Burning Lake in Bhutan: All You Need to Know

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Let’s take you to a lesser talked about sacred site of Bhutan – The Burning Lake! While there is no shortage of such divine places in Bhutan, this lake is really close to the locals. Also, many tourists get intrigued by just its name! 

It is known to be a very religious site and has been maintained by the people really well for the tourists to come and seek blessings. The charm and beauty of this place would leave you feeling mesmerized and soaked in the genuine vibe. 

But, get your Bhutan tour packages booked for the getaway to start and explore the different places in Bhutan, which have great significance in the Land of the Thunder Dragons. 

About the Burning Lake


This lake, officially called Mebar Tsho, is located near the Tang Valley. What makes Burning Lake unique is the belief that it is not an ordinary body of water. Locals claim that the lake’s depths are filled with treasures and religious artifacts.

This unique lake is located in the Tang Valley, and it is called the Burning Lake because of a legend associated with it. According to the story, a famous saint named Pema Lingpa had a vision, and he jumped into the lake holding a burning butter lamp. Miraculously, he emerged from the water with the lamp still burning and discovered hidden treasures. 

This event made the lake holy, and today, it is a pilgrimage site where people come to offer prayers and seek blessings. The clear water and beautiful surroundings make the Burning Lake a peaceful and spiritual place in the heart of Bhutan. Visiting this place would definitely be one of the best things to do in Bhutan

The Burning Lake is not only a natural marvel but also a place where spirituality and nature coexist in harmony, creating a tranquil and awe-inspiring atmosphere for those who venture to its shores.

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Facts about the Burning Lake in Bhutan


Here are some of the facts that you should know before visiting the Burning Lake in Bhutan! So, let’s get started! 

  • It is a well-known and blessed pilgrimage destination with bright colorful flags hanging adobe it. 
  • Many locals come here to pray in front of the altar and this gives a special dedication to Terton Pema Lingpa, it is done on many special occasions. 
  • It is located along the road that leads to Ura and is a 5-minute walk on the road. 
  • You can sit here and relax in the charming beauty of the place, and have a great time rejuvenating with the natural peace. 

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How to reach the Burning Lake in Bhutan?


By Road

Take an 8-10 hour road trip from Thimphu to the Bumtahng Valley! If you are looking for several things to do in Bumthang, then you must not miss Burning Lake. So, get along and have a road trip if you want to visit this great and significant place. 

By Air

When we talk about airports in Bhutan, to reach this Burning Lake, board a flight from Paro to Bumthang and then easily hire a cab to reach this amazing place in Bhutan. 

It would be a convenient option for everyone if they love traveling by air. 

By Bus

This is also an option that would be really budget-friendly! The buses have their own routes and run regularly from Thimphu to Bumthang and after reaching the valley, you can take a cab easily. 

So, here are your sources for how to reach the Burning Lake in Bhutan! Take the option which feels easier to you and visit this place for a great experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

What is the Burning Lake in Bhutan, and where is it located?

The Burning Lake in Bhutan is a sacred site known as Mebar Tsho. It is located in the Tang Valley, near the town of Jakar. The lake is considered holy and is associated with religious legends.

The Burning Lake is now a pilgrimage site, and people believe it has spiritual significance. Visitors can witness the serene beauty of the lake and the surrounding mountains while experiencing the cultural and religious importance attached to this sacred place.

Why is the Burning Lake considered sacred in the Bhutanese culture?

The Burning Lake is considered sacred in Bhutanese culture because of its special story. Long ago, a famous saint named Pema Lingpa had a vision of hidden treasures in the lake. 

People didn’t believe him, so to prove it, he jumped into the lake holding a butter lamp. Miraculously, he emerged with the lamp still burning and a treasure chest. This made the lake special and sacred. 

What can visitors expect to see and experience at Burning Lake?

Visitors to the Burning Lake can expect a mesmerizing and unique experience. It is a very significant place for the locals and visitors because of its religious value. You can see the colorful flags hanging right up there.

How can one reach the Burning Lake?

You can reach Burning Lake by road, air, or even by bus. The option with which you feel the easiest can be opted!

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