Best Local Food In Patiala – For Authentic North-Indian Delicacies

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When it comes to the best local food in Patiala Punjab, we cannot forget the North-Indian dishes which are well known for their delicacies amongst the foodies of the world. Every year, people from all corners of the world come to Patiala to taste authentic Punjabi foods in different varieties. 

Wherever you visit in Punjab, whether it is Ludhiana or Chandigarh or even Amritsar you can get delicious North-Indian food everywhere but if you want to taste the best local food in Patiala Punjab you should visit these places for the authentic local foods prepared in a unique style. So, if you are planning for an India trip, keep this place in your bucket list for some amazing food experiences.

Top 10 local foods in Patiala

1. Punjabi Chicken Tikka


One of the most lovable dishes for meat lovers. Patiala Chicken Tikka is prepared by marinating the tender chicken pieces with yogurt, ginger, garlic and multiple spice combinations such as chilli powder, cumin and turmeric. 

After the marination process is done, the chicken is grilled in a traditional clay pot known as Tandoor. Finally, it comes out as a juicy, flavoured and delicious Chicken Tikka which fits perfectly as a main course dish. It is the most loved and best local food to visit in Patiala.

2. Chole Bhature


If you have ever been to Patiala and not tried Chole Bhature, you have missed out on some amazing things. The Chole Bhature of Punjab is all different from the ones you might have tried in your hometown. It basically consists of spicy chickpea curry with deep fried bread. 

The chickpeas are prepared with delicious tomato-onion gravy with a mixture of a variety of spices like garam masala, coriander and cumin. It is generally served with cut onions, green chilli and lemon. 

Once you eat Patiala Chole Bhature, you will remember its taste for a lifetime. Every place has its own uniqueness, so unlike the foods in Bali, local foods in Patiala also carry a unique significance.

3. Amritsari Kulcha


The reason why local food hopping Patiala is so famous amongst the people is because of the Amritsari Kulcha. It is generally made with mashed potatoes with onions and several other vegetables which makes it a tasty treat to your mouth. 

The famous Amritsari Kulcha is served with black chana and green pudina chutney which makes it more delicious for spice lovers. People from different corners of the city come to eat this mouthwatering dish.

4. Tandoori Chicken


One of the most loved dishes amongst the Punjabis which make it suitable for local food hopping Patiala. If you have ever visited Punjab and came back without trying their traditional tandoori chicken, your trip is not worth it. 

The leg piece of chicken is marinated with various masala and put in the tandoor. After burning the meat in a slow process upon the fire, it gets prepared which is then served with chutney. 

You might get it at almost all the big restaurants in Punjab, but trying the locally made street side tandoori chicken in Patiala is completely a heavenly experience. If you are visiting Punjab as a summer holiday destination don’t forget to try its local foods.

5. Aloo Tikki


If you are in search of delicious street food in Patiala, chaat is something which cannot be missed out. This place and the food carries a deep bonding with each other. The famous Aloo Tikki is made with a mixture of fried potatoes, mind and tomato chutney, chickpeas and curd. 

The flavour and taste which comes out after the mixture of all these items is worth remembering. If you have any plan of trying the street foods in Patiala, prefer to try this mouth-watering dish which is famous as the best local food in Patiala Punjab. During Eid celebrations, you can see these food centres crowded with people.

6. Chicken Achari Tikka


Did anyone ask you about the best local food in Patiala Punjab? If you ever want to mention any dish to a stranger who has never tried the authentic North-Indian and non-veg dish that is more than delicious, just refer them to try the one and only Chicken Achari Tikka in Patiala. 

This dish is served as a starter with a flavoured chutney. Chicken Achari Tikka is a varied version of Chicken Tikka which is made with mixing some spices and adding a tangy flavour to the meat.

7. Patiala Lassi


The best summer drink to have is the mouth-watering Patiala style lassi. This form of Lassi is basically a yogurt based drink which is churned again and again to form lassi. The worth watching texture and exquisite taste makes it a perfect drink to have. 

In some seasons, Patiala Lassi is mixed with different seasonal fruits like strawberry and mango to give a seasonal touch to its taste.The toppings are done with saffron and cardamom to provide an additional flavour to this heavenly drink. 

The best part of the Patiala style Lassi is that it is served when chilled in a traditional clay pot, which makes it one of the best local foods to visit in Patiala. If you are a travel blogger having a travel youtube channel, make sure to refer to these amazing dishes in Patiala for visitors reference.

8. Desi Ghee Jalebi


Jalebi is made by deep-frying the batter in a circular shape and soaking them in a sugar syrup but the difference between the Patiala made jalebi and normal jalebi is that, in Patiala it is made with adding saffron and cardamom to the batter which provides a delightful taste to this sweet. If you are a sweet lover, believe it or not, it is impossible to resist your internal cravings when you see this jalebi and get the captivating smell of it. The local people of Punjab keep it as a must have item in their house to satisfy the sweet cravings. Whether served hot or cold, both taste excellent when served with love in any festivals or occasions.

9. Patiala Rabri


Being a sweet lover you can’t neglect to taste this delicious dessert dish popularly known as Rabri. Amongst the best local food to visit in Patiala, the speciality about this Rabri is that it is made by mixing cardamom and saffron that adds an addictive taste and excellent texture to it. 

Also, to make it taste more delicious, a few dry nuts such as cashews, almonds and pistachios are sprinkled over the top. The addition of rose water is also done to get some captivating fragrance out of this sweet dish. 

Whether there is a special occasion or just a simple craving of dessert at the end of the meal, Patiala’s Sweet Rabri makes a soul-satisfying experience to the taste buds.

10. Shahi Paneer


It is the one and only dish of Punjab that represents Patiala’s gourmet legacy. Whether you want to have it with a pair of sizzling nun or fragrant basmati rice, Patiala’s Shahi Paneer does justice with both the dishes. It is generally cooked by cutting the cottage cheese into small cubes and infusing it with tomato gravy. 

Later, after the curry is made, to add more taste and fragrance cumin seeds are added with garam masala, which make it a perfect main course gravy to try. If you ever visit patiala, don’t forget to try shahi paneer as it is considered as one of the best local foods in Patiala Punjab.

Best places to try local foods

1. Patiala Pangat

It is one of the most renowned Punjabi restaurants in the town. Patiala Pangat has multiple varieties of cuisines in their menu. From Indian cuisine to Chinese, the restaurant has everything to serve to its customers. 

Just beside the restaurant, they have a small fast food centre by the name ‘Chat Chok’. Everytime you go to this place, it is fully crowded with people. If you are planning a solo trip, don’t forget to roam around this small town for some unique food experience.

2. Gopal Sweets and Restaurants


Gopal sweets are pretty famous amongst the people of this region as the best local food near patiala Punjab. The quality of sweets they have is unmatchable. Whether it is ghee jalebi or the captivating Rabri, the shop has a variety of sweets to offer to its customers. 

They have multiple outlets spreaded across the region, first one in Fountain Chowk, second in Leela Bhawan and third one at Urban Estate respectively. You can try any of these places for the best local food to visit in Patiala. 

Just like the famous hotels in Kashmir, the hotels of Patiala will also give you a different travelling experience.

3. Sahni Bakery

Sahni Bakery is amongst the oldest bakery shops in Patiala. They have three outlets of their own spreaded across the town. One of their outlets known as Railway Crossing Shop possesses delicious food dishes and is popular amongst the local people.

4. Jaggi Sweets and Restaurants


This restaurant started just after the independence of our country. Jaggi Sweets provides multiple business services like manufacturing, retailing and exporting of the sweets and namkeen items out of the city. Also, they have a restaurant which has some amazing dishes and makes perfect local food near Patiala Punjab.

5. Chawla Chicken Treat

Chawla Chicken is one of the largest restaurant chains spreaded across the country. People from nearby places come to try special Indian Delicacies in this restaurant. In Patiala, the restaurant has its food counters in Bhupindra Road and City centre.


If you consider yourself a professional traveller and foodie who wants to explore the real taste of Indian Street foods, make sure to keep the local foods in patiala in your bucket list. Trust me, whether it is non-vegetarian, vegetarian, sweets dishes or some outstanding street foods, Patiala’s local food cuisine will stay in your mind for long.

What are the must-try local dishes in Patiala?

There are many popular dishes in Patiala that you can try, but the most preferred dishes are the Punjabi Shahi Paneer, Patiala Chicken Tikka and the famous sweet dish Patiala Lassi.

Are there any street food specialties in Patiala?

Street food is famous amongst the people of Patiala amongst which Aloo Tikki Chaat, Papri Chaat and Chole Kulche are something which is the speciality of Patiala Street Food.

What are the best eateries in Patiala for a budget-friendly meal?

Amongst the various restaurants Lucky Dhaba and New Ghuman Vaishno Dhaba is a budget-friendly restaurant. Moreover, if you want to have a tasteful experience while eating in Patiala that suits your pocket, hop to the street side food stalls.

What local beverages or drinks are popular in Patiala?

The most famous drink is the Patiala Lassi which is a sweet and creamy flavoured drink. Occasionally, it is mixed with different fruit flavours to make it more tasty. Apart from that you can also try the chilled buttermilk known as Desi Chaas and Fruits Juices as well.

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