Dubai In January: Adventure Awaits

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“ Habibi, Come to Dubai” is something we have heard plenty of times. But why the saying goes like that? What has Dubai got that none of the Emirates have? Well, to be honest, Dubai is the most luxurious emirate of the UAE, offering its culture, food, history, and marvellous architecture to the people. Most people keep thinking about the best time to take their much-awaited Dubai Tour. So let’s solve that dilemma. 

Suppose you are planning to visit Dubai in January. In that case, there are a few things that you should know before visiting the country, including it’s weather, things to buy in Dubai, places to visit in Dubai, and plenty of other information. 

Dubai Weather In January

The weather in Dubai during the summer is too hot to bear, and the only escape that will work is seeking refuge in malls or ski resorts or going for other activities, such as water sports in Dubai, to beat the heat. 

However, look at Dubai weather in January. You will find that the weather becomes very pleasant even during the afternoon, making it the perfect time to visit this luxurious city and take evening strolls while window shopping. 

The skies are clear blue in colour; it is a perfect time for all outdoor activities, including adventure sports and desert safaris. The days are sunny, but the nights are cooler; you don’t need layers of clothing to protect yourself unless you are in the desert. 

You can expect cold winds and sometimes rain as well. So this is the best time to take out your explorer shoes and take a stroll through the city. 

  • The maximum temperature in Dubai in January is 24℃. 
  • The minimum temperature in Dubai in January is 14℃.

Things To Do In Dubai In January

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When you are in Dubai, you have plenty of options, so it is quite common to get confused with things to do in Dubai in January since the weather is pleasant and everything seems way too interesting.

Dubai Shopping Festival

Suppose you are travelling to Dubai in January. In that case, you are lucky because you are in for the most awaited festival, the Dubai Shopping Festival, which is one of the best things to do in Dubai in January, as the celebration begins on the 15th of December and lasts till 29th January. 

Dubai Shopping Festival is the largest festival in the world, and more than a hundred brands participate. This month-long celebration occurs in different parts of the city, so everyone has access to it. 

The best part about this festival is that you can get good deals here at discounted prices. The city prepares itself, comes together and twinkles during this time of the year.

New Year Celebration In Dubai 

If you are lucky enough to be in Dubai in December or at the start of January, you can also experience the most beautiful New Year Celebration in Dubai. Get ready to have the most magical night of your life as you get to witness the fireworks near the Burj Khalifa. 

It is advisable to reach a little early to get a spot and witness the most breathtaking display of fireworks. You can also witness the fireworks near the Burj Al Arab and mostly at all famous spots in Dubai. 

Aside from this, Dubai is also popular for its New Year parties, so you can be a part of these parties and make the most of your trip. 

Desert Safari In Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai is one of the best things to do in Dubai in January as you go dune bashing and camping in the desert. 

Since the weather in Dubai in January is quite pleasant, it allows you to do multiple outdoor activities, including Desert Safari. 

With the backdrop of clear blue skies, go riding in the desert and enjoy a barbeque dinner at night, followed by an Emirati dance by trained professionals. 

Besides Desert Safari, you can also go for Desert Camping, quad biking, camel rides, and sand boarding to dive into adventures. If you are with your family, you can also go for hot air ballooning and have a lovely night in the desert in Dubai in January. 

Places To Visit In Dubai In January

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Some of the best places to visit in Dubai in January are: 

1. Dhow Cruise Dubai

Dhow Cruise Dubai is one of the best choices in Dubai in January since the weather becomes pleasant, and you can enjoy the Dhow Cruise in Dubai either at night or during the sunset. 

The sunset cruise allows you to watch the magical sunset as the city gives out hues of orange and yellow. On the other hand, the night cruise allows you to witness the city’s stunning skyline. 

2. Explore Dubai Cuisines

Dubai is famous for plenty of things but the cuisine of Dubai is something you should not miss out on. The best thing to do in Dubai is to explore the various Dubai cuisines and savour your taste buds. 

The food in Dubai is absolutely drool-worthy, and you just cannot have enough of it. 

3. Dubai Opera

If you are a fan of art and theatre, then you should visit the Dubai Opera for an elite and sophisticated night. 

It will be one of the best experiences of your life, so don’t miss out on that while in Dubai. 

4. Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden is a nature lover’s paradise, as you can find thousands of flowers in the shape of popular attractions in Dubai. 

It has also made its way into the Guinness Book Of World Records, and it should definitely be in your itinerary. 

5. Burj Khalifa

If you don’t visit Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world with a height of 828 meters, then your trip to Dubai is incomplete. Burj Khalifa is the top attraction in the world, known for its record-breaking height and for being home to the highest observation deck in the world, and the highest restaurant in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai In January

1. What is the weather like in Dubai during January?

The weather becomes absolutely pleasant in the month of January, so it is a good choice to plan your trip to Dubai in January.

2. Are there any special events or festivals in Dubai during January?

Yes, the biggest event in January is the Dubai Shopping Festival and the grand New Year’s celebration in January.

3. Is it a good time to visit Dubai's outdoor attractions and beaches in January?

January is a pleasant time to go for outdoor activities in Dubai, including skydiving, paragliding, etc.

4. What should I pack for a trip to Dubai in January?

Pack regular clothes because it doesn’t get very cold in Dubai In January, but you can keep one cardigan for the night. 

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