Mandatory E-passes For Ooty And Kodaikanal Announced By Madras HC

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Visiting cool places during the summer season for a vacation is the best option, in such places Ooty or Kodaikanal acts as a great destination to visit. If you are planning to visit Ooty or Kodaikanal then this article is for you! Especially when you are planning to visit Ooty or Kodaikanal during the busy seasons from May 7 to June 30, 2024, then it is compulsory to have E-Passes For Ooty and Kodaikanal before you plan your trip. 

It has been announced by the Madras High Court and ordered that visitors must have E-Passess for Kodaikanal and Ooty, this rule was made in concern controlling the number of tourists in the city and protecting the environmental pollution in the Nilgiris area.

These rules in Ooty and Kodaikanal were brought from a special group of judges, which included Justices D Bharatha Chakravarthy and N Sathish Kumar brought in the system of E-passes For Ooty And Kodaikanal. They did this to handle the problem of too many tourists in the hill stations. But, they didn’t limit how many e-passes can be given out, and people who live there don’t need them.

The Madras High Court decided to use E-passes for Kodaikanal and Ooty to deal with traffic jams. They want to track how many vehicles are driving on the tricky roads that lead to these places.

After a report showed that more than 20,000 vehicles, including 11,500 cars and 6,500 bikes, flood each day during busy times, the court told District Collectors to set up a website for issuing E-passes for Ooty and Kodaikanal. These passes are a must for getting in, which should help control the number of people coming and ease the traffic jams on busy roads.

One of the most scenic places in India is Ooty in Tamil Nadu, which is also called by a common name known as Udagamandalam. Ooty is a favourite spot for most tourists because of its beautiful scenery, nice weather, and timeless charm that you can enjoy there. People all over the country love to visit this place, which is also often called the “Queen of Hill Stations,” for its natural beauty, offering plenty of opportunities for many adventures that you can try.

Among all the things to see in Ooty, two stand out as places that you love to visit:

  • Ooty Botanical Gardens:

The Ooty Botanical Gardens cover a huge area of 55 acres. They’re like a dream garden full of rare plants, flowers, and trees. These gardens have been around since way back in 1848, making them one of India’s oldest. They show off Ooty’s amazing plant world. Every year, the Ooty Flower Show happens here, drawing people from all over to see its beauty.

  • Ooty Lake:

The Ooty Lake is such a lovely lake which was made by the people back in 1824. It covers a landscape of a big area of about 65 acres and the most beautiful Ooty lake is surrounded by green eucalyptus trees and greenery hills. Ooty Lake is like a calm spot in the middle of a busy town. People can go for relaxed boat rides on the lake, enjoying the beautiful views and peaceful atmosphere.

Other than Ooty The Kodaikanal which is also located in Tamil Nadu is also such a beautiful place that sits exactly in the Western Ghats of Tamil Nadu, which is surrounded by nature’s beauty. Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu is a peaceful place where people go there to relax. The Kodaikanal is famous for its misty mountains, green valleys, and calm lakes which is the main reason to attract more visitors towards it.

Let’s check out two of the must-see places in Kodaikanal:

  • Kodaikanal Lake:

The Kodaikanal Lake is one of the most beautiful lakes which is made by people of Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu and it’s like the heart of the Kodaikanal hill station. It also covers the landscape of an area of about 60 acres and is a calm place to relax and feel refreshed. People can go for gentle boat rides on the peaceful water, enjoying the wide and beautiful views around them.

  • Coaker’s Walk:

The Coaker’s Walk is another attractive place located in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu which is a stunning walkway where you can see amazing views of valleys and greenery hills. It’s named after Lt. Coaker, who built it in the 1800s. This scenic path is over a kilometre long and sits on the southern edge of Kodaikanal, giving you awesome views all around.

Hence, if you’re planning a trip to Ooty or Kodaikanal this summer that is from the month May 7 to June 30, 2024, then do not forget to obtain E-passes For Kodaikanal and Ooty which is necessary to ensure a smooth and enjoyable visit during the peak season over there. These E-passes for Ooty and Kodaikanal not only regulate tourist influx but also contribute to the preservation of the environmental pollution in these scenic hill stations. 

So, get ready to explore the natural wonders and the most scenic landscapes of Ooty and Kodaikanal while enjoying a hassle-free experience by obtaining your e-passes.

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