Eat, Pray, and Love: All about Bali in summer

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If you have watched Eat, Pray, and Love then Bali must be on top of your list of must-visit destinations. Mesmerizing sunsets, stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, and panoramic views of the Indian Ocean enthrals each and every one who has set foot in this tiny coastal country.

If you are a beach person, Bali in summer is like the perfect paradise you see in movies. That’s right, not only do you get to experience beach weather every day, but you also get to drink at the most happening bars and dance to the hippest beats in Bali’s summer season. Bali in summer is a vibe worth experiencing and Bali Trip Packages will help you plan your Bali Diaries.

Being just 8 degrees south of the equator, Bali has a tropical climate all throughout the year with avg temperatures of 30 C and humidity level of about 85%. Making Bali in summer temperatures easier to explore the place.

Daytime temperatures at low elevations vary between 20 and 33 °C (68 and 91 °F), but the temperatures decrease significantly with increasing elevation.

Bali sits in the Indian Ocean not far from where it joins the Pacific Ocean. It is part of the Indonesian archipelago which contains over 17,000 islands. It is the most commonly visited part of Indonesia due to its unique Hindu culture and cultural attractions. Temples in Bali, Adventure activities, Bali beaches, and Sunsets are some of the reasons why Bali in summer has become such a rage amongst tourists and a popular holiday destination.

It has wonderful beaches all along the coastline and the heartlands of Bali are exceptionally fertile and wonderfully green with amazing rice terraces and rainforest to explore.

There are actually only two distinct seasons in Bali and that’s because of the island’s location in the tropics.

So, the overall temperature is always mostly warm, however, there are some variations in the amounts of rain and humidity that the seasons see.

Bali is also not a very big island, so there isn’t a huge amount of variation in weather across the areas at similar altitudes. It is cooler at higher altitudes and the volcanic peaks in the middle of Bali are cooler all year round than the coastal areas. These higher regions also see more rainfall than the coast does.

The warmest month of the year is April, and the coldest is August. The driest month of the year is August and the wettest is January. Hence, the most popular months to come to Bali are April, June, July, August, and December. The least popular months are September, October, November, January and February.

There are plenty of awesome places to visit in Bali in summer and things to do at this time of year including:

  • Sunset Gazing at Bali’s Finest Beaches: Bali in summers is known for its gorgeous beaches. Most of them are located on the island’s west coast, which means that those beaches are perfect for seeing the sun slowly touching the horizon and set at the horizon. There are many beaches in Bali if you want to enjoy the stunning view of the sun setting in the west. If you have enough time or are on an extended holiday, you may as well visit all of these beaches one by one, such as Suluban Beach, Padang Padang Beach, Bingin Beach, Balangan Beach, Jimbaran Beach, Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach, and many others.
  • Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking: You can also witness some stunning sunrises in Bali in summers. You can also go on a trek to the top of Mount Batur. If you plan to go trekking, you need to make sure you are fit for the journey and get a good night’s sleep the night before because you have to get up pretty early in the dead of the night. It takes approximately 2-3 hours to scale the mountain. The trekking usually starts at 3 in the morning, but you have to get up early, especially if you are staying in a hotel/villa far from the mountain. The best time to watch the sunrise from Mount Batur is during the dry season because the possibility of a clear sky is high. In addition, the terrain to the top of the mountain won’t be slippery, so it won’t hamper your trekking in any way.
  • Snorkel and other water adventurous sports: It is not a Bali vacation if you do not go snorkeling and other water adventurous sports like scuba diving, surfing, paddle boarding, etc.

Besides having numerous beautiful beaches, Bali is also blessed with a rich marine life, where you can witness some magnificent coral reefs and underwater paradise. Submerge yourself to see the diversity of Bali’s underwater flora and fauna. There are various places where you can snorkel around the unspoiled coral reefs and multiple species of fish. There are nine famous spots to snorkel in Bali, such as Blue Lagoon, Pemuteran, Nusa Penida, Amed Beach, Tanjung Benoa, Serangan Island, Menjangan Island, Lovina and Melasti Beach.

Some of the best places for Scuba Diving In Bali are Tulamben, Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan,Menjangan Island, Amed Beach, etc

  • Pura Luhur Uluwatu: You definitely cannot afford to miss out on one of the major temples in Bali in summer, standing proud in all its glory, for decades on the edge of a beautiful limestone cliff. Even though you cannot enter the inner region of this temple, you can surely soak in the soothing vibes around with the panoramic views of the place.
  • Tanah Lot: You have to visit this major temple to believe in all the glorious legends that follow this place. Established centuries ago,Tanah Lot Temple has been recently restored with the help of the Japanese government. The waves splashing across the high cliff region near the temple grounds are simply soothing and definitely good for your soul.
  • Pura Besakih:  This temple is one of the nine temples in Bali to guard the island against all negative spirits. You can spot some seven ascending terraces here having 28 structures built on top which makes the temple even more mystical. To know more about this temple, you can surely hire a guide in advance or have a guided tour of the whole region.
  • Bali Art Festival: Embark on a cultural journey by attending some of the Bali Festivals. The Bali Arts Festival is a very popular one amongst tourists where traditional dance, music, and crafts come to life and one can experience Bali’s culture and traditions.
  • Visit the Beach Clubs in Bali: Imagine yourself soaking up the summer sun while grooving to some world-class music while sipping on some chilled beer or the choicest of cocktails. If that’s what you envision your beach holiday to be then one of the many Beach Clubs in Bali should definitely be on your list. There are plenty of options for you to explore, right from the luxurious ones to family-friendly ones. Bali in summer meets everyone’s checklist. 
  • Go for a trek to the Terraced Rice Fields in Bali: Sometimes beach hopping around Bali might seem too common for some travelers. And they look for something which is too touristy. If that is the way you feel too, then you should include Bali’s Unique Experiences in your bucket list. Set your sights on five charming rice fields and be prepared to get captivated by their beauty.
  • Swings in Bali: One of the most unique and Insta-worthy activities to do in Bali is the Bali Swing. Anyone who says swings are only for kids hasn’t seen the Swings in Bali. Here you can sway whenever you want soaking in the views of some of the most picturesque places in Bali. Take your Bali holiday to a whole new level with some of the most captivating swings in Bali. 

The Advantages Of The Dry Season


Bali in summer can be great for the following reasons:

  • There is much less rain and it opens up a number of sightseeing opportunities and water adventurous sports.
  • The humidity levels drop and that makes it much easier to explore around the island.
  • The mosquitoes are also less thanks to all the stagnant pools of water on the island drying up.
  • There are a lot of things to do such as the Bali Arts Festival (the Bali Arts Festival is in Denpasar, one of the less touristy parts of Bali) and the Bali Kite Festival.
  • Indonesian Independence Day and the associated celebrations take place in Bali in summer.

The Downsides Of Visiting during the Dry Season

There are always two sides to a coin and it is not all good in this time of the year.There are definite downsides to planning your holiday in Bali in summer in the dry season and they include:

  • Crowded and longer lines at all main attractions
  • A big spike in hotel costs during July and August
  • High-season traffic means even worse traffic management system
  • It gets harder to get bookings at popular restaurants and spas

What To Pack For The Balinese Dry Season?

Some of the things which one can bring to Bali in summer during this season to make your holiday a breeze are

  • Decent hiking shoes, because a lot of activities require some decent grip on surfaces
  • Swimwear
  • Sunscreen, lots of it  (ideally this should be water-resistant and kind to coral)
  • Water sports gear

The rainy season in Bali sees the highest temperatures, the highest levels of humidity, quite a bit of rain and more mosquitoes.

It is  the “low season” for tourists but hey, who said rains spoil all the fun?  The rainy season is still very popular in Bali and you get plenty of sunshine nearly every day throughout the season.

The Best Places In Bali During The Rainy Season 


The big tourist attractions are great to visit during this time of year thanks to the lower numbers of visitors.

We can recommend:

  • Tanah Lot Temple – get there at low tide to enjoy the walk out to the temple entrance and a blessing ceremony
  • Uluwatu TempleUluwatu Temple has amazing views from the cliffs, Balinese culture and lots of monkeys. 
  • Bali’s Waterfalls – all the Waterfalls in Bali are more majestic when it rains and definitely worth a visit.
  • Beach Clubs in Bali: While rains can dampen some of the beach side activities, you can definitely make this up visiting the many Beach Clubs in Bali.
  • Spas In Bali: While Bali boasts of many activities and adventure sports, it also houses some of the best Spas in the world for those looking for some tranquillity and soul searching. You can definitely book yourself a Spa session at any of the many Spas in Bali and relax and rejuvenate yourself . Some of the worth mentioning are Fivelements, The Sacred River Spa at Four Seasons, The Edge, Karma Spa, Royal Kirana Spa and many more.

The Advantages Of The Rainy Season

There are, of course, some real advantages to a visit this time of year and they include:

  • It is less crowded – the humidity puts some people off from visiting and that can be used to your advantage.
  • There is less traffic – Less crowd means less traffic and this is a real plus as Balinese traffic is pretty unpleasant when it is at its busiest.
  • It is still sunny – Yes it is true, 9 hours a day of pure sunshine on average even at this time of year with quick quick showers in the afternoon. 
  • It is greener and waterfalls have more water making it even more breathtaking.Bali shows a completely different side to itself during the rainy season and one must experience it to actually believe it.

The Downsides Of Visiting Bali During The Rainy Season


But it’s the low season for the following reasons too 

  • It rains more. Although it rains mainly during the afternoons and it is a quick shower, tropical rains can be quite drenching.
  • It is hotter and rains make it even more humid – it is not unbearably hot if you want a relaxing beach holiday but it can be a bit more draining for long hikes and outdoor sports.
  • More insects and mosquitoes – if you are someone who runs far away from creepies and crawlies, then rains might not be your best friend. With water pooling everywhere, the number of mosquitoes and other crawling insects also increase.
  • Diving isn’t as good – visibility drops during rainy season and waves can be quite massive, while making it quite dangerous and

What To Pack For The Rainy Season in Bali

There are a few things that can make your trip more fun at this time of year too

  • Bug spray – Remember to carry insect repellents to make your holiday peaceful if you are prone to mosquito bites and other insect bites. 
  • Rain clothes – a light rain jacket or a plastic poncho can really make a difference to your overall day’s itinerary.
  • Flip Flops – the best footwear for casual use in the rain are Flip Flops. Ideal for the Beach and clubbing too.
  • Breathable clothing – Nothing can beat the summer heat and humidity, like lightweight cotton clothes. So remember to pack as many cottons and linens as you can , not to forget that flowy dress you have been dreaming of for months for your beach holiday.

Is summer a good time to visit Bali?

The best time to visit Bali are the summer months of April until August. It is the dry season in Bali and the most visited time by tourist all over.

How hot is Bali in the summer?

Since Bali is a tropical Island, its temperatures are warm all year round making it ideal for visiting all year round. However, summer months are ideal because it is also the dry season with very less rainfall to no rainfall. Its average temperature usually hovers around  27 degrees and the average low is 22 degrees. The average high is 31 degrees

Is Bali expensive to visit?

Bali is the most expensive tourist destination in Indonesia. It is becoming expensive as the tourists are discovering more of Bali but there is cheap food and accommodation available.

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