“From Making Friends On The Trip To Planning International Tour With Them” – Dinesh Kumar

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Last year, I took the Spiti Valley Trip with  WanderOn Travel Community and made some crazy friends there. After being in touch for months, one day, I randomly texted on the Whats app group, “ Ek aur trip toh banta hai yaar”, and to my surprise, everybody was ready for it. 

We four were so excited to create new and adventurous memories that we booked the tickets the day we discussed it. We decided to take the Vietnam Tour Package 

WanderOn crafted the itinerary so well that we had no time to feel bored or out of place; from covering all the famous areas and the offbeat destinations, we felt like we belonged in Vietnam. 

Discovering Vietnam: Tales Of Adventure And Culture


The journey had just begun, But I was mesmerised by the serene beauty of Ha Long Bay. I cruised along the emerald waters, surrounded by thousands of limestone karsts covered in lush greenery. I couldn’t resist swimming in the calm waters.

Journeying Through Vietnam: Our Itinerary 

Trip Duration – 6 Nights/7 Days

Day1: Hanoi, Ha Long Bay

Day 2:  Ha Long Bay 

Day 3: Halong to Da Nang

Day 4: Da Nang- Ba Na Hill

Day 5:  Da Nang to Saigon

Day 6: Saigon to Cu- Chi Hills

Day 7: Saigon- Departure

Ba Na Hills: Golden Bridge Marvel 


The cable car ride to the Ba Na hills was a fantastic experience. Catching the bird’s eye view of the lush green forests took my heart away. We saw the Golden Bridge when we got down from the cable car. We 4 decided to take pictures for the first 30 minutes, then lock up our phones and enjoy the views. As soon as the 30 minutes ended, we knew now was the time to do something offbeat. 

We started playing with ice and water near the bridge, and some group members joined us. We re-created our childhood and carelessly played for like an hour. The place was magical, and we were the added sparks. Soon, we sat atop a hill gazing at the breathtaking sunset over Ba Na Hills.

Da Nang City: Beach Bliss 


Our adventure in Danang began at the Marble Mountains, where ancient pagodas nestled within limestone caves stunned us. We climbed the stone steps, surrounded by intricate carvings, and reached the summit. The panoramic view of the city and the shimmering South China Sea was a sight to behold.

The most beautiful hotel Sight was Da Nang City; the beach was accessible by the walk. We sat on the beach till late at night without being afraid of how to go back. The sight was so beautiful. The night sky is full of unexpected stars, and the gentle breezes give us time for self-realisation and rejuvenating spirit. 

Even after the tiring day, we were charged for pulling an all-nighter. We did bar hopping and finally had great vegetarian food. The only thing I didn’t like about Vietnam was bizarre vegetarian food. The tour guide provided by WanderOn helped us through this, but it was pretty annoying. 

As we left Danang City, our hearts were filled with memories of its beauty and warmth. It was a journey filled with discovery, culture, and the enchantment of Vietnam, and we can’t wait to explore such places as this. 

Hoi An City: Beauty in Simplicity


The most amazing experience I can put in my travel diary is visiting Hoi An City. The day began with a leisurely bicycle ride through the narrow alleys and historic buildings that whispered stories of centuries past. The town lights of different colours of silk lanterns swayed gently in the breeze. As I pedaled, I stumbled upon a bustling market where locals traded fresh produce and handmade crafts.

Evenings in Hoi An are pure magic. The town comes alive with the soft glow of lanterns and the aroma of delectable street food. I savoured dishes like cao lau and banh mi at small food stalls, where locals shared their culinary secrets. I didn’t like them because it was a vegetarian substitute, but the way the sellers made them joyfully convinced me to try them. 

My friends and I also took a lantern-making workshop and crafted our colourful masterpieces. It felt like I was a part of Hoi An’s artistic legacy. It was utterly unexpected of us to do something like this. But this experience was indeed remarkable. 

From One Traveler to another: Some tips for visiting Vietnam 

  • Be Prepared for the limited Vegetarian Food Options.
  • Most of the Places have free entry and don’t get looted. 
  • Be well prepared for adventures. 
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