Bhutan Reduces Tourist Fees To Attract International Tourists

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Even after two years of COVID-19, Bhutan still struggles to recover from its aftereffects. Bhutan has reduced its daily tourist fees from $200 to $100 to attract international tourists. The decision has been taken to boost tourism in the country, which might also make Bhutan Packages cheaper. 

Earlier in September 2022, the fee was $65, but soon after the Covid-19 restrictions ended, Bhutan increased its fees to $200. It was unsaid that the fee has been increased to recover from the losses of the pandemic. 

Due to the increased fees, the number of people visiting Bhutan dropped drastically, and now it’s expected that the number of tourists will increase due to the reduced prices. Officials stated that the increased price will come into effect from September and last four years. 

Bhutan has been an isolated land for several years, and in the year 1974, the country opened its gates to tourists and received a total of 300 visitors, which in 2019 reached 315600.

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