Harsh Weather Issues- Dubai Travel Advisory Amidst Heavy Rainfall

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In the most recent unfortunate news development, Dubai is seen struggling with a new wave of severe weather conditions, pushing authorities to issue a “Dubai Travel Advisory Amidst Heavy Rainfall” as thunderstorms and heavy downpours caused serious disruptions across the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Thursday morning brought intense lightning, powerful winds, and heavy rainfall, signaling worsening conditions across the region. The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) quickly issued amber and orange alerts, indicating the spread of rain-bearing clouds across the UAE.

This new round of bad weather follows severe flooding in April and has disrupted transportation and daily life yet again. Dubai International Airport, known for being one of the busiest for international travelers, experienced multiple disruptions, with several flights being canceled or diverted. Airport authorities reported that at least 13 flights were canceled, and five incoming flights were rerouted overnight. Emirates Airlines and other local carriers advised passengers to monitor their flight status frequently, as conditions were still changing.

Moreover, bus services were disrupted, and the Dubai Metro extended its operating hours to help manage possible traffic delays. Nevertheless, limited service on some metro lines created additional hurdles for commuters. Officials urged residents to take the metro when they could to avoid traffic jams and risks associated with flooded roads.

The Ministry of Interior, prioritizing public safety and reducing the chances of accidents, declared that schools and many workplaces would switch to remote operations on Thursday and Friday. This precautionary measure aimed to reduce traffic congestion and limit exposure to dangerous conditions. Moreover, roads leading to areas prone to flash floods were closed, and residents were advised to avoid high-risk zones, including mountainous, coastal, and desert areas.

Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms also affected maritime activities in Dubai. The Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) announced a temporary halt to operations that involve wooden dhow to ensure the safety of maritime personnel. Strong winds and waterlogging were reported in various parts of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, with abandoned cars and flooded streets further complicating the situation.

Despite the chaos caused by the storm, Dubai International Airport returned to normal operations by Thursday afternoon, with all terminals functioning smoothly. However, the authorities continue to urge caution, as the weather remains unpredictable. Residents are advised to stay informed about travel advisories and safety recommendations, while authorities continue to monitor conditions closely.

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