Digital Nomadism: Exploring the Intersection of Work and Travel in the Future

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You Only Live Once’ is a term which we’ve been using in our lingo on a daily basis. But are we really following the message behind it? When we’ve been told that we only live once, we should be living the best life and should live each day like there’s no tomorrow. BUT ( a big one though), here we are hustling and grinding each and everyday in our work life, leaving all those travel dreams aside and our bucket list under a big pile of responsibilities from our workplace. 

But ( a positive one this time), what if we tell you that you can work and travel at the same time! Sounds exciting right? It sure is, and we are excited to talk about it too. While the entire population was toiling day and night to meet their basic needs, it was in 1997 that a book by Tsugio Makimoto and David Manners that did wonders and changed the mindset of the working people by popularising the term ‘ Digital Nomadism’ and how being a digital nomad would allow people to return to a nomadic state and work from anywhere. 23 years later, the concept got popular and over 30 million people in 2020, started to consider themselves as digital nomads. 

We’ve used the term ‘ digital nomadism’ a plethora of times since the start of this blog, but what exactly is it and how you can become one too? ‘ Digital Nomad refers is a term used to refer to people who use technology to work remotely while travelling the world. Digital nomads get the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world with access to the world wide web, allowing them to explore new cultures, meet new people, and experience different ways of life. 

To put it in simple terms, a digital nomad is a person who can work while travelling to different places. Well, with the rise of remote work and the increasing popularity of the gig economy, digital nomadism is becoming a more feasible and attractive lifestyle choice for many people. The whole concept of ‘ Digital Nomadism’ sounds very attractive, but did you know that being a digital nomad has several life changing benefits. As astonishing as this sounds, it is actually a 100% true, so scroll through and check out how becoming a digital nomad can change your life.

Benefits Of Digital Nomadism

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The major benefit of digital nomadism is that you are free to work from anywhere and at anytime. If you get bored in our environment, you can just change your environment and voila! 

Next advantage of being a digital nomad is that you can design your own lifestyle. You can create a flexible work schedule, where you can include your hobbies too. The best part of becoming a digital nomad is that you get to meet new people each and every day, which besides making new friends also helps you in improving your cross-cultural communication.

When working in a regular 9-5 job where you go to your office physically, what’s the thing that stresses you out the most? Well, for sure its traffic and all the hours that go in commute. When working as a digital nomad, you get rid of the entire concept of commute. 

While the benefits might entice you to become a digital nomad right this instant, it also has its fair share of challenges. 

Challenges Of Digital Nomadism


There are a plethora of challenges that one might face when working as a digital nomad, some of the most common ones are: 

Stability: Digital nomads do not have a consistent income or client base, and at times becomes difficult to plan for the future.

Time Zone Differences: Working with clients or colleagues in different time zones can be difficult and require some adjustment.

Finding Reliable WiFi: Digital nomads require a dependable internet connection in order to work effectively. This can be hard to come by in some parts of the world.

Ready to overcome the challenges and reap the benefits of being a digital nomad? Well, then check out a few tips that might help get you started. 

Tips For Becoming A Digital Nomad

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Make an informed decision about your destination: When deciding on a location, consider factors such as cost of living, safety, and accessibility.

Make a budget: Make and stick to a budget. Consider housing, food, transportation, and healthcare costs.

Join online communities and attend events to meet other digital nomads and expand your professional network.

Have a backup plan in place: Prepare for the unexpected, such as losing a client or experiencing an emergency.

Keep a schedule and stay on top of your work to help you stay focused and productive.

Digital Nomad Visas: Your Ticket To Remote Work


The concept of digital nomadism is on the rise, and the world is slowly adapting to the new concept. With that being said a plethora of countries have introduced visa for digital nomads which gives them the legal right to work remotely while residing away from their country of permanent residence.

Countries like Spain, Greece, Romania, Hungary, Cyprus, Latvia, Panama, Brazil, Dubai, Ecuador,Italy, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, Namibia and South Africa are a few of the many countries that have started offering the ‘ Digital Nomad Visas’. These visas are a win-win for both the travellers and the country offering it. While the traveller will get the opportunity to work in the country while travellin, the visa will also help the country to boost its economy. 

Firstly, the visas act as a temporary fix for immigration policies and visa delays all around the world. During Covid, visa policies got changed all around the world resulting in delay and other complications in the visa process. Therefore, a digital nomad visa provides a short term access to countries all around the world and typically last from 6 to 12 months. 

The second advantage of these visas is that they can act as a tool of resource and knowledge flow between different regions which is an advantage for the organizations, the host countries and the travellers themselves. In simple words, these visas help in knowledge recombination, which combines existing knowledge with the knowledge that the migrants bring in. 

Digital Nomadism In India

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Well, not just the countries in the west, even India is slowly adapting to the novel concept and there are a plethora of place which are a bliss for digital nomads, some of the trending destinations are Goa, Shimla, Udaipur, and Kasol among other destinations. Well besides these sites, India also offers a plethora of advantages too. 

Digital Nomadism in India is cheaper: One of the biggest advantages of working remotely in India is that it is cheaper as compared to the countries in the west. The cost of living in India is relatively low, you can lead a semi luxurious lifestyle in India, that too at an afforable cost. 

Easy Access To The Internet: India is well-known for its technology and its availabilty. For digital nomads, this means that they can have a good access to the Internet and at a cheaper cost too. 

Easy To Get Around: India has a vast network of transportation, which means that it is really easy to commute in the country. 

Well, these are just a few of the many advantages that India offers to digital nomads, and to sum it up, it is safe to say that digital nomadism is an exciting and innovative lifestyle that offers an amalgamation of work and travel. It comes with its own set of challenges and benefits and many people find the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. However, digital nomadism is the future of work and lifestyle. 

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