia’s passport was slightly cheaper, costing $225.78 for the same 10-year period.

According to a statement given from the company, India’s passport ranked as the second cheapest overall, priced at $18.07 for a 10-year validity. Meanwhile, the UAE’s passport cost $17.70 for a 5-year period and took the place of the first cheapest passport.

When we look at how much it costs each year, India has the cheapest passport, at $1.81 per year. Whereas, South Africa took second place, costing about $3.05 per year, followed by Kenya in third place, at around $3.09 per year.

It also has been stated that experts who compare travel insurance put together a list of passport fees from different countries. They looked at the price, how many years it’s valid for, and its usefulness. They found that in some countries, having a powerful passport can cost a lot.

Compared to other Countries’ Passports, Indian passports are good for saving money, but they don’t let you travel to as many places without a visa. This is different from countries like Australia, the USA, and Canada. Even though their passports give you more freedom to travel, they also cost more.

As we know Travel insurance is essential for protecting against passport loss, theft, or damage while abroad. Adrian Taylor, Compare the Market’s insurance head, emphasises its value in providing peace of mind during unforeseen events while travelling.

Adrian Taylor, “No one wants stress during their vacation. Losing or damaging your important documents can be a worry when you’re abroad. Depending on your insurance, it might help pay for a replacement if you need one.”

Is the U.S. Passport the Most Expensive?


The United States doesn’t have the priciest passport globally. The study shows that Mexico’s passport is the most expensive, followed by Australia’s.

In the study, they found that a Mexican passport costs $231.05 for 10 years, while an Australian passport costs $225.78.


Hence, the recent update highlights India’s passport as the second cheapest globally, following the UAE. India’s passport offers the most affordable passports that come with limitations on visa-free access. Anyhow, with the proper travel insurance, each individual can mitigate risks and enjoy their journeys with peace of mind.

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