Sikkim’s Sangla Phu Opens For Tourists For The First Time

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Here’s some amazing and exciting news for travellers planning to Sikkim, Sangla Phu Lake is now open for tourists. Sikkim’s Sangla Phu which was inaccessible to tourists was opened on 30 April. So for the travellers planning, Sikkim’s Sangla Phu Opens a new opportunity to explore the beauty of Sikkim.

The high-altitude Sangla Phu Lake which is located in the Mangan district is now open for tourists for the first time. Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, the lake is situated at an altitude of 5080m (16,670ft), just 5 km from Yumesamdong, near Lachung.

The lake was opened on 30 April 2024 with a prayer conducted by the monks of Samten Choling Monastery in Lachung Town. 

But wait, if you’re also planning your visit to Sikkim, then there are a few things you must know before your visit. After Sikkim’s Sangla Phu Opens, all the tourists are advised not to do any un-environment-friendly pursuits, even not to bring any kinds of plastics or tetra packs. There’s no doubt that the lake will leave you mesmerised by its beauty, but it’s essential to take care of the holiness and heritage of the both, lake and the town. 

Yes, apart from being a soothing view for the eyes, Sikkim’s Sangla Phu is a heritage site for its people and has great religious significance. Sikkim’s Sangla Phu holds deep religious importance, primarily due to its connection with Buddhism. 

This sacred site is believed to have spiritual energy and is hence regarded as a place for enlightenment and meditation. Sangla Phu is also home to ancient monasteries and meditation caves where ancient Buddhist practitioners used to meditate. So, because of these religious reasons, spitting or any type of littering is not allowed in the surrounding area, so those who are seen overstepping these rules will have to face strict actions.

For now, only 4×4 vehicles are allowed and advised to visit the lake because of the snow. But, eventually, when the snow melts, it will be accessible to all types of vehicles. 

As Sikkim’s Sangla Phu Opens, responsible tourism and cultural preservation should be the first priority for travellers visiting Sangla Phu. Undoubtedly, visiting Sangla Phu and the iconic Sangla Phu Lake is going to be a truly memorable experience, but it’s crucial to keep a wonder as a wonder. 

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