20 Best Photography Places in Minicoy Island: Your Memories Captured

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Photography Spots on Minicoy Island

Right after the controversy of Maldives V/S Lakshadweep, The Union Territory gained a significant amount of attraction wherein Minicoy Island turned out to be one of the best amongst the other chains of Island, Minicoy Island is a place of beauty, peace, and wonderful attractions which are must grab as a memory in a form of a picture. Welcome to Minicoy Island, a paradise for photography enthusiasts! This amazing destination can be the most stunning place to capture some wholesome pictures whether you are alone, with a family, or with your loved ones, this place has numerous picture-perfect landscapes, vibrant marine life, and rich cultural heritage waiting to be captured through your lens. 

If you are a professional photographer, get ready for a breakup from your girlfriend or your wife, because you might end up loving something else more than them. Minicoy promises to dig out your creativity and leave you spellbound with its beauty. In this guide, we’ll explore the top photography spots in Minicoy island, insider tips, and essential information to ensure you make the most of your photographic journey in Minicoy.

Transportation Options

Being an Island it cannot be visited by road and thus it requires you to book plane tickets and some amazing views through sea travel, and that’s how your journey begins with the best photography spots till you reach Minicoy Island. The nearest airport is in Agatti, from where you can definitely click some beautiful pictures of mother nature combining sea, lush green forest, and the wide open sky, beaming on you as if it’s asking you to take some unique picture combining all three so that it can boast some of its beauty, you can take a scenic seaplane or ferry ride to reach Minicoy.

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Top 20 Photography Spots in Minicoy Island


Why would someone capture a picture of a place instead of just enjoying it when you are present there? What is the point of Photography? Well you won’t know the answer until and unless you visit the most beautiful beaches of Lakshadweep’s Minicoy island, be it crystal clear water, White sand, beautiful night sky covered with stars. Each and everything out there will leave you mesmerized and make you capture the beautiful scenic views just to watch those moments again whenever you want to remind yourself what’s the feeling of calm and peace within.
Minicoy Island boasts its pristine white sand beaches fringed by swaying palm trees, offering a decent view and satisfying moments for capturing stunning seascapes and vibrant sunsets.

1. Viringili Beach


Imagine every place where you go strikes you back with utmost beauty and peace, Vringli beach is absolutely one of them, The entire beach is covered with White sand which itself makes it a premium place but not only this, the crystal blue water just adds to its beauty making this place more viable for taking amazing shots and make your friends envy of you to look so beautiful in those pictures, little do they know, its not your beauty but the beauty of the place itself.

This beach offers you a bonus moment, Wait till evening until you see the most beautiful sunset, making it an ideal Photography spots in Minicoy Island for capturing Golden Hour shots
If you are looking up for the best time to visit this beach for photoshoots, sunset time , when the sky is painted with vibrant colors and the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the landscape might be the best time you should visit this beach.

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2. Mulikat Beach

Mulikat Beach

Everyone in this world admires pictures with the person whom they love the most and if you are visiting Minicoy Island, Mulikat Beach is one of the best spots to capture you and your heart in the vibrant atmosphere and beautiful nature, The rocky outcrops at the northern end of the beach provide interesting compositions, while the sandy shores offer amazing views for capturing peaceful moments which actually make this place one of the best Photography spots in Minicoy Island.

If you are really planning to visit Minicoy Island,  do consider this place as the best photoshoot spots in Minicoy Island, and do not forget to take a look on what is the best time to visit this place, early morning or late afternoon is the best time for a photoshoot at Mulikat Beach, when the soft light increases the natural beauty of the surroundings without the intense glare of midday sun.

3. Tundi Beach

Tundi Beach
Image Source: BeachSearacher

Beaches has always been happening places for pre-wedding photoshoots and spending time with your loved one, post marriage honeymoon destination, Tundi Beach is one of such beaches that you can choose for both purposes, This beach is also known for its shallow, crystal-clear waters and gently sloping shoreline, making it perfect for playful and romantic photoshoot spots in minicoy Island. The decorative shores and the rocky formations along the coast are naturally fit for taking beautiful pictures. The best time to visit Tundi Beach for taking ideal shots is probably Mid-morning to early afternoon, as the sunlight is softer and more flattering, showcasing the beach with a warm glow.

4. Boduhavalige Beach

Boduhavalige Beach

If you are with your friends and want to make your journey worth remembering then, you must visit Boduhavalige Beach, This beach has all the adventurous, thrilling, and amazing things to do with your friends while clicking the candid shots of your group, well this sounds like a dream, isn’t it? just like the friendship goals you always talked about with your friends. Why is this beach on the list? Well, what if the beach provides traits like a rugged coastline, with rocky outcrops and coconut palms dotting the landscape? The contrast between the rocky formations and the sandy shores creates dramatic compositions for photos. Yes, that’s amazing.
If you are really planning to visit this beach, then you must know that the ideal time to visit this place is late afternoon to sunset, as the golden light showers it’s charm upon the beach in a warm and delicate glow, creating stunning shadows against the backdrop of the setting sun.

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5. Sufash Beach

Sufash Beach

Located on the western coast of Minicoy Island, near the village of Sufash. This beach is known for its wide stretch land of soft sand and calm waters, offering the most delicate and premium view of ocean and the sky with vibrant colors. If you love the nature and the acts of it, you have to check this place out. The beach is perfectly amazing for capturing panoramic shots and wide-angle landscape.  But you can experience the best out of this place only when you arrive here at the sunrise which will allow you to capture stunning image of the bright yellowish orange sun reflecting on the calm blue water.

6. Hikifinolhu Beach

Hikifinolhu Beach
Image Source: Tripadvisor

Hikfinholu Beach one of the best known beach for white sand and Turquoise water is located on the southwestern coast of Minicoy Island, near the village of Hikifinolhu.

If you are up for clicking some beautiful clicks of seascapes and intimate moments with nature, you should probably not miss this beach from your list of best photography shots in Minicoy Island. The best time to visit this motherly place is Early morning or late afternoon

7. Kural Beach

Image Source: Artsy

If you have ever thought of spending your time alone near the beach where you can see the sea waves crashing to rocky cliffs and experience the cold breeze touching you gently. Whenever you feel sad, when you are on this beautiful Island just give yourself a visit to Kural Beach, It will make you happy and at least make you believe that nature will always be there with you no matter what. You just gotta open up a bit to nature and wait for the magic to happen, Additionally do not forget to take your camera as it will help you to capture your story with nature out there, On top of that the dynamic coastline and natural arch formations are particularly photogenic.
The best time to feel sad and visit this place is Mid-morning to early afternoon for ideal for a photoshoot at Kural Beach.

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8. Falhumaafushi Beach

Falhumaafushi Beach
Image Source: MaldivesTourism

Located on the eastern coast of Minicoy Island, near the charming village of Falhumaafushi, Falhumaafushi Beach is a breathtakingly beautiful spot for capturing stunning beach photographs. With its powdery white sand and shallow turquoise waters, this beach is a perfect Photography spot on Minicoy Island for those seeking relaxation and peace. If you are into soothing sounds of gentle waves and swaying palm trees with a calming atmosphere that provides a perfect backdrop for photo shoots, then this place must be on your list of places to visit in Minicoy Island. The best time to visit is during the late afternoon to sunset when the golden hour light casts a warm and inviting glow over the landscape, creating a magical ambiance that will leave you feeling jawdropped.

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9. Dighashi Beach

Dighashi Beach
Image Source: Tripadvisor

Dighashi Beach is a beautiful location situated on the northern coast of Minicoy Island near the village of Dighashi. This is a place that you can call a perfect beach all those perfect sand castles, sea shells, rocky coastline, and tide pools make it a perfect spot for photographers who are looking for unique backdrops for their compositions.

It’s all about its beauty and the perfect moment which lets people capture the most intimate moments of nature, For the best results, it is recommended to visit Dighashi Beach early in the morning or late afternoon – this way, you can take advantage of the soft light that completely transforms the colors of the rocks and coastline.

 10. Hakura Beach

Hakura Beach
Image Source: Tripadvisor

Apart from the sands, and crystal clear water, Minicoy Island is also known for its beautiful night with sky covered with a bed of stars. The place Hakura Beach away from the disturbances of civilization, offers uninterrupted views of the night sky, Making just an appropriate place to camp at night with gazing at the stars all night, watching the shooting stars or the formations that are as bright as you can ever witness, Being not the most photographed places in the world but  The most amazing thing is you can also capture the unseen Milky Way stretching across the heavens and the twinkling constellations above. So hey astrophiles get ready to click some delight.


Image Source: Travelsetu

Remember the good old days when you used to watch movies wherein the Lighthouse used to play and important role in every romantic story? No right, well Lighthouse somehow reminds the horror part of the movie more than the romance, But don’t you worry, the Lighthouse on Minicoy Island might have the most amazing scenic views of the bright golden orangish sunset which is enough to make the moment a bit happening for you and your partner and thus a picture perfect place. Stands tall majestically on the southern tip of the island, the Minicoy Lighthouse provides breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding turquoise waters. It’s a must-visit Photography spot in Minicoy island for capturing dramatic coastal landscapes.

Cultural Sites

Some Cultural heritage is just so beautiful and informative that it just speaks to your mind to capture its memory in a camera because no one knows how long the place is going to be there.

Get yourself immerse in the rich cultural heritage of Minicoy by photographing its traditional Dhoni boats, colorful mosques, and uniquely carved wooden architecture. These sites offer unique insights into the island’s history and way of life.

1. Kanniyo


It’s amazing how different cultures have their own unique beliefs and traditions. It’s important to preserve and cherish these memories for future generations. History and culture are a must to be known by every visitor just to know the importance of the place where you are having one of the most amazing times of your life and the only way to know and cherish the places is to get yourself indulge and familiar with the place, You will get to see many unique sites where you can click and make yourself a part of the dynamic culture and history. If you’re interested in exploring the rich cultural history of Minicoy, It is recommended to visit  Kanniyo, an ancient Buddhist monastery dating back centuries.

2. Juma Masjid


One of the well-known places in Minicoy Island and considered to be the best place considered as photography spots in Minicoy Island Pay you must give this place a visit, the oldest mosque on Minicoy Island, renowned for its elegant architecture and spiritual significance will give you capture the beauty of what it pertains which are delicate and unique wooden carvings, graceful arches and peaceful Courtyard.   

3. Bodhjanga:


 You are on vacation on an Island and you don’t enjoy one of the beautiful attractions of Minicoy Island “ the Bodhjanga dance “? Not possible. You should probably give this place a chance to make you feel delighted with the traditional dance and music festival celebrated with great fervor. Capture the colorful costumes, lively performances, and joyful expressions of the islanders as they come together to honor their cultural heritage.

Capturing Marine Life

1. Snorkeling Spots

Snorkeling Spots

Ever wondered how it feels like to have your own scrapbook wherein you boast about your experience at the vacations you went to the fun and thrilling activities you have been into and the amazing people you met? No ? Well, this is the time to click some of your thrilling experience just to do all the above stuffs we discussed about, Dive into the crystal-clear waters surrounding to click some of the photographs in the photography spots in Minicoy Island, its diverse marine ecosystem and popular snorkeling spots like the Blue Lagoon and Japanese Garden teem with colorful corals, tropical fish, and other fascinating underwater creatures.

2. Shipwreck Point

Shipwreck Point micony island
Image Source: NDTV

If you’re up for a little adventure, why not explore the stunning coastline near Shipwreck Point? Well if you are up to witnessing some old vessels, studded down deep in the coral reefs and some hiding beneath the waves, These are the stuff that actually need to be photographed as being so rare in their existence. These maritime relics are a testament to Minicoy’s seafaring history, and they make for some seriously cool photo opportunities in these photography spots in Minicoy Island, So why not you just grab your camera and get ready for an unforgettable journey into the depths of Minicoy’s past.

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Lesser-Known Spots

Apart from all those stunning Photography spots in Minicoy island, there are still some amazing places where you may find good clicks and spaces where you can pose just like a wow. So why not just hop out and discover some hidden gems that offer unique photography opportunities?

1. Mahibadhoo

Image Source: Tripadvisor

Apart from all those beaches and beautiful starry sky, What makes the vacation more enjoying and comforting is the people out there, the charm of their existence, and the way these people live, if you are a true photographer, you must know what a candid ransom picture of the locals of new places you visit mean? This charming village on the eastern coast of Minicoy offers a glimpse into traditional island life. You can definitely take a good shot of their colorful houses, and the bustling fish market, and share stories of their heritage

2. Kilai

Image Source: Trawell.in

Sometimes capturing the daily bustling life also makes a good memory placed inside one’s camera, the importance of which is known years after the click when the world is totally developed and this picture reminds you of the happy past. Situated amongst the lush greenery, Kilai is a picture-perfect village known for its beautiful and calm atmosphere and welcoming residents. What you can do is capture scenes of daily life as villagers engage in fishing, weaving, and other time-honored traditions against the background showing scenic landscapes.

3. Sunset Point


Sunset has always been an amazing event in the world of Photography and if we talk about this place, This might be the best Photography spots in Minicoy Island to spend a peaceful time with delightful clicks in the heart of your memory. Situated at the top of a rocky outcrop on the western coast, Sunset Point offers panoramic views of the best sunset in the world as the sun smiles the way down and lets the moon make its way to shine with a bright smile, below the sea, painting the sky in the shade of orange and pink. It’s the perfect spot to capture breathtaking sunset.

4. Sagara Kunda Waterfall


Another amazing spot that can not be neglected by any person whether a professional photographer or a normal unskilled human, this place will make you capture its beauty and will draw you towards making an amazing memory with it. The Sagara Kundra waterfall is situated in the lush tropical forests, a hidden waterfall cascading into a peaceful pool below. Surrounded by the sounds of nature, this majestic place provides a magical setting for capturing the beauty of Minicoy’s natural landscapes and is marked as the most beautiful Photography spot in Minicoy island.

 5. Bird Sanctuary

minicoy island Bird Sanctuary

Are you someone who loves to click different lives in this world? Someone who just loves to admire different and amazing creatures in this world and is amazed to see how they make a living with humans?  Well you should  Venture into Minicoy’s lush interior to visit the island’s bird sanctuary, home to a diverse line of avian species, including migratory birds and endemic species unique to the region. Capture the beauty of colorful feathers and birdlife. This sanctuary should be the best Photography spots in Minicoy Island.

What are the top photography spots on Minicoy Island?

The top photography spots in Minicoy Island include beaches such as Viringili Beach, Mulikat Beach, Tundi Beach, Boduhavalige Beach, Sufash Beach, Hikifinolhu Beach, Kural Beach, Falhumaafushi Beach, Dighashi Beach, and Hakura Beach. Additionally, the lighthouse and cultural sites like Kanniyo, Juma Masjid, and Bodhjanga offer excellent photography opportunities

What wildlife photography opportunities exist on Minicoy Island?

Minicoy Island offers diverse wildlife photography opportunities, particularly underwater. Snorkeling spots like the Blue Lagoon and Japanese Garden are perfect for capturing colorful corals, tropical fish, and other fascinating marine creatures. Shipwreck Point also provides unique subjects for underwater photography.

What are the ideal seasons for photography on Minicoy Island?

The ideal seasons for photography on Minicoy Island are typically during the dry season, which runs from October to March. This period offers clear skies, calm seas, and pleasant weather conditions, ideal for capturing stunning landscapes, seascapes, and marine life.

What photography equipment should I bring to Minicoy Island?

Essential photography equipment to bring to Minicoy Island includes a DSLR or mirrorless camera, wide-angle and zoom lenses for versatile shooting, a sturdy tripod for stability, underwater housing for underwater photography, extra batteries and memory cards, and protective cases for your gear to safeguard against moisture and salt spray.

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