Dubai Outlet Mall: Your Ultimate Shopping Destination

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Dubai is Popular for Luxury shopping. It’s one of the most amazing destinations in the world for luxurious goods, and depending on what you’re after, you may score pretty nifty reductions on numerous products here as compared to lower back home. 

While you have shopping on your mind, check out the Dubai Holiday package for a brand-new shopping adventure. Having too many alternatives can play with your head and can make you confused about which one is the best shopping places in Dubai. So, allow us to assist you with that. 

Your safest choice is to visit the Dubai Outlet Mall, the best part of which is that you can buy clothes, accessories, and other stuff from famous brands but at a discounted price. Could it get any more reasonable than that? Well, it’s Dubai, it amazes you every step of the way. 

Let’s know how this works, and how you may get branded goods at reasonable prices. Outlet Mall in Dubai gets products that could not be offered within the previous year, so the products are transferred to this mall, which the mall similarly sells at cheaper costs. 

You can expect products from well-known manufacturers together with Bloomingdales, Boutique 1, Harvey Nicols, Adidas, Tods, Wrangler, and so on. The series is not only limited to clothes, you can uncover some of the top decent domestic decor here, Outlet Mall in Dubai is one of the best shopping locations in Dubai.

Shopping At Dubai Outlet Mall


Outlet Mall in Dubai gives a unique buying revel for all buyers. Outlet Mall in Dubai gives an ultimately extraordinary shopping experience with its vast brand product varieties. You can find a wide range of International and Local Brands right here at Outlet Mall in Dubai, Shopping at Outlet Mall in Dubai is the ultimate gateway for Fashion, footwear, accessories, gadgets, homeware, and extras are available. 

Shopping at Outlet Mall Dubai will amaze you with manufacturers and discounts that you never knew existed. Visitors can explore new and popular products in the department at the Mall. Luxury designer brands and emerging local designers provide something for everyone. 

Outlet Mall in Dubai isn’t just a random Mall, it will satisfy your soul with Luxury along with quality discounts. Who doesn’t need Discounts? And Who doesn’t desire to have luxury merchandise? All you need is to shop at Dubai Outlet Mall.

Things To Do In Dubai Outlet Mall

1. Shopping At Dubai Outlet Mall


When you think of Things to do in Dubai Outlet Mall, the First aspect is shopping, while shopping at Dubai Outlet Mall, you can buy some apparel for yourself, a member of the family, or a gift for a friend. Dubai Outlet is one of the ultimate fascinating hubs because it consists of a wide variety of things to buy in Dubai.

From renowned girls’s fashion labels to menswear and homeware, there is an entire Dubai Outlet Mall luxury brand, that you could take a look at.

  • Burberry
  • Calvin Klein
  • Mango
  • Levi’s 
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Nike
  • Art Gallery Outlet

2. Visiting Restaurants Near Outlet Mall



This is a Chinese restaurant at the Outlet Mall food courtroom. You can get the best noodles there, amongst other bestsellers.


This is a Filipino restaurant in Dubai Outlet Mall. A meal for 2 costs approximately AED 140 there, making it reasonably priced. They are famous for Chop Suey, Filipino Food and Chicken Inasal amongst others.


If you need to revel in more than just the opening mall stores, head over to Chuck E Cheese, the top family enjoyment and child-friendly restaurant in Dubai Outlet Mall. It has a complete laugh arcade and is famous for pizza parties, mouse mascots and play zones. And also there are some Indian restaurants in Dubai which you may like to visit.

Best Time To Visit Dubai Outlet Mall


You must be wondering about the Timing of Dubai Outlet Mall. Well it opens at 10 am. Between Sunday and Thursday, the mall closes at 10 pm, on Friday and Saturday, the mall is open until midnight. You must visit the mall on Monday to get great deals and offers. 

At Outlet Mall in Dubai, Mondays are called “Bargain Mondays” and this is the day that the stores give their best offers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Dubai Outlet Mall?

Dubai Outlet Mall is the ultimate shopping destination to grab a bargain. More than 1,200 premium international brands are available across 240 stores, all loaded with discounts ranging between 30% to 90%.

Are there any entry fees to enter the mall?

There is no entry fees to enter the mall.

Is it worth going to Dubai Outlet Mall?

Outlet Mall in Dubai gives an ultimately extraordinary shopping experience with its vast brand product varieties. It is Worth visiting the Outlet Mall in Dubai.

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