Bandos Island Maldives: Everything You Need To Know About This Island Paradise!

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Maldives, an earthly heaven is renowned not just as a tourist destination but as a source that infuses the feeling of pure bliss, where waves whisper secrets and the sunsets paint the sky in the tone of dreams. There is no surprise whenever the thought of destination travel comes to mind, people often search for Maldives tour packages without any second thoughts.

Albeit having of multitude of options in islands to pick from, Bandos Island Maldives holds significant importance considering its 5-star accommodation and top-notch amenities on budget. Not only does this place offer serene beauty but it creates a buzz for being one of the best family-friendly resorts in Maldives. Let’s find out why Bandos Island Maldives has so much importance, how much it costs to stay in Bandos resort Island in Maldives and how to plan a visit to this place.

About Bandos Island Maldives


Bandos Islands Maldives is renowned for being a paradisiacal haven in North Male Atoll. This place is a natural grandeur with very rich marine biodiversity. This picturesque coral island boasts fine powdery white texted sands and azure ocean water with vivid blue colour all across the sight. Bandos Islands also have a beautiful backdrop of lush tropical vegetation and a diverse range of flora and fauna which create a sense of anticipation and exploration. With activities and amenities at a top-notch level, Bandos Island Maldives has turned popular for honeymooners, friends and also family members.

From When Bandos Island Maldives Is Operating


Top Maldives Destination Bandos is just the second resort that opened back in 1972, December 10th and has been running without any pause from then on. With a well-trained staff of more than 535 Bandos Resort Island in Maldives provides services that are to unmatch the budget it quotes. 

Where Is Bandos Island Maldives Located?


Bandos Island Maldives is located in North Male Atoll, which is around 8 kilometres from Velana International Airport, Male. This island is surrounded by fresh ultra-marine waters of the Indian Ocean which creates a sense of retreat for our souls. It may take 10 minutes of speed boat ride to reach Bandos Island from Male airport and travellers can also seek the service of a seaplane.

Is Bandos Island Maldives Open For Tourists?


Yes! Bandos Island Maldives has been open for tourists all the time since its operation back in 1972. There are service maintenance timings for these resorts, please refer to the official website for booking and the status of the maintenance time frame to have a hassle-free booking service.

How To Reach Bandos Island Maldives


To reach Top Maldives Destination Bandos you need to fly into Male International Airport which is located in Hulhule island near the capital city of Male. From here you will be assisted with the speed boat service provided by Bandos resort island in Maldives at a cost included in the package. This speed boat journey lasts for 10-15 minutes depending on the ocean conditions and you can also pick seaplane services with additional cost.

When To Visit Bandos Island Maldives


Visiting Maldives from November to April helps you to have a blissful trip experience in the year. During this time the weather is pleasant with clear skies, pristine sunshine and also minimal rainfall creating an ideal environment for water sports and outdoor activities. Tourist footfall is relatively high from December to March considering the holiday season. To avoid crowds hit plan your Maldives trip in November. If you want your budget to be economical you need to plan between May to October!

Bandos Island In Maldives Price List


Bandos Island price list varies with the room category you choose from. In dry seasons with the applicability of all offers a standard beachfront room can cost you around 12500 Rs and the same room can cost you 35000 Rs in the peak season. The highest premium stay you can opt-in for Bandos Maldives is the Sunset water villa with pool which may cost around 47000 Rs per night and can also be over 1,00,000 Rs in the holiday season. So, plan your holiday trip accordingly!

Room Categories In Bandos Island Maldives


Bandos Island Maldives typically offers a wide range of room categories that cater for the preferences of its guests. Every category has its customised services along with the price variation. So, here is the list:

  1. Standard Beach Front Room: Basic in the range starting from 15000-20000 Rs with complimentary breakfast.
  2. Garden Villa Stay: Double bed with swimming pool view at the cost of17000- 30000 Rs with complimentary breakfast and dinner.
  3. Deluxe Room With Bathtub: Costs around 15000-22000 Rs with beach view and double occupancy.
  4. Superior Villa: 21000 -33000 Rs with complimentary breakfast and dinner at beach view.
  5. Jacuzzi Pool Villa: 38000-50000 with premium amenities and beach view bath area.
  6. Sunset Watervilla With Pool: Royal amenities with a sunset view at the cost of 47000 -100000 Rs per night.

How To Book Stay In Bandos Island In Maldives


You can book Bandos Island Resort in Maldives through its official website and for additional discounts, you can also try popular websites like Makemytrip, Thrillophobia, Goibibo, and Goibibo.

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Best Bandos Island Maldives Restaurants


Bandos Islands have various best dining options in restaurants from enjoying the poolside view to open sea waters there is nothing less to have a real sense of taste!

    • Sea Breeze Restaurant: For views
    • Teppayanki: Japanese Tasting
    • Huvan: BBQ night with booze
    • Gallery Restaurant: Family Buffet
    • Koon Thai: Best for Thai Cuisines.

Is Bandos Island Worth Choosing?


Absolutely! Bandos Islands Maldives is one of those top picks in resort stay for its stunning beauty, diverse range of accommodations and also convenient accessibility.

Bandos Island Resort In Maldives: Safe For Families To Visit?


Yes! It is highly safe for families with children to visit Bandos Island Resort in Maldives. Clubhouse facilities, hygienic restaurants, a safety team, and first-class amenities make this place a safe haven for every tourist.

How To Plan Your Wedding/Events At Bandos Island Maldives?


You can access the wedding brochure from the Bandos Island official website and contact them to plan your romantic topical paradise-themed wedding, which would be a lifetime experience. Packages here start from $1200 – $1800 with add-ons at extra charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Are Bandos in the Maldives?

Bandos in Maldives lies in the North Male Atoll, 8 Km away from the capital city Male.

What is the minimum level for Bandos?

There is no such minimum level for Bandos, even toddlers are allowed here but there are reasonable restrictions in the areas offering liquor and intense water activities!

How big is Bandos Island?

Bandos Island Maldives is approximately 44 acres of land, providing ample space for high-level facilities, accommodations and also serene landscapes.

How many stars are there in Bandos?

Bandos has a mixed rating varying from 4-5 stars!

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