Dubai’s First Underwater Resort For An Under Sea Delight

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Dream City Dubai never leaves you without sweeping the ground off your feet, and similarly, Dubai’s First Underwater Resort has left everyone in awe. It is the first underwater resort that will give you a feel of Venetian luxury, and that will be just one Dubai Trip Package away.

Till now, Dubai has been boating of marvellous architecture, stunning skyscrapers, being home to the largest mall in the world, and being the most cosmopolitan and luxury dripping city in the world. Dubai does not fail to surprise us, no matter what. With another mind-boggling idea, the town of Dubai is going to have an absolutely fantastic underwater resort and will definitely make you want to book your next trip to Dubai and cancel any other plans that you might have had till now. 

Dubai’s First Underwater Resort, once completed, is going to be the best Dubai the world has ever seen, which means that your Dubai trip in the coming years will be more exciting than ever. 

Fiji and Maldives already give underwater experiences, but this underwater resort in Dubai will be one of a kind. 

This underwater resort will be known as The Floating Venice and will definitely attract more tourists in Dubai, everywhere.

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The Floating Venice Experience

Image Source : Tripadvisor

Dubai’s First Underwater Resort will be based on a Venetian theme, hence the name The Floating Venice. 

It will be at a secluded place, away from mainland Dubai, to have a luxurious getaway. You will be ferried to your underwater rooms through gondolas through streams. To reach the resort, you have to take a seaplane, a helicopter, or a boat. 

The resort will be under and above the water, so you can choose whether you want to stay. How cool would it be to stay at an underwater resort? 

This underwater resort is going to have everything you can imagine, from saloons to gaming zones, sunken spas, shops, and pools, and will be able to accommodate approximately 3000 guests in one go. 

The underwater spa in The Floating Venice is going to be the first underwater spa in the world. 

From your room, you can have breathtaking views of the reefs and water from the glasses of your room. 

For people who like to explore various cultures, the good news is that you can have a taste of Venetian culture and arts since it is based around the Venetian theme, so everything here is going to give you a Venetian touch. Events such as Biennale di Venezia, Carnival di Venezia will be organised at this magical dreamland. 

This luxurious underwater resort may look like the best place to go with your spouse but it is will also be very cool if you stay here with your friends and your family. The experience will leave you speechless and will be one of a kind; since the world hasn’t seen anything like this before, you can guess how cool Dubai’s first underwater resort would be.

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Environmental Impact Of Dubai’s First Underwater Resort

Image Source : ArchDaily

Now one might want to ask what are the environmental impacts of Dubai’s First Underwater Resort, and will it be negative or positive. Nature lovers usually have this question, which is quite valid, and should be kept in mind, especially when a new project has been taken over. 

However, the group Kleindienst, which is the group that is the brains behind this masterpiece of a project, will plant and grow 400,000 square feet of corals to make sure that Dubai has a flourishing marine ecosystem. This initiative is quite a good one and it’s a way to give back to nature since we take so much from it. 

Dubai’s First Underwater Resort will be another marvellous attraction that will draw tourists worldwide, and will definitely be worth spending every penny. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai’s First Underwater Resort

1. Is Dubai's first underwater resort open to the public?

No, as of now the the underwater resort in Dubai is not open to the public yet, it is still under construction, it was expected to be completed in 2020, but since the pandemic slowed everything down, this too was on a halt, and thus the underwater resort has been completed yet. However once completed, the public will be able to be a part of this magical land and experience the ultimate luxury there could be. 

2. What can guests expect at the underwater resort in Dubai?

This underwater resort will have everything at your disposal, and the guests can expect shops, underwater spa, restaurants, bars, drool worthy food, and almost everything you can imagine you will find at the underwater resort. 

3. How is the safety ensured at the underwater resort?

When it comes to safety, Dubai makes sure that the environment created and the underwater resort is absolutely safe for the guests. World’s most skilled engineers, and workers have been working day and night to build this magical resort to ensure utmost safety. 

4. What underwater activities are available for guests at the resort?

Underwater activities such as scuba diving, and deep sea diving will be available, however more activities may open up as the resort opens for the public. We will know more about the resort, including its prices, the number of restaurants, bars, and the price of staying here. How everything will be executed is still under discussion, and soon it would be open to the public  and the guests will be able to enjoy this luxury resort in Dubai. 

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