Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi: The Wonderland Of Adventure!

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We would like to welcome you to the world of adventure sport Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi which is situated on Yas Island, Dubai. What sets Ferrari World apart from other parks is its indoor theme, distinguishing it as an adventure destination unlike any other. Similar to the Ferrari World in Adventure, the Dubai Tour Packages offers many exciting activities for you. 

Since the opening of this wonderland took place in 2010, from then the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi has succeeded in attracting people from all over the world. People get very excited to visit the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi for thrilling rides, fancy Italian food, and unforgettable experiences with their loved ones.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is for everyone, whether you like fast rides, fancy things, or just want to have fun. People from all over the world come here to enjoy exciting roller coasters, and delicious Italian food, and make great memories together. 

At Ferrari World, there are 20+ rides inspired by Ferrari cars for everyone to enjoy. What makes it special? It has the fastest roller coaster globally! Whether you love Ferraris or just want excitement, the place guarantees an unforgettable time. Get set for endless fun and thrills!

10 Years Of Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi: Then & Now!

Source: Gulf News

The history of this amazing place dates back to November 4, 2010. They started building Ferrari World Abu Dhabi in January 2009 and took one year to complete the entire project. It’s easy to spot Ferrari World because of its huge red roof that towers over the city, making it stand out from the rest of the buildings.

In the past decade, they’ve been adding more and more fun things to do at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Now, there are over 30 rides waiting for you to enjoy inside the park.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi has set four Guinness World Records. One of them is for having the fastest rollercoaster ever, called Formula Rossa. It goes fast, up to 240 kilometres per hour! Can you even picture that? And guess what? Over 59 million brave people have ridden on it! You can visit this beautiful city anytime and explore.

List Of Things To Do At Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi:

  1. Formula Rossa
  2. Scuderia Challenge
  3. Fiorano GT Challenge
  4. V12
  5. A Ferrari Ride

1. Formula Rossa At Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi


As we know roller coasters are really exciting and thrilling, this is because you experience sudden drops from great heights and a lot of twisty turns that really make butterflies fly in your stomach. This is actually how roller coasters are designed all over the world. 

But the Abu Dhabi Ferrari World has a roller coaster known as Formula Rossa which really stands out from others as the Rossa at Ferrari World holds the title for being the fastest roller coaster in the world!

As we all know the speed of Ferrari cars right, well this roller coaster is just as speedy as those cars. You don’t need lots of twists and turns to feel excited about a Ferrari Rossa. It’s all about going super fast and feeling the adrenaline rush through your veins.

2. Scuderia Challenge At Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi


If you are a lover of virtual racing, then get yourself prepared for an amazing ride with Scuderia. As we can say this is not just like any game it is like you are actually on the track where you can experience the real racing game. Just imagine yourself surrounded by the screens, holding onto a steering wheel. This amazing game gives you the feel of driving a real race car.

The Scuderia Challenge at Abu Dhabi Ferrari World is so realistic that when you play, it feels just like the real deal. When you put brakes on the car, you’ll feel the force. If you crash on something, you’ll feel the impact. And when you speed up, you’ll feel the thrill of going fast. It’s like you’re actually racing!

If you’ve always wanted to be in an F1 race, this is your chance. So, if you’re ready for some racing fun, don’t miss out on this chance to experience the thrill with the Scuderia Challenge!

3. Fiorano GT Challenge At Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi

Source: Travel Abu Dhabi

The World famous Ferrari World in Adventure is really a thrilling place in Abu Dhabi, where one among them Fiorano GT Challenge is a thrilling ride that really gets your heart racing. Where you will not be alone in this race as you can find another car on the track. 

Imagine you’re driving next to another car on a track. The most exciting part is when the two roller coasters come together. You might think you’re going to crash, but then you swiftly pass the other car, feeling relieved.

If you’ve ever seen the fast races in the Fast and Furious movies and wanted to feel that excitement, the Fiorano GT is perfect for you. It’s like you’re a superhero, racing through twists and turns. So, if you’re ready for an adventure that’ll keep you excited, don’t miss Fiorano GT!

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4. V12 At Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi

Source: AutomobiliFerrari

Ever thought about how Ferrari cars can go blazingly fast? Well, now you can find out! Explore the secrets of the Ferrari 599 engine and what sets it apart. Hop on V12, a thrilling ride that transports you right into the heart of the Ferrari 599 engine. 

Experience the sensation of shrinking down and immersing yourself in the engine’s inner workings. It’s an incredible chance to witness firsthand how this mighty engine operates and discover what makes it so powerful.

5. A Ferrari Ride At Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi


As the most exciting and amazing ride awaits you at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, where the fun does not only stop with the rides. Here, many of us can fulfil our dream of riding in a Ferrari car. Yes, you will get a chance to fulfil every car lover’s fantasy: driving a real Ferrari!

If you belong to the age group of 21 or older and have a valid UAE driving licence then you get a chance to drive a real Ferrari car with the supervision of a skilled instructor. Are you thinking that you’re not an expert in driving? Then no need to worry about it, you can enjoy the driving experience of a Ferrari by sitting next to an expert driver.

It is really a special opportunity for you to experience the excitement and thrill of being in a Ferrari car. So make sure that you don’t miss this amazing ride when you step into the Abu Dhabi Ferrari World.

When To Visit Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi?


Best Times to visit in Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi are the summer months, especially on weekdays, which are like the Best times to visit in Ferrari World. With fewer crowds, you’ll feel like you have the whole park to yourself! No long queues for rides, plenty of helpful staff on hand, and a relaxed atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy. 

You can hop on your favourite attractions as many times as you want without any hassle. And when you need a break, finding a table at a restaurant or seats in the theatres is a breeze. In addition, the scorching summer heat adds an extra thrill to the rides and makes up for the best times to visit in Ferrari World. 

So, whether it’s a sunny day or a balmy evening, Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi welcomes you every day from 11 am to 8 pm, ensuring your fun never stops!

Places To Visit Near Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi


Apart from the incredible Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, there are numerous places to visit near Ferrari World and other attractions waiting to be explored on Yas Island. Here are some of the highlights of places to visit near Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi:

  • Yas Waterworld Yas Island, Abu Dhabi
  • Yas Marina Circuit
  • Yas Mall
  • Yas Beach
  • Yas Marina
  • The Fountains
  • Yas Links Abu Dhabi
  • Yas Gateway Park
  • Du Arena
  • du Forum

Ferrari World Ticket Price


You can buy Ferrari World Tickets Price in Abu Dhabi on their official website. Kids under 3 years old get in for free. For everyone else, the ticket costs 295 AED (United Arab Emirates Dirham). If you’re going with your family, you can get a family ticket for four people at a 25% discount, which is 885 AED.

Ferrari World Timings


As the Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is open every day except Sundays and on Mondays, it’s open from 1 pm to 6 pm, but only for Annual pass holders.

The Ferrari World Timings for the general public in Abu Dhabi is from 12 pm to 8 pm, Tuesdays to Saturdays.

How To Reach Ferrari World In Abu Dubai?


The transportation to reach Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is quite accessible where you can take a taxi directly to the park’s entrance or you can also use public transportation. Where a lot of options include a combination of metro and bus facilities.

A bus from Abu Dhabi central bus station, or the Yas Express shuttle bus is also available for your convenience. 

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare for an unforgettable experience with thrilling rides and attractions at Ferrari World In Abu Dhabi!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is entry fee for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi?

The entry fee for Ferrari World Abu Dhabi varies depending on factors like age, time of visit, and special promotions. It’s best to check their official website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date information.

Is Ferrari World in Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

Ferrari World is located in Abu Dhabi, not Dubai.

Can I visit Ferrari World from Dubai?

Yes, you can visit Ferrari World from Dubai. It’s approximately a 1.5 to 2-hour drive depending on traffic conditions, or you can opt for organised tours that provide transportation from Dubai to Ferrari World.

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