Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant in Meghalaya: Where Music Meets Food

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A Meghalaya Trip is incomplete without exploring the capital of Shillong. Along with the natural beauty that this hill station exudes, the people of Shillong are also known for their love of rock music and have several places that reflect the same. One such place is Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant.

Nestled in the heart of Shillong, Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant in Meghalaya is one of the best restaurants in Shillong for a quick bite, casual dining, or just for listening to the music of the local artists. The location adds to the charm of the cafe, providing a serene escape from the bustling city life. As you step into Dylan’s, you’re not just entering a cafe; you’re entering a haven for food enthusiasts, music lovers, and culture enthusiasts.

About the Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant

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Location: HVHV+G8M, Police Bazar, Shillong, Meghalaya 793001

Timings: 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM

Dylan’s Cafe is conveniently located in the vibrant Risa Colony in the city center of Shillong. Its strategic location near the main shopping hub of Shillong – the Police bazaar makes it easily accessible to both locals and tourists. Both can savor a delicious meal at the Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant after indulging in a shopping spree in Shillong.

True to its name, Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant in Meghalaya is very popular amongst music lovers since every element of this cafe speaks about Bob Dylan. The cafe pays tribute to the legendary Bob Dylan & Lou Majaw whose love for Bob Dylan has made his music famous all over India and Shillong in particular.

One of the most unique things about Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant in Meghalaya is its practice of love locks. Yes! You heard it right. Imagine those scenes from the movies where lovers lock their love by hanging a lock on the Pont Des Arts Bridge in Paris and then throwing away the keys in the Seine River.

Well, you can recreate this moment with your loved ones at this very own Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant in Meghalaya. Ever since love locks have cropped up all over the world, Dylan’s Cafe in Shillong has introduced this tradition to the city.

You can bring your Love Lock or buy one from Dylan’s Cafe. Write your and your love’s initials on the lock and then leave the lock on the grills of the balcony of Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant. 

The cafe will collect the keys and send them to Paris where they will be immersed in the river Seine. 

Isn’t it cool that your love locks’ keys will visit Paris until you can? You can leave a Love Lock for anyone you love, be it your better half, your best friend, family member, or even your pet, and let those Love Locks visit Paris. 

This unique culture of Dylan’s Cafe makes it one of the best places to visit in Shillong to truly enjoy the musical side of Shillong and be a part of Meghalaya’s unique culture while indulging in delicious food.

The Ambiance Of The Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant

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Dylan’s Cafe is right in the middle of Shillong and it’s not just a place to eat – it’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else! When you walk in, the atmosphere is so warm and inviting, it’s like you’re in a world of your own. 

The decor of the Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant is a tribute to Bob Dylan – you can hear his voice coming from every corner! The walls are decorated with vintage posters, album covers, lyrical snippets, and more so you know you’re in the right place. Dylan’s Cafe isn’t just a cafe – it’s a tribute to a cultural icon, creating a unique and vibrant atmosphere.

The overall ambiance is relaxed and inviting, making you want to just sit back and enjoy the moment. The view from the cafe adds to the ambiance, giving you a glimpse of some of the best things to do in Shillong and the surrounding natural beauty that goes hand in hand with the food. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable spot inside or outside, Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant in Meghalaya makes sure that every table has a view.

The interiors blend rustic style with modern elegance. The relaxed seating, the soft lighting, and the locally inspired art create an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere. 

What makes Dylan’s Cafe stand out is not just the decor, but also the live music that brings life to the atmosphere, especially at night. The Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant turns into a vibrant space where soul-soothing tunes pay tribute to its name. It’s not just about eating, it’s about being immersed in an environment where live music is the lifeblood of the night. 

As the sun sets, the atmosphere transforms into a magical place. The view from the cafe and the captivating live music add an enchanting element to the evening. Dylan’s Cafe isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a place where you can relax, catch up with friends or just soak up the rhythm of the live music. Your every meal will take on a whole new meaning when you experience the magic of live music at Dylan’s.

The Cuisine Served At Dylan’s Cafe

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At Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant in Shillong, the culinary experience is as diverse and captivating as the ambiance. The menu is a mix of comfort food from around the world, and offers a journey through flavors that cater to every palate.

From the heartwarming Manchow soup to the fiery allure of chicken wings and the indulgence of all-American pancakes, Dylan’s Cafe menu transcends borders. For diehard fans, Bob’s Burger is a must-try, allowing patrons to savor the flavors while Dylan’s gravelly voice echoes from the speakers, creating a unique and soul-soothing dining atmosphere.

The menu at Dylan’s Cafe pays tribute to Bob Dylan by incorporating elements of his eclectic music into its menu. Dylan’s Cafe offers a unique blend of Chinese and local cuisine of Meghalaya, introducing patrons to mouth-watering dishes such as the chilli cheese toast and black sesame noodles with chicken.

Beyond the delectable dishes, Dylan’s presents a thoughtfully curated beverage menu. From classic mojitos to refreshing minty lemon iced tea and fruity sangria, the drink selection complements the diverse cuisine, adding another layer to the overall dining pleasure.

Despite the higher prices, the quality of both food and service at Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant in Meghalaya justifies the cost. Located in a prime locality of Shillong, the cafe offers an enchanting ambiance with outdoor seating and picturesque views. Live music performances enhance the overall dining experience, creating an atmosphere where patrons can immerse themselves in the magic of Dylan’s world.

How To Reach The Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant?

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As this restaurant is located in the city center, it is one of the best places to dine after visiting some of the best places in Meghalaya around Shillong. Its location near the main market makes it an ideal place to have a meal. Here are a few ways to reach the Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant in Meghalaya:

  • By Airways: If you’re flying in, the nearest airport is Shillong Airport (25 km). From there, you can grab a taxi or use a hired car service to reach Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant. It’s a convenient and quick way to start your culinary journey. You can also fly to Guwahati as this airport has better connectivity with the other major Indian cities than Shillong.
  • By Railways: For those preferring train travel, the nearest major railway station is in Guwahati (100 km). Once you arrive, hop on a bus or hire a taxi to cover the remaining distance to Shillong. The scenic journey adds a touch of adventure to your trip.
  • By Roadways: If you enjoy road trips, Shillong is well-connected by road. You can drive or take a bus from nearby cities. The well-maintained roads offer picturesque views, making the journey to Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant an enjoyable part of your visit.


Dylan’s Cafe emerges not just as a place to eat but as a destination for a unique dining experience in Shillong. The fusion of global comfort food, a homage to Bob Dylan, and an inviting ambiance make it a must-visit for those seeking culinary adventures with a touch of musical magic.

Frequently Asked Questions For Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant 

What sets the ambiance of Dylan's Cafe apart?

What sets the ambiance of Dylan’s Cafe apart is its unique homage to Bob Dylan. Every element from the decor of Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant speaks of Bob Dylan be it pillow covers, vintage posters, album covers, ceiling fans, etc. These elements create an atmosphere that resonates with the legendary musician’s spirit. This combination enhances the overall dining experience, making Dylan’s a standout destination for those seeking not just great food but also a captivating atmosphere.

Is Dylan's Cafe suitable for individuals with dietary restrictions or preferences?

Dylan’s Cafe caters to a variety of dietary preferences with its diverse menu. Whether you’re a fan of global comfort food or inclined towards Chinese and local flavors, the menu offers choices for individuals with different culinary preferences. The inclusion of dishes like the spicy chilly cheese toast and black sesame noodles with chicken adds to the cafe’s adaptability to varying tastes.

Does Dylan's Cafe offer any signature dishes or must-try items?

Yes, Dylan’s Cafe offers signature dishes that are a must-try for visitors. Notable recommendations include the heartwarming Manchow soup, fiery hot chicken wings, all-American pancakes, and the iconic Bob’s Burger. These dishes showcase the cafe’s commitment to providing a diverse and flavorful culinary experience.

What type of cuisine does Dylan's Cafe in Meghalaya specialize in?

The Dylan’s Cafe Restaurant in Meghalaya specialises in a fusion of global comfort food. The cuisines offered here are Chinese, Indian, Italian, Continental and even the local Meghalayan cuisine. Along with the food, this restaurant in Meghalaya is offers a variety of cocktails, juices, alcoholic beverages, etc.

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