11 Stunning Beaches In Phuket: Which One To Visit?

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Want to explore the best beaches in Phuket? Don’t worry because here is a whole list to help you through the vacation in Thailand. Although Phuket has more than 40 beautiful beaches along the coastline with incredible clear waters and a great ambiance, visiting the best of them needs to be done by travelers. 

Most of them feature the umbrella zone and nearby places to chill and eat or even stay overnight. Also, there are some of the most amazing adventure activities in Thailand happening here for families, groups, couples, and every other person. So, there are so many places to visit in Thailand for your own perfect time. 

So, make sure you are choosing the accurate Thailand packages to explore the marine paradise on Earth. 

Beaches In Phuket To Explore

  1. Kata beach
  2. Freedom beach
  3. Kata Noi Beach 
  4. Karon Beach
  5. Patong Beach 
  6. Nai Harn Beach
  7. Ao Sane Beach
  8. Ya Nui Beach
  9. Bang Tao Beach 
  10. Surin Beach 
  11. Laem Singh Beach

1. Kata Beach 


This is the most beautiful beach in Phuket with incredibly clear blue waters, white sandy beaches, and a captivating ambiance for the people. The vibe is great for families and couples to enjoy the beautiful marine landscape and a tranquil ambiance. 

Also, it is comparatively the less crowded beach in Phuket than Patong and also comes with great facilities for everyone. You can choose the best accommodations and restaurants in Thailand for yourself here. 

And, why not experience the best surfing out here? It has a large bay of Kata that is a training ground for surfers who love to have this adventure. 

Things to do: Parasailing and surfing 

2. Freedom Beach


It is certainly one of the best beaches in Phuket. Located in the pristine hidden cove, it is also covered with the whitest sand and the cleanest water throughout. You can definitely have the fun with snorkeling and swimming or even go strolling on the beach. 

It is also one of the calmest beaches in Thailand that you would come across, as there are no vendors coming here. 

It is a gem of Phuket, to which you can have access by climbing down the hill or coming by boat. However, the boat transfers would only be available during the high seasons, which remain from November to April in the place. Also, trekking can be the next challenging way to get to the beach, which is why it is less crowded and is one of the calmest places in Thailand. 

Things to do: Enjoy the beach games – volleyball and soccer and try water sports activities. 

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3. Kata Noi Beach


This beach is definitely the most beautiful beach in Phuket, and also the calmest one that remains far from the main road. 

It is 700 meters long and covered with great tranquility and a good vibe all around. If one wants to have a good escape and wants a lay-back, don’t miss one of the best beaches in Phuket. 

Come and relax under the sun, and also try the most exclusive adventure activities to have a thrill in the most beautiful place. Also, there are two luxurious resorts to stay here and dine in with the most stunning views. 

Things to do: Swimming and surfing 

4. Karon Beach


It is the second-longest beach in Phuket with immense beauty all over the place! 

Whether you are seeking a peaceful sunbathing experience, an active day of water activities, or a romantic evening by the shore, this beach has something for everyone to enjoy. 

Also, the nearby Karon temple market adds to the vibrancy of the area, providing an opportunity for visitors to explore the local culture and shop! 

It is embraced by the hills and swaying palm trees, also creating a picturesque backdrop that adds to its allure and makes it more magical. 

Things to do: Have a long walk on the beach, experience water sports like snorkeling, visit the temple on Soi Patak, visit the temple market 

5. Patong Beach 


The list of best beaches in Phuket cannot be completed without this one. It is one crowded yet the most beautiful beach in Phuket. 

3 km long, incredibly amazing, and filled with white sand all around. It is a major attraction of Phuket where most of the people come to witness the stunning beauty of this place. 

Also, it is famous for the best nightlife in Thailand that you cannot miss! It has been lined with an array of bars, restaurants and clubs on the beach. Also, there is the famous Bangla road, adjacent to the beach that comes alive with all the lights and great music. 

So, it is a perfect blend of natural beauty and lively entertainment, making it one of the best places to visit in Phuket. 

Things to do: You can relax on the beach chairs and have a massage, do water sports acitvites

6. Nai Harn Beach 

Image Source : Tripadvisor

This is one of the best beaches, blessed with the utmost beauty! The calm turquoise bay provides shelter for many sailing and fishing boats in high season. 

The landscape is amazingly breathtaking, especially at the sunset. If you are here for swimming, snorkeling, or any other adventure, this can be your best decision to try it here on this beach. 

It is a hub for local culture and cuisine where you also get numerous dining options from beachside seafood shacks to authentic Thai eateries. Also, you can explore the surroundings, with Buddhist temples and some markets that add a charm to this beach. 

Things to do: Swimming, shop Thai crafts from the local stores and visit the monastery

7. Ao Sane Beach 

Image Source : Tripadvisor

It is usually untouched beach and surrounded by a wholesome vibe of nature all around. Also, it is a really tiny beach which has its charm that comes out very gracefully. 

The grainy sandy beach is fully covered with trees and has a great marine life with excellent conditions for diving and snorkeling. So, you can consider this beach as an option for your great time in Thailand. 

Whenever you are here in Phuket, don’t miss this less known beach where you can have a good time without any big crowds. So, make sure you are adding this gem in your itinerary to make the best out of your relaxing vacation. 

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8. Ya Nui Beach 

Image Source : Tripadvisor

It is a hidden gem, located along the southwestern coast of Phuket, Thailand. Definitely, you cannot miss one of the best beaches in Thailand. 

This beach is particularly favored by snorkelers and divers because of great marine life present here. But, this one is also relatively small, enaching its intimate and secluded atmosphere, which makes it an ideal spot for relaxation and unwinding. 

The travelers can enjoy the most stunning views of the nearby islands and the perfect balance of tranquility and beauty is what you can enjoy here. 

9. Bang Tao Beach 

Image Source : Tripadvisor

When we talk about the best beaches in Phuket, you cannot miss this beauty! Also, here you can find the best luxurious resorts on the beach. 

It is one amazing destination for the honeymooners and couples who want to have a good time. Here, you can also enjoy local seafood restaurants and beach bars that add to the charm of this beautiful place and helping people to have a taste of authentic thai food. So, it is definitely one of the best places to visit in Thailand for honeymoon

Whether you are here to seek adventure or tranquility, it stands as a testament to Phuket’s natural beauty and has this unique ability to captivate the hearts of all who are here to experience the allure of this place. 

Things to do: You can enjoy beach dining with the best views, stay at the luxury villas or resorts to have the best time in the place. 

10. Surin Beach 

Image Source : Tripadvisor

If you are a sunset person, then you should not miss this perfect place for your desires to witness the beautiful sky. You would be mesmerized to see a shimmering sunset view on this beach. 

Once, it was all about a great nightlife and filled with numerous bars and restaurants but now, it is a good escape for you to just relax and enjoy the vibe. You would not find much of the shopping places here, but definitely some amazing massage and spa products including a variety of oils and more. 

If you want to enjoy such a vibe, you shall not miss on this gem in Phuket, Thailand. 

Things to do: witness the beautiful sunsets and sunbathe at the beach. 

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11. Laem Singh Beach 

Image Source : Tripadvisor

The list of best beaches in Phuket cannot end here without this gem. It is hidden in the west coast, between Surin beach and Kamala beach. 

With the great location, you have this great vibe of the perfect secret beach and also one does not have a direct access to this beautiful beach. You need to take a boat from the Surin beach and enjoy the journey throughout. 

So, get ready to explore this one amazing and stunning beach in Phuket to have the best out of your trip. 

Things to do: Enjoy the boat ride from Surin beach to Laem Singh, and swim in the clear water or sunbathe in the relaxing ambiance. 

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Which Phuket beaches are family-friendly?

Patong Beach, despite its bustling nightlife, offers a family-friendly atmosphere during the day, with its long stretch of soft sand and shallow waters. Kata Beach is another popular choice, known for its gentle waves and great surroundings, making it ideal for families with children. 

Karon Beach, with its laid-back vibe and ample space for beach activities, is also a great option. Families seeking a quieter atmosphere may appreciate Mai Khao Beach, located on the island’s northwest coast, known for its tranquility and stunning sunsets

What is the best time to visit Phuket’s beaches?

The best time to visit Phuket’s beaches is generally during the dry season, which spans from November to April. This period offers ideal weather conditions with plenty of sunshine, lower humidity levels, and calm seas, making it perfect for beach activities and water sports. 

December to March is particularly popular, as the weather is pleasantly cool, and the sea is generally calm for swimming and snorkeling. However, keep in mind that this is also the peak tourist season, so beaches and popular attractions may be more crowded.

What are the most popular beaches in Phuket?

Though there are many beautiful beaches in Phuket and the popular ones, but here are some of the best beaches that you must visit. 

The very famous and crowded, Patong Beach is having a great nightlife, water activities and a great atmosphere. Also, the other, Karon beach is here for relaxation and the people to relax in a tranquil space. 

Then, the Nai Harn beach captivates visitors with the beautiful surroundings and is favored by the locals more. 

Then, there are over 40 beaches in Phuket that can intrigue the travelers to have a great time here. 

What are the best beachfront restaurants in Phuket?

One standout is the ‘La Gritta,’ situated at Amari Phuket, where patrons can savor delectable Italian cuisine while enjoying the best views of Patong Bay. For those seeking a blend of Thai flavors and contemporary twists, ‘Mom Tri’s Kitchen’ at Villa Royale is a must-visit, set against the backdrop of Kata Noi Beach. 

The iconic ‘Catch Beach Club’ in Bangtao combines exquisite seafood with a chic atmosphere, making it an ideal spot to relish a sunset dinner. Each of these beachfront establishments not only offers superb cuisine but also provides an enchanting setting, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience in the heart of Thailand’s tropical paradise.

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