From Corporate Meetings To Ocean Sunsets In Vietnam- Dive Into Akanksha’s Journey In Vietnam

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As a digital marketer, having to look at various ads is a daily routine for me, and one day, while looking at those ads, I came across WanderOn’s Vietnam ad, and that was it- ‘Ek aur trip toh karna padega inke saath’ was the first thing that came to my mind, as I had already taken a Meghalaya trip and a Spiti trip with them. 

So, with all the excitement, I went to WanderOn’s website and booked one of their Vietnam tour packages. After carefully planning the trip with their travel experts, it was time to begin my Vietnamese adventure.

Vietnam Escapade: A Journey Into The Heart Of South Asia


With bags in my hand and energy and thrill in my heart, I started my journey in Hanoi. The first impression of the city? Just out of this world. Before my trip, a lot of my friends had expressed mixed feelings about Vietnam, but after landing here, I just had a different kind of experience and was looking forward to what this amazing country has to offer. 

With that being said, here’s my complete 7 Nights/ 8 Days Vietnam From India itinerary:

8 Days Vietnam Escapade- The Complete Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival In Hanoi and Half Day City Tour

Day 2: Hanoi To Halong Bay And Back To Hanoi With Lunch On A Food Cruise

Day-3: Hanoi To Da Nang

Day 4: Da Nang – Marble Mountain- Hoi An Ancient Town

Day 5: Da Nang To Ba Na Hills And Back To Da Nang

Day 6: Da Nang To Ho Chi Minch City

Day 7: Exploring The Cu Chi Tunnels In Ho Chi Minh

Day 8: Departure From Ho Chi Minh City

A Comparison Between The Two Most Happening Cities- Mumbai And Ho Chi Minh City


So, I’ve been living in Mumbai for a long time now. While Mumbai is considered one of the safest and one of the most happening cities not just in India but the entire world, it was actually after travelling to Ho Chi Minh City that I realised that this city has just raised the bar in my eyes. 

Words will actually fall short to describe this city, but still, let’s give it a shot. Firstly, the safety: Mark my words, Ho Chi Minh is one of the safest cities here, and I’m not just talking from a female traveller’s perspective but also from the nature of the people. If you accidentally leave a belonging of yours, people will actually make an effort to find you and give it back to you.

Next up, the public transport: When in India, at times you actually think about how to travel from one place to another, but not here, because GRAB- A popular cab booking app, will have a cab stand in front of you just in 5 minutes. 5 minutes! I am not even exaggerating, but after seeing a cab arrive in just 5 minutes, that was my reaction, too. 

What next? Oh, yes! The nightlife. So, if you’re a solo female traveller, you would want to enjoy the nightlife of a place but that too in safe surroundings, and Ho Chi Minh City is exactly that. Safe and amazing. The nightlife here is just out of this world, I found myself dancing in the streets with other members of my group at 3 AM. Club hopping and cafe hopping, we did it all and made the best of the night. 

Diving Into History


Well, we all know that Vietnam has a rich history, and I, too had read about it on the internet. The wars, the various dynasties that ruled, and much more, and I finally witnessed one of those historical elements. 

One of the places on our sightseeing tour in Hoi An was a visit to a jungle. A jungle? How ordinary? But, trust me, it wasn’t because in the jungle there were tunnels that the Vietnamese soldiers used to hide in and commute from one place to another during the war. 

But the tunnels were not the only thing that was part of the tour. We even got the opportunity to fire real assault rifles in the firing range near the tunnels. The entire experience was just exhilarating, and as a souvenir, some people even collected the bullet shells to take back home.

A Taste Of French In Asia


From the 1800s to approximately 1954, Vietnam was a French Colony called French Indochina. While the French left a long time ago, they left their essence, which is still present in the modern era.

I stood in the middle of the French Village in Da Nang, one of the best places in Vietnam, feeling like I had stepped back in time or into a storybook. Around me were old-fashioned European buildings painted in warm colours. It was quiet except for the soft chatter of visitors and the distant music that seemed to float on the breeze. 

The cobblestone streets twisted and turned, leading to quaint shops and cosy cafes. The air was cool, a nice change from the heat below the mountain where the city lay. Flowers bloomed in boxes on windowsills and the smell of fresh bread flew out from a bakery. 

Everything looked clean and well-kept, and the people I met were friendly, waving and smiling as they passed by. It was a peaceful pretty place that felt a world away from the Vietnam I knew.

What Won My Heart 


What won my heart? Well, it’s not just one thing that made a place in my heart, but a plethora of them. Starting with Da Nang, the entire city was the best, especially our resort. It was a beach resort, which eventually made access to the beach pretty easy. Not just the resort, but even the staff there was so helpful and caring. One thing that surprised me was that the chefs in the resort would make vegetarian versions of non- veg dishes in case you are a vegetarian. 

Next up, would be the markets. If you’re a shopper, you’re just going to love the country. From coffee to chocolates and from bags to shirts, you ask for it the markets in Vietnam have it all. Shopping in Vietnam is an experience which you just cannot miss. 


Last but not least are the Lantern Boats in Hoi An. The boat ride in Hoi An was like a dream.  The river glowed with lights from hundreds of lanterns. I sat in a small boat, floating along. The water was calm and the lights danced on its surface. I felt peace as I flowed by old, yellow houses. I let go of a paper lantern into the river, making a wish as it joined the others. It was simple yet beautiful, a memory I’ll keep close to my heart.

A Few Things To Keep In Mind


While the entire experience was amazing, and Vietnam is a country that accepts one and all, there are a few things that every traveller should keep in mind when exploring the country. 

Firstly, the food situation. The restaurants in Vietnam offer some of the best food that you’re going to taste, but here’s the twist, there are not a lot of vegetarian options when it comes to Vietnamese food. Even if you get your hands on some veg food, you might not like the coconut oil that they use in almost everything. So, you have to be a bit flexible when it comes to food in Vietnam. 

Bargain, but not too much. While shopping in Vietnam, you should bargain and the shopkeepers, a lot of times, even give you things at a lesser price. But that’s not true with all of them, if you go over the top with bargaining, the shopkeeper might just refuse to sell things to you, and that’s something which would make your experience a bad one. So, this is an essential Vietnam travel tip, that you should keep in mind. 

Would I Recommend Vietnam To Other Travellers? 


One hundred percent YES! Every traveller should visit Vietnam at least once. The country, apart from its beauty and culture, will even give you multiple opportunities to go out of your comfort zone by taking part in cultural activities or enjoying with strangers when experiencing Vietnam nightlife.

Apart from that, if you’re someone who’s internet savvy, then the pictures you click here would be the cherry on top of the cake for your Instagram feed. So, without any second thought, head to Vietnam, the moment you get the chance to.

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