5 Churches In Dubai For A Sacred Tapestry

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Dubai has been a popular city because of its stunning architecture, lavish lifestyles, Islamic monuments, and some of the Churches in Dubai also add to its charm and beauty. People may get under the impression that being a city in an Islam-dominated country, you may not find Churches in Dubai, but that is not true. There are plenty of Churches in Dubai, making your Dubai Trip a spiritual one.  

There are plenty of things to do in Dubai, including scuba diving, paragliding and parasailing, Dhow Cruise, and numerous activities to indulge in but visiting these Churches will be a completely different experience. 

Although the majority of the population in Dubai consists of Muslims, however, a few Christians are living here as well. For them, there are Churches where they can pray, worship and celebrate special occasions. 

Best Churches In Dubai Are:

  1. St. Mary’s Catholic Church- Established in 1967
  2. Emirates Baptist Church International- Established in 1997
  3. Pentecostal Church- The Church of Al Barsha
  4. The United Christian Church of Dubai- Established in 1962

1. St. Mary’s Catholic Church- Established in 1967 

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Catholic Church Dubai: 

St. Mary’s Catholic Church, established in the year 1967 is one of the oldest churches in Dubai. Fr. Eusebio Daveri built the church, and as time passed, the number of Catholics grew. Hence, there was a need to demolish the Church to create a bigger one for the growing number of followers in the city. 

The Church was demolished in the year 1988 and was rebuilt. Located in the heart of Dubai, St. Mary’s Catholic Church is a beautiful piece of architecture that will leave you in awe and wonder. 

Location: 247 Oud Metha Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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2. Emirates Baptist Church International- Established in 1997

Image Source : NBC News

Emirates Baptist Church International, established in the year 1997, is located inside the Grand Excelsior Hotel. The Church is believed to be one of the most beautiful churches in Dubai and is proof of the cultural diversity in the beautiful city of Dubai. 

With 28 followers, it is one of those Dubai churches where you can have the most soul-satisfying spiritual detour, which you may have never done. 

The cultural diversity, the architectural brilliance, and the spiritual vibes make it one of the most popular Dubai Churches among Christians. 

Not only Christians but people from other faiths also visit the church to marvel at the architectural brilliance. 

Location: 7 69 A St, Grand Excelsior Hotel, Dubai,  United Arab Emirates

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3. Pentecostal Church- The Church of Al Barsha

Image Source : wikipedia.org

Pentecostal Church in Dubai is one of the biggest and the best churches in Dubai, and you must pay a visit to see the beauty with your own eyes. The Church is located in Al Barsha and is a popular one among the locals. 

The Pentecostal Church in Dubai was earlier known as the King’s Revival Church International. There are sermons that are read every now and then, and the most fascinating part about the Church is that several miracles have been witnessed here. 

The miracle happenings make you want to visit the Church, irrespective of your religion, don’t they? 

Once you visit the Church, you will feel the positive vibrations all over the Church that will rejuvenate your mind and soul. 

Visit the Pentecostal Church or the King’s Revival Church to get in touch with your positive side. 

Location: Al Barsha, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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4. The United Christian Church of Dubai- Established in 1962

Image Source : wikipedia.org

The United Christian Church was established in the year 1962 for the Christians who came from other countries to the United Arab Emirates. 

The architectural brilliance of this Church can be imagined, looking at the other marvellous architecture in Dubai. 

The beauty and the fine detailing of the interiors of the United Christian Church make it not only one of the best Churches in Dubai but also one of the most beautiful ones too.

The way the architecture has been designed, and the love and respect for other religions in the United Arab Emirates is applaudable, being a Muslim-dominated country.  

Every Friday morning, the vibe of the Church is entirely different for people, especially Christians gather here to pray and worship their God. The Friday prayers are a weekly routine for Christians who gather here for their morning prayers. 

If you want to have the best experience, visit the Church on a Friday, and I would suggest you sit there for a while and feel the positive vibes. 

Location: Dubai Evangelical Church Center, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Frequently Asked Questions About Churches In Dubai

1. How many churches are there in Dubai?

There are many churches in Dubai, irrespective of being a city of a Muslim-dominated society or country. To answer your question, there are about 20 churches in Dubai catering to different branches of Christianity. 

2. Which is the oldest church in Dubai?

One of the oldest Churches in Dubai is the St. Mary’s Catholic Church, established in the year 1967, and was demolished in 1988, rebuilt again to accommodate more followers, owing to the growing Catholic population. 

3. Are there Catholic churches in Dubai?

Yes, there are Catholic Churches in Dubai, one of which is the St. Mary’s Catholic Church. 

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