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A place with tall skyscrapers and lush green parks, a place that has so much to offer from its culture and cuisine. We are taking you to Singapore which is just a perfect place for a vacation with our Singapore Packages

For a place that has so much to offer, it is important to know about its history. And Singapore has an interesting history. 

One of the best places to visit in Singapore to learn about its rich heritage is the National Museum of Singapore. This place not only tells us about the rich cultural heritage of Singapore but also has a variety of artifacts and exhibitions to marvel at.

So let’s have a virtual tour of the National Museum of Singapore to learn more about this fascinating country.

Singapore National Museum History


The Singapore National Museum history is like a captivating journey through time, showing us how Singapore has grown and changed over the years. Established way back in 1887, the Singapore National Museum spans many generations, making it the oldest museum in the country. It’s not just a building; it’s a treasure trove of stories waiting to be discovered.

In the early days, the Singapore National Museum focused on showcasing the different cultural heritage of Singapore. But as time went on, it expanded its horizons. Today, the Singapore National Museum history is a fascinating blend of old and new, with exhibits that cover everything from ancient artifacts to modern art. It’s a place where you can learn about Singapore’s past while also exploring its present and future.

The Singapore National Museum took a big leap forward in 2006 with a major renovation. This transformed it into a modern marvel, equipped with all the latest technology and interactive displays. Since then, the Singapore National Museum history has become more than just a museum; it’s a hub of culture and creativity, attracting visitors from all over the world.

Visiting the Singapore National Museum is like stepping into a time machine. You can wander through its halls and immerse yourself in the stories of Singapore’s past. From the days of colonialism to the struggles for independence, the Singapore National Museum history has it all. And with new exhibits and events happening all the time, there’s always something new to discover.

In the end, the Singapore National Museum is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Singapore and its vibrant spirit. It’s a place where the past comes alive, inspiring us to learn, explore, and appreciate the world around us. So the next time you’re in Singapore, make sure to pay a visit to the Singapore National Museum  – you won’t be disappointed!

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Now Let’s have a look at the top 5 artifacts in Singapore museum

Top 5 artifacts in Singapore Museum


1. The Singapore Stone

The Singapore Stone is a very special artifacts in the Singapore Museum. It’s a piece of a big stone slab with ancient writing on it, dating back to around the 13th century. People think it’s related to the old kingdom of Temasek, which later became Singapore. 

The writing on the stone is still a mystery, and nobody’s sure what it says exactly. But it’s really interesting because it gives us clues about what life was like long ago in Singapore. Seeing the Singapore Stone in the museum makes you feel like you’re travelling back in time and discovering secrets from the past.

2. William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings

One of the fascinating National Museum collections in Singapore is the William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings. William Farquhar was a very important person in Singapore’s history a long time ago. He collected lots of drawings of animals, plants, and daily life in Singapore during the early 1800s. 

These drawings are really special artifacts in Singapore National Museum because they teach us so much about the natural world and the way people lived in the past.

3. The Gold Ornaments from the 14th Century Belitung Shipwreck

In the National Museum of Singapore, there’s a collection of very old gold ornaments from a shipwreck that happened a long time ago. The shipwreck is called the Belitung Shipwreck, and it happened around the 14th century. The gold ornaments were found in the sea near Belitung Island in Indonesia. 

They’re really special because they’re so old, and they’re made of real gold! The ornaments are very pretty, with lots of intricate designs. They show us how skilled people were at making beautiful things even hundreds of years ago. Seeing these gold ornaments in the museum makes you feel like you’re discovering a treasure from a long-lost time.

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4. The Singapore Currency Collection

In the National Museum of Singapore, there’s something cool called the Singapore Currency Collection. It’s a big collection of all kinds of money used in Singapore throughout history. You can see coins and paper money from a long time ago to today. 

Some of the money looks different from what we use now! Looking at the collection, you can learn about how money has changed over time and how people used to buy things in the past. It’s like taking a journey through the history of money in Singapore, and it’s super interesting to see all the different kinds of coins and notes that were used.

5. Keris Collection

In the National Museum of Singapore, there’s a special collection called the Keris Collection. A keris is a type of traditional dagger from Southeast Asia, and the collection has lots of them. Each keris is unique, with its special design and story. 

They’re not just weapons; they’re also works of art! People in Southeast Asia have been making keris for a very long time, and they’re really important in the culture of places like Singapore. 

Seeing the Keris collection in the museum helps us learn about the history and traditions of the region, and it’s fascinating to see all the different styles and designs of these ancient weapons.

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Museum exhibitions in Singapore

1. Singapore History Gallery


One of the most interesting museum exhibitions in Singapore is the Singapore History Gallery, a must-visit for anyone looking for things to do in Singapore. This exhibition is like a time machine that takes you on a journey through Singapore’s past. You can learn about how Singapore started from a small fishing village and grew into the bustling city it is today. 

With lots of cool artifacts and interactive displays, the Singapore History Gallery makes learning about history fun and exciting. It’s a great way to discover more about Singapore’s rich heritage and the people who have lived here throughout the years. So if you’re visiting Singapore and want to explore its history, don’t miss out on the Singapore History Gallery!

2. Story of the Forest


One of the coolest Museum exhibitions in Singapore is the Story of the Forest exhibition. It’s like stepping into a magical forest right in the heart of the city! This exhibition uses lots of fancy technology to show you what it’s like to be in a real rainforest. There are big screens all around you with colourful pictures of trees, plants, and animals. 

You can even hear the sounds of birds chirping and water flowing! It’s a really fun and exciting way to learn about nature and appreciate the beauty of the rainforest. So if you’re ever in Singapore and want to experience something different, make sure to check out the Story of the Forest exhibition!

3. An Old New World


An Old New World exhibition is like a big storybook that tells the tale of Singapore’s early days. It shows how Singapore was a busy place long ago, with people coming from all over the world to trade and make a living. The exhibition has lots of old things like maps, tools, and even clothes that people used to wear back then. 

You can learn about how different cultures met and mixed in Singapore, making it the diverse place it is today. It’s a bit like going back in time and seeing history come alive right before your eyes. So if you’re curious about how Singapore started, An Old New World exhibition is the place to be!

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4. Home, Truly: Growing Up with Singapore, 1950s to the Present


The Home, Truly: Growing Up with Singapore, the 1950s to the Present exhibition is like a big memory book filled with stories from the past. It shows how Singapore changed and grown over the years, from the 1950s until now. You can see old pictures, videos, and even things that people use in their everyday lives, like toys and clothes.

 It’s a bit like taking a trip down memory lane, seeing how things were different back then. This exhibition helps us understand what life was like for people who grew up in Singapore and how the country has become what it is today. So if you want to learn more about Singapore’s history and how it became the place it is now, make sure to visit the Home, Truly exhibition!

What is the best time to visit the National Museum Of Singapore?

The best time to visit the National Museum of Singapore is typically during weekdays in the morning or early afternoon. This is when the museum is less crowded, allowing you to explore the exhibitions at your own pace and fully enjoy the experience without having to contend with large crowds. 

Additionally, visiting during off-peak hours gives you more time to immerse yourself in the museum’s fascinating displays and learn about Singapore’s rich history and culture. However, if you prefer a livelier atmosphere and enjoy attending special events or exhibitions, you may want to visit during weekends or evenings when the museum often hosts various activities and programs.

 Regardless of when you choose to visit, the National Museum of Singapore offers a rewarding and enlightening experience for visitors of all ages.

Here are the location, timings and ticket prices for the National Museum of Singapore.

Location:  93 Stamford Rd, Singapore 178897

Timings: Sunday to Saturday, 10 am – 6:30 pm

Ticket Prices: ₹918

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The National Museum of Singapore is a fantastic place to explore and learn about the history and culture of Singapore. With its engaging exhibitions, interactive displays, and rich collection of artifacts in Singapore museum, it offers visitors a unique opportunity to delve into the island nation’s past and present.

 Whether you’re interested in ancient history, contemporary art, or cultural heritage, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at the National Museum. So, whether you’re a resident or a visitor from afar, be sure to make a trip to the National Museum of Singapore to discover the fascinating stories and treasures that await within its walls.

What are the opening hours of the National Museum of Singapore?

The National Museum of Singapore is open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily, including public holidays. However, the last admission is at 6:30 PM. These hours provide ample time for visitors to explore the museum’s exhibitions, engage in interactive displays, and immerse themselves in Singapore’s rich history and culture.

Are there any guided tours available at the National Museum of Singapore?

Yes, the National Museum of Singapore offers guided tours conducted by experienced museum educators. These tours provide visitors with in-depth insights into the museum’s exhibitions, artifacts, and history. Guided tours are available for individuals, families, and groups, and they offer a unique opportunity to explore the museum’s collections while learning from knowledgeable guides. Visitors can inquire about tour schedules and booking options at the museum’s information desk or website.

Does the National Museum of Singapore have any special programs or events for visitors?

Yes, the National Museum of Singapore offers special programs and events for visitors, including workshops, talks, film screenings, performances, and interactive activities related to its exhibitions and themes. These events cater to visitors of all ages and provide engaging opportunities to learn about Singapore’s history and culture. Information about upcoming programs and events can be found on the museum’s website and social media platforms.

How can I purchase tickets to visit the National Museum of Singapore?

Tickets to visit the National Museum of Singapore can be purchased online through the museum’s official website or at the museum’s ticketing counters upon arrival. Additionally, tickets may be available for purchase through authorized ticketing platforms. Visitors are advised to check the museum’s website for the latest information on ticket prices, availability, and booking options.

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