Dubai In August 2024: Is This The Perfect Month To Explore?

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As Dubai is a destination of dreams for most of us, we often look for the best Dubai package regardless of the ideal month to visit. Though the packages come at affordable prices to this tropical paradise sometimes we are left with the question of which month to choose to visit Dubai. 

As it is humid and hot most of the time, no matter whichever month you pick you will need to prepare for the heatwave amidst its beautiful charm which needs a visit at least once in a lifetime. 

Especially when you are in a zone to visit Dubai In August we recommend you to go for it as the prices are slightly on the lower side due to the footfall of summer months and the less crowd. Though you are exposed to the heat here, this month offers you a special chance to explore the better countryside of Dubai. So let’s explore why you need to visit Dubai in August, places to visit in Dubai, where to stay and what to eat.

Dubai In August: What To Expect


Dubai In August offers a unique mix of opportunities and challenges for its tourists. Throughout August, you can expect sweltering temperatures and high levels of humidity, with average highs ranging over 41°C (104°F). If you are planning continuous outdoor activities make a note of taking necessary precautions with the intense heat swirling around.

With more and more attractions fleeing to this place, no one can resist feeling the charm of this lavish city respite of heat. Especially places like Burj Khalifa, and Dubai Mall are not only known for their splendid looks but can also have lots of entertainment options like Ski Dubai, Dubai Aquarium and many more. Till mid-August you can enjoy participating in the Dubai Summer Surprises festival which can surely add an indoor allure with exciting shopping options and many family-friendly events. 

Evening strolls can be favourable with limiting temperatures for leisure walks around Dubai Fountain, Dubai Beaches, Malls, etc. Overall, Dubai In August can be a fulfilling experience with a proper mix of indoor and outdoor activities.

Dubai Weather In August


Dubai Weather In August is a direct mix of high humidity with heat. Tourists can expect temperatures ranging from 32°C (89°F) to 41°C (105°F) with humidity sometimes even exceeding 70%. With summer months lounging, there are very minimal chances for rainfall. If you are looking to enjoy Dubai In August for rain, it is a bad choice. There is a high chance for UV exposure, keep UV-protected clothes and sunscreen with SPF protection and also keep hats along with sunglasses.

Despite high temperatures in Dubai In August, you can enjoy various indoor activities and leisure at times in the evening to explore Dubai’s charm. Early mornings are ideal for exploring the city and the nightlife in Dubai is always high-pitched for enjoyment and relaxation.

What To Wear In Dubai In August


As Dubai In August has high temperatures wearing very light and breathable clothes is always preferable. Loosely-fitted garments especially fabric of cotton or linen shirts and shorts are ideal. 

Women can try wearing maxi or flowy skirts for added comfort in the scorching heat. Make sure your clothing won’t hurt the sentiments of the local communities as the rules are very stringent all across Dubai. Always carry your sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and UV-protected wear whenever you are covering the best places to visit in Dubai.

Things To Do In Dubai In August

Here are a few of the best things to do in Dubai In August:

1. Visit Dubai Adventurous Parks


Dubai is an absolute haven for adventure seekers with allure of options. Never miss out on feeling the aura of all the adventurous parks in Dubai In August the next time you visit. Places like IMG Worlds of Adventures is a colossal indoor theme park, that can entice its visitors with various themed zones and thrilling rides with a special touch of famous themes of Marvel and Cartoon Network.

For indoor adventures, you can try Ski Dubai which is ideal for snowboarding, tobogganing and skiing, it’s a sure-shot place to beat the heat of Dubai. If you are looking for aquatic adventures try Wild Wadi Park which is specially designed with lots of amusement water rides.

2. Try Various Restaurants In Dubai

Dubai in August promises its tourists lots of culinary adventures with a diverse range of options. Do plan to explore one of the most reputed places in Dubai to explore food like Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara for requisite seafood amidst the beauty of Burj Khalifa. 

Try Pierchic for coastline elegance coupled with the international dining experience, Atmosphere Restaurant for city landscape panoramic views from the 122nd floor of Burj Khalifa and Zuma for Izakaya style of dining.

There are also famous restaurants for celebrities like Slat Bay and Nobu which need a special visit to have a unique culinary experience.

3. Explore Dubai Beaches


Dubai is not only renowned for urban attractions but it also has beautiful man-made Caribbean-style beaches along the coastline which are worthy enough to explore. One that needs a special mention is Jumeirah Beach, this beach is not only loaded with soft sands but also with lots of options for water activities in azure waters like parasailing, paddleboarding jetskiing, etc. 

There is also another place called Kite Beach which is most popularized for its vibrant atmosphere where you can enjoy the evenings with beach volleyball, skateboarding and water sports.

4. Indulge In Dubai Spa Treatment

Dubai In August is the ideal time to enjoy spa treatments in Dubai. They not only offer their visitors relaxation and rejuvenation but also let them explore its indigenous Arabian Hammam Ritual practice. It’s a proper blend of steambath, skin exfoliation, special massage, and aromatic oils.

There is also a Dubai special stone massage, aromatic therapy and Balinese techniques to soothe and stress out your body. For feet pampering, you can try reflexology which is also a place for hair and skin treatment with natural Moroccan Argan oil.

Best Place To Visit In Dubai In August


Here are a few best places to visit in Dubai In August:

  1. Dubai Mall: Dubai Mall is the best place to visit in Dubai In August for shopping, entertainment and dining. You can also have a glimpse of the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo.
  2. Ski Dubai: This is an indoor adventure place where you can enjoy all the snow activities with amazing activities like skiing, snowboarding and snowfall dance amidst the scorching temperatures outside.
  3. Wild Wadi Waterpark: This is the perfect place for all the water enthusiasts with lots of water slides, water pools, and Raindance experience for a refreshing water experience.
  4. Chinese Gold Ornaments Expo: Explore the extraordinary event running from April 26th to August 10th, 2024. Delve into the Expo showcasing 3000 years of Chinese ornaments, featuring a collection of 100 exquisite masterpieces of gold and treasures.
  5. Dubai Summer Surprises Festival: Experience the vibrant energy of the Dubai Summer Surprises Festival, a dynamic event filled with exciting activities, entertainment, and shopping promotions, held annually to celebrate the summer season in Dubai.

Tips For Visiting Dubai In August


When visiting Dubai In August everyone must be prepared for the extreme heat and the humidity. Wear only pastel-coloured clothes which are very lightweight. Make sure to carry drinking water to stay hydrated and also apply timely sunscreen to avoid sun exposure on the skin. UV-protected clothes are a must and should be if you are sensitive to heat waves add the comfort of sunglasses and protective gear to it. 

Never miss out on the best places to visit in Dubai like Burj Khalifa, Al Bastakiah district, Ibn Battuta Themed Mall in Dubai, Plam Islands and Carreban beaches. Explore all the culinary adventures that can range from all the parts of the world. Explore the added discounts of shopping festivals and make sure to abide by the country’s rules throughout your trip to avoid legal repercussions.

Best Hotels To Stay In Dubai In August

Here is the list of the best hotels to stay in Dubai In August:

1. Burj Al Arab


This is one of Dubai’s iconic 7-star luxuries which can be occupied throughout the year so is in August with amenities like world-class dining, lavish interiors and breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf. ​

2. Atlantis, The Palm


​Atlantis is one of the lavish resorts in Dubai featuring the spell-bound charm of a waterpark, underwater aquarium and diverse options for culinary exploration amidst the luxurious stay options.

3. ​Dubai Armani Hotel 


One of the lavish hotels located inside the iconic Burj Khalifa that offers commendable services to its visitors with poised interiors and world-class dining specially designed by Giorgio Armani.

4. Four Seasons Resorts Dubai 

Source: Tripadvisor

This high-rated resort lies in the heart of Dubai’s city and has the best luxurious rooms with private beach access and exceptional international dining experience making it a perfect choice for places to stay in Dubai in August.

5. Jumeirah Al Qasr


​Al Aasr has an Arabian-inspired theme with all the elements of lush gardens, beach access and complex amenities for recreation.

What To Eat In Dubai In August

In August, savour traditional Emirati cuisine like machboos (spiced rice with meat), harees (wheat and meat porridge), and luqaimat (sweet dumplings) at local eateries. Cool off with refreshing drinks like lemon mint and jallab. International cuisine options abound, offering diverse flavours to suit every palate despite the summer heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Dubai cheap in August?

Yes! Dubai in August is considerably cheaper due to the scorching summer and low tourist footfall.

Can you go to the desert in Dubai in August?

Yes, you can visit the desert in Dubai in August, but it is recommended to visit in the early morning or evenings to avoid the heat wave.

Is Dubai crowded in August?

Dubai is less crowded with the high temperatures settling in. You can find crowds in the indoor activities and water-themed parks.

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