Dominican Monastery; The Ruined Church Of Daman And Diu

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Have you ever visited a place reeking of a glorious past? A location giving glimpses into the magnificent history it once had. Dominican Monastery, also christened as ‘the ruined church’  is one such place. 

Housed in the Moti Daman Fort, standing the tests of time, The Dominican Monastery in Daman and Diu is full of stories of the past. All history and architecture students can take a group tour package to Daman and Diu and visit the remains of this marvel of Portuguese architecture. 

There are several places to visit in Daman and Diu and this ancient ruins site holds a special place amongst them. Of the famous Bollywood movie ‘Agneepath’ fame, Daman is divided into two parts, Nani Daman ( Little Daman) and Moti Daman, tourists can find the remains of the Dominican Monastery in the Moti Daman area. 


Once revered as the most esteemed church in the whole territory, the Dominican Monastery is estimated to have been built in 1567 in memory of Saint Dominic. In the 15th century, this place acted as a seat for theological knowledge and was visited by Christians from far and wide. 

A devastating earthquake is said to have destroyed the Dominican Monastery in Daman and Diu and several lives were lost with it too. This church was a beautiful demonstration of brilliant craftsmanship and displayed traits of Portuguese architecture the same as most of the structures of the territory. 

Every year on the 2nd of February, the Catholic Community assembles in the Dominican Monastery’s compound, to hear stories and occurrences that took place at the monastery in the past, by the clergy. Another occasion when the devotees gather for a mass to pay homage to Saint Dominic and the lost souls, is on the third Sunday of December, every year. 

Are there any activities to do in Dominican Monastery?


There are several things to do in Daman and Diu, but when viewed from a distance, visitors might feel, there isn’t much to do or places to visit near Dominican Monastery. This is also true, but only to some extent, as the Dominican Monastery has some unique experiences in store for visitors.  

Here are some of the best things to do in Dominican Monastery

1. Embark on a historical tour (guided) 

What’s better than delving deep into the history of a monument and learning of its prime and decline, from a knowledgeable and well-versed guide? History buffs and curious souls can take a guided tour of the ruins and admire the altar, tombstones, pillars, and arches which are all that’s left of the Dominican Monastery. 

2. Take a deep breath and meditate

The calm and serene surroundings of the Moti Daman fort are beseeming for relaxing the mind and leaving all your worries at bay. Tourists can take a break from the tumultuous city life, breathe in the fresh coastal and spiritual air of the Dominican Monastery remains, and breathe out all the stress.

3. Set out on a photography spree


To photographers, painters, and artists, the ruined church is the perfect subject to capture. Even regular tourists find amazing locations and Instagram-able spots at the Dominican Monastery, to click pictures speaking for themselves. Also, explore other spots for getting the perfect clicks in Daman Diu.

4. Become a handcraftsman

Artisan and craftsman workshops organized at the monastery are great ingenious ways to learn handicrafts and connect with the people of the past. Local artisans teach crafts like pottery, painting, and wood carving. It’s a great way to understand, how the former habitants of the place practiced these crafts.

5. Prayer ceremony at sunset

Want to witness the perfect merger of spirituality and history? Then the sunset prayer ceremony at Dominican Monastery Daman is for you. 

Led by a seasoned cleric, the sunset prayers begin with an introduction to the monastery and the vital role it plays in Christianity. Followed by a ceremony paying. homage to the monks and religious activities that were once practiced and were a part of the chamber of the monastery. 

As the tangerine sun sets down, and the colors of the sky change from a blush pink to deep purple, sounds of the holy hymns and prayers fill up the vast expanse of the monastery.

6. Sightseeing near Dominican Monastery


After soaking up your soul in the divinity and ancient splendor of the monastery, you can step out and visit many other places as special as the church itself. Devka Beach, Jampore Beach, Church of Bom Jesus, St. Paul Church, Nani Daman Fort, and Jetty Garden are some of the unmissable spots nearby. 

You can end your excursion by treating your taste buds to authentic local delicacies, several pure vegetarian restaurants and the best seafood places can be found nearby. 

What is the best time to visit the Dominican Monastery?

Situated in the heart of the coastal area of Daman and Diu, the best time to visit the ruined church is in the cooler months. 

It is important to plan your visit according to the temperature as certain seasons like monsoon can be a bad idea to visit coastal areas, as all the places are mostly closed due to heavy rainfall and the pathways can get slippery and dangerous. 

The best time to visit the Dominican Monastery is from October to late February. The climate is cool and less humid, making the weather conditions conducive for the perfect coastal excursion. There are several good hotels near Dominican Monastery, where you can enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay, to name a few, Praveg Beach Resort Daman, Lighthouse Beach, Hotel Sovereign, and Le Pension, Daman. 

Now that you know all the best things to do in Dominican Monastery, you must visit this place and share your experience with fellow travelers. Daman and Diu hold a high rank in the top offbeat tourist destinations in India, and Dominican Monastery holds a special place in the heart of Daman and Diu, so on your next visit, do visit this best-kept secret of Daman and Diu. 

What is the history behind the Dominican Monastery in Daman and Diu?

The Dominican Monastery in Daman and Diu is amongst the most sacred religious spots in the Christian faith. Also known as ‘the ruined church’ it was built in the 15th century but now, only the remains of the actual church can be found at the location. It was built to pay homage to Saint Dominic and is a cathedral that boasts Portuguese architecture. The main structure was destroyed by a deadly earthquake.

What can visitors expect to see at the Dominican Monastery?

Visitors can witness the ruins and remains of the Dominican church. The walls, arches, tombstones, altar, and pillars tell tales of the thriving past of the Dominican Monastery. The sunset views from here are also to die for.

Are there any special events or activities held at the Dominican Monastery?

Every year, two important events are celebrated by people from the Christian faith. Catholics gather at the Dominican Monastery to hear stories and learn about the history of the place. The second event is held every third Sunday of December. People gather in the premises of the church and a mass is held, in the memory of Saint Dominic and the people who lost their lives during the earthquake.

What are the visiting hours and admission fees for the Dominican Monastery?

There is no entry fee to visit the monastery and it is open for visitors throughout the week from 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM and is usually closed on Sundays.

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