Bharat Darshan Park: Exploring the Beauties of India

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Waste to Best – is the perfect tagline for Bharat Darshan Park in Delhi. The Punjab Bagh Municipal Corporation has built the Bharat Darshan Park in Delhi by using all sorts of waste materials and replicating the different wonders of India in them. This green park offers a glimpse of different Indian historical monuments and religious structures. So when you book your next tour package to India don’t forget to add this place to your list of places to visit in India. 

The green park is home to 22 replicas of Indian Historical and religious structures. The whole trip took 22 months and more than 200 artisans were involved in this tedious task. The park spreads to an area of 8.5 acres and is an ideal place for a picnic. The whole park has a sewage treatment system and is run by solar panels to give the park an environmentally friendly atmosphere.

An Overview of Bharat Darshan Park


The Bharat Darshan Park has all the famous landmarks of the whole country. It is created out of 350 tonnes of waste materials and features the perfect replicas of historical and religious sites. Just like the Bharat Darshan Park, Delhi has some great parks that convert waste into art like the Dinosaurus Park in Delhi. 

 The waste used in the park includes automobile components, metal scraps, iron sheets, nuts and bolts. 

Apart from this life-size replica of the monuments, the park also has a 1.5-kilometre walking trail, a children’s play area, waterfalls, ponds and fountains and a huge amphitheatre for cultural activities.

Major Attractions

  • The famous monuments and religious places from different corners of the country like – The Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Khajuraho Temple, Sanchi Stupa, Nalanda University, Mysore Palace, Charminar, Gateway of India, Ajanta Ellora Caves, Konark Sun Temple, Hampi, Char Dham Temples, Victoria Memorial, Twang Gate, Junagarh Fort, Hawa Mahal and Banyan Trees. 
  • The Bharat Darshan Park has a 1.5-kilometre walking track to take a stroll in the park.
  • An amphitheatre for cultural events and activities.
  • The children’s zone inside the park is a great place for the children to play and enjoy as their parents soak in the beauty of the park.


  • The park was developed by 150 individuals and a 20 crore rupee was invested.
  • The park is completely environmentally friendly i.e. it is completely powered by solar energy and has a sewage treatment system.
  • The Bharat Darshan Park is home to great varieties of plants and exquisite flowers that add to the beauty of the park. These plants have been planted to increase the beauty of the park and at the same time improve the quality of soil. 
  • There is one entry and one exit gate, so as you pass through the park you will cover all the attractions inside the park. 

Location, Fees and Visiting Hours


The Bharat Darshan Park is located in New Delhi’s Punjab Bagh neighbourhood and is well accessed from different parts of Delhi by road and metro. The nearest metro station is Bagh West. 

The park has a parking area but the space is limited. So if you are travelling by car, arrive early or visit during weekdays for hassle-free parking.

The Bharat Darshan Park opens at 10 am and closes at 10 pm except for Mondays and National Holidays.

The prices of the tickets vary considerably depending on the time of the day and the age group of the visitor. In the evening the entry fee for adults is ₹150 and for children and senior citizens, it is ₹75. During the daytime, the entry fee for adults is ₹100 and for children and senior citizens, it is ₹50.

There is a special offer for school students of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi, they can enter the Bharat Darshan Park for free while other school children will have to pay ₹40.

As per reports, all funds collected from tickets will be used completely for the restoration and upkeep of the Bharat Darshan Park. You can also book your ticket online if you don’t wish to stand in the queue.

Hotels near Bharat Darshan Park

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The locality of the Bharat Darshan Park is great. It is very well connected to the different parts of Delhi. If you wish to stay near the park for easy accessibility you can book a hotel at Lemon Tree Premier, The Grand and Goodwill Hotel.

These hotels have some of the best facilities and amenities to make your stay pleasant and memorable. 

How to Reach


Delhi, the capital of India is very well connected to the different cities of India and outside through Air, Rail and Roads. Regularly we have flights commuting to different parts of our countries. Since it is the capital, we have trains from almost all major cities of India. 

The distance of Bharat Darshan Park from New Delhi Railway Station is. 12.4 kilometres and 16.2 kilometres from the airport. You can either take a cab or bus to reach the destination. The best way to travel in Delhi is through Metro rides, the nearest metro station to the park is Punjabi Bagh Metro Station. You can also take a bus to the park, you can now book a bus ticket on WhatsApp in Delhi.


The Bharat Darshan Park is the perfect park for every age group. It’s a perfect example of how to turn waste materials into something beautiful and meaningful.  Next time when you travel to Delhi don’t forget to pay a visit to this place of beauty.

Is Bharat Darshan Park suitable for families and children?

The park is perfect for all age groups. It has a corner for every generation of people. Walking track for senior citizens, a children’s park for the children to play and replicas for everyone to enjoy and learn. 

Are there any educational opportunities at Bharat Darshan Park?

The park has replicas of some of the most famous historical and religious places in India. You can visit the park to get a closer look at these monuments and learn more about them. Like we say we learn better when we see it. 

What can visitors expect to see at Bharat Darshan Park?

The park has replicas of 22 places of historical and religious importance in India made out of waste. 

What is Bharat Darshan Park?

The Bharat Darshan Park is built completely out of waste materials and 22 replicas of some of the best monuments in India.

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