12 Things To Do For Christmas Celebration In Goa

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We all know Goa is the party hub of India, so imagine what a Christmas Celebration in Goa would look like. Christmas is a festival that is above the barriers of religion and is celebrated all across the world with great enthusiasm. 

However, Goa is majorly filled with Christians, so during the time of Christmas, the entire place lights up in vibrant lights, setting the mood for the best Christmas celebration in Goa. So, planning your Christmas and New Year Trip to Goa would be a great choice. 

Christmas in Goa looks more like a carnival than a festival, for every nook and corner of the place lights up in revelry and festivities and pretty decorations. The smell of candles, the winter vibes, and the merriment in the air all make for a great celebration. 

The entire Goa is decked up like a bride on Christmas Eve, and that is what makes it one of the best Christmas celebrations. 

Some of the coolest things to do on the Christmas festival in Goa include: 

1. Attend The Mass At Missa De Galo


One of the essential traditions of celebrating Christmas in Goa is attending the Midnight Mass on New Year’s Eve. 

There are almost 400 Churches in Goa, so you can go to almost any church to attend the Midnight Mass to experience the utmost celebration. However, there is no better feeling than praying in one of India’s oldest Churches, the Basilica of Bom Jesus. 

Location: Bom Jesus Church, Se Cathedral

What To Expect: Hymns and Carols

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2. Fireworks Show With A Picturesque View


All places in Goa get lit up with fireworks, so the best way to celebrate Christmas is to witness the fireworks and watch the place turn into a dreamy wonderland drenched in festivity and lights. 

The old Goa region has the most number of churches, allowing you to soak in the festive vibes in the air. 

Head towards Anjuna Beach and party all night long until dawn, with some crazy fireworks, which are a treat to the eyes during the Christmas celebration in Goa. 

Location: Arambol Beach, Calangute Beach, and Vagator Beach

What To Expect: Exotic Festive Vibe

3. Dancing With The Locals


There is no better way to witness the best of the Christmas festival in Goa than dancing with the locals. The zest and enthusiasm are absolutely adorable, setting the vibe for the party mood. 

Goa boasts of the nightlife that not many people can fancy, and that is what makes celebrating Christmas in Goa one of a kind. 

Goa is always up for the party mood, and during the month of December, you can enjoy some of the best parties in Goa. The speciality of these parties is that the vibe is very different from regular parties, with some really cool bonhomie and sparkling decorations. 

Head to the Anjuna and Vagator Beach for the best trans, rave and techno parties in the town, making your Christmas celebration in Goa memorable. 

There are plenty of local bands that get you moving on the tunes, compelling you to tap your feet on the dance floor on the joyous occasion. 

Location: Cafe Mambo, UV Bar, Kamaki,  SinQ Night Club, LPK Waterfront, Emerald Laws

What To Expect: Sparkling Decorations, All Night Parties

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4. Savour The Sunset At The Mandovi River Cruise


If you wish to see the best of the Christmas festival in Goa, then you should not miss the evening Mandovi River cruise to witness the most beautiful sunset and the twinkling Christmas lights on Christmas Eve. 

If you are with your spouse, you can enjoy a candlelight dinner on the cruise and experience the magical Christmas celebration. You can book the slot beforehand, so make sure you do it before 

Hand, and don’t miss out on the magical cruise experience. 

Enjoy the private boat party, offering a one-of-a-kind experience and letting you have the most amazing Christmas celebration in Goa. 

The starting Price for the boat cruise:  INR 300

What To Expect: Candle Light Dinner, Private Boat Party, Sunset Views

5. Indulge In Burning The Old Man Tradition

Source : Happy Feet!

The most popular Goan tradition during Christmas and New Year is the burning of the old man, which makes the time of the New Year and Christmas in Goa so much more fun. 

Don’t worry; by burning the old man, we don’t mean actually burning the old man. The tradition involves burning effigies stuffed with old clothes, which look like an old fat man, and then burning it. 

It is done as a tradition to leave the last year behind and welcome the New Year with a bang. 

The locals burn the effigy and share the tales and some interesting facts about Goa while enjoying the popular traditional Goan drink, Feni. 

Location: Coastal Villages such as Benaulim and Varca allow you to witness this tradition. 

What To Expect: Feni, a traditional drink, and the burning of the old man

6. Participate In Crib Making Competition

Source : Daijiworld

Making cribs is one of the popular traditions of Christmas in Goa; after all, it is a celebration of the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

You can participate in the competition and bring out the creative side in you. People decorate their miniature interiors, the best of which is a depiction of the village where Jesus Christ was born. 

Besides that, you can also participate in the star-making competition, which is held among the locals and is done on quite a large scale. You can also participate in cake-mixing competitions, which include adding some interesting toppings to the cake, including cherries, dry fruits, and plums, with a bit of whisky, rum, and wine to add more flavour to it. 

If you want to experience the best Christmas celebration in Goa and want to know more about the history of the festival, then you can also watch the various Christmas plays and attend Christmas parties, which is why you are here in Goa. Isn’t that right? 

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7. Savour Your Taste Buds With The Christmas Feast


There is no better way to enjoy a festival than to have traditional food, which makes the spirit of Christmas, allowing you to gorge on some drool-worthy Christmas feast. 

Head straight to a fancy restaurant or a beach shack to treat yourself with some of a lip-smacking festive feast. You get the best dishes during the Christmas celebration in Goa, which makes everything about this festive season a delight to the taste buds. 

We bet that you won’t be disappointed. Try the mouth-watering roast turkey, plum cakes, pork sorpotel, stuffed chicken, and some really delicious variety of grilled seafood. 

You can find these dishes almost everywhere in Goa during the Christmas festival in Goa, and you can also try the popular dinner buffets that will leave you drooling for more. 

But don’t miss out on the local’s favourite dessert, Bebinca. 

Location: Tito’s, Thalassa, A Reverie, Mum’s Kitchen, and La Plage. 

Price Per Person: INR 1,500

What’s special: Mouthwatering delights, including stuffed chicken, grilled seafood and other lip-smacking delicacies. 

8. Bike Ride Across Town


When it comes to Goa, there is no wrong direction, for every direction will take you to a beautiful road, especially while the people are celebrating Christmas in Goa, because you will come across some mind-blowing decorations that leave your mouths open. 

However, the best way to explore the city is to wander around town via bike. You can rent the bikes and visit the streets, the churches, and restaurants, as they are all illuminated with the brightest of colours and decked up like a newlywed bride. 

However, the best part is that the weather will be in your favour because it is December, and everything is pretty in December, even a single light bulb on a dark street. And yes, don’t forget to take lots of photos for your Instagram because it’s no fun if you can flex on social media about the best Christmas celebration in Goa. 

Places To Visit: Anjuna Beach, Vagator Beach, Church of Our Lady Immaculate, and Se Cathedral can be explored via bike. 

What To Expect: Beautiful Decorations and a festive vibe. 

9. The Magic Of Sunburn Goa


If you are there to witness Christmas in Goa, it’s not like you will leave before the New Year celebration. So if you are lucky enough to stay during that time, then you should definitely attend the Sunburn Fest, which is one of the biggest and the most awaited festivals, which is scheduled only two days after Christmas. 

The best way to enjoy the Christmas festival in Goa is to attend the Sunburn festival, watch International DJs live, and play some hardcore music. Show your moves to the blinding music, and dance your heart out. 

This is probably the best part of the Christmas celebration in Goa. Gorge on some really delicious food and drinks. This fest is going to keep you hooked up, and you are very likely to come back here again next year. 

Location: Vagator Beach

What To Expect: Good food, music, and a good time.

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10. Home-Made Chocolate Cakes


Another thing that you may not be aware of is the famous homemade chocolate cakes in Goa that you can find in plenty, especially during the Christmas celebration in Goa. 

These homemade chocolate cakes are probably one of the best things about Christmas in Goa; they are so delicious that you will want more of them. 

Coloured Marzipan is a popular dish during Christmas in Goa, and other popular dishes that you can try are Bebinca, Dodol, Neureos and Bath, which can be found in some popular bakeries in Panjim, Candolim, Margao, and Mapusa. 

Location: Golden Chantilly, Cream Choc, Jila Bakery, Pastry Cottage, Hice Cream, and Artisan Backerei. 

What To Expect: Drool-worthy homemade chocolate cakes.

Goa is blessed with plenty of colonial architecture, offering you infinite options to explore in Goa during the festive season.

11. Watch The Mortal Remains Of The Pope In Old Goa

Source : BBC

Old Goa is the most stunning place, attracting hundreds of tourists every year, especially during the time of Christmas and New Year. The centre of attraction of Old Goa is the Church of St. Francis Assisi, and lots of people flock here to have a glimpse of the mortal remains of the pope.

12. Visit The Anjuna Beach


Beaches in Goa are what makes it the best holiday destination in India, and Anjuna Beach is particularly famous for its rave parties and a very happening crowd. It is no surprise why the beach is a hot spot in Goa for tourists. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Christmas Celebration In Goa

Do they celebrate Christmas in Goa?

Yes, the Christmas celebration in Goa is among the best in the country. Rave parties, techno parties, lip-smacking food, beaches, and every part of Goa at Christmas is a delight.

Which part of Goa is best for Christmas?

It depends on what you wish to explore. If you wish to see the historical side of Goa, then you should visit Old Goa, but if you want to enjoy the party vibe and party all night long, then you should visit the popular beaches such as Vagator, Anjuna Beach, and the Calangute Beach. 

What is the 25th of December in Goa?

Goa is majorly filled with Christians, so the Christmas celebration in Goa is one of a kind, and the place gets all decked up with beautiful Christmas lights. 

Where can we celebrate a new year party in Goa?

Goa is a party hub with or without Christmas or New Year; however, during the time of the New Year week, almost every part of Goa is raging with stunning parties. So you can visit some of the famous beaches or popular clubs. You also attend the Sunburn festival. 

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