Finland To Test Digital Passports For Hassle-Free Travel

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Finland has officially become the first European country to test digital passports, making travel hassle-free. Not only will this initiative save time, but it will also make international travel easier by saving the passengers from standing in long queues. 

The nation has launched its first Digital Travel Credentials, also known as the DTC. The scheme has taken place in Helsinki in collaboration with Finn Air, Finavia, and Finnish Police. 

Currently, the scheme is only for the people of Finland and for flights to London, Manchester and Edinburgh. 

Besides Finland, other countries testing the method are Croatia and Zagreb.

Finss who wish to volunteer can download an app and register with the Finnish Police. They can book their appointment at the Vantaa station which is close to Helsinki airport. They must also carry a copy of their passport and a consent form. 

The volunteers’ photos will be taken and the DTC can be used on their flights from Helsinki to the UK or on direct Fin Air flights to Helsinki.

These DTCs will allow fast border crossing without compromising security. 

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