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Renowned as a beach destination, in the world over, Bali is famous for its stunning sunsets, magnificent waves and shores, a happening party central and a place to just relax and unwind. What still remains as mainly a local activity is fishing in Bali. With spectacular underwater coral reefs teeming with exotic marine life, Bali is blessed with numerous species of fish. The marine life is rich and abundant here, which makes fishing an incredible activity. If you are exhausted with endless excursions and sun bathing and want to try other things to do in Bali, then just hop onto a ‘jukung’ -Bali’s traditional boat and venture into the Indian ocean to grab your meal just like the local Balinese fishermen.

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Fishing in Bali: A complete guide 2024


Bali is in the coral triangle, meaning it has the most diverse marine ecosystem in the world. That makes it the ideal home to nearly a thousand species of reef fish. On top of that, all sorts of pelagics swim past Bali’s shores throughout the year. From Clownfish to Billfish, you can find almost everything here if you have enough patience.

Also, depending on the time of year, you can get really lucky and catch some really tasty fish like mackerel or mahi-mahi for instance. Mackerel live in Balinese waters all year round, while mahi-mahi are only present in these waters from the months of April to July.

So if you are wondering what will your catch be in your next Bali fishing expedition, here is the list

  • Giant Trevally
  • Tuna
  • Snapper
  • Mahi Mahi
  • Barracuda
  • Wahoo

 The vast stretch of the Indian Ocean around Bali provides enough opportunity for a good catch any time of the year and you will not be disappointed.Thanks to all the reefs around the island, Bali is a great place for beginners to hook their first fish. But if you travel slightly further offshore, there’s plenty to entice more experienced sport fishers, too. Whether you’re looking for a couple of hours respite from the crowds on the beaches or you’re coming here specifically to fish, here’s what to expect

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Bali Fishing Charters


The easiest way is to charter a boat and head out into deeper waters. Bali fishing charters often use traditional jukung boats, which are tailor-made for the local seas. These small wooden vessels provide a smooth ride over Bali’s famous surf – but they’re fairly basic. Expect to get wet in choppy conditions, and bring plenty of sunscreen! 

More conventional modern boats are also an option, providing a little less local flavor but a lot more comfort. 

Sea fishing can be divided into different types:

  • Deep-sea Fishing
  • Night Fishing
  • Coral Fishing

Deep-sea fishing (trolling)


Deep Sea Fishing takes place with the help of a special short spinning, on which you can catch fish weighing about 150 kg. The catch can consist of different types of tuna (yellowfin, bluefin, big eyed) mahi-mahi, barracuda, blue marlin. When fishing they use squid, spinners or artificial bait in size from 10 to 20 cms.

The fishing line is released overboard at a distance of 25-50 mts, using several gears for different depths. The boat does not stop moving and floats at a slow speed. Your task is to carefully monitor the gear and wait for the bait.

Remember that the boat will always be on the waves, so if you have motion sickness, it is better to choose a different type of fishing. 

Coral Fishing


Coral Fishing is practised in coastal areas where coral reefs are found in Bali. The catch here will not be so big, just  palm-sized fish. Usually coral trout, parrot fish, surgeonfish, snapper, butterfly fish and grouper are mostly caught in the coral reefs.

The boat drifts quietly on lazy coastal waves or is anchored. Coral or reef fishing allows you to simultaneously relax and enjoy both fishing and soaking in the whole experience.

Night Fishing


Night fishing is exactly what it sounds like. It is any type of angling that involves casting a line when the sun has set. There’s a whole variety of techniques you can use, it can take place from a boat or on foot and you can target fresh, brackish, and saltwater species.

So what sets night fishing apart from casting a line during the day? Well, plenty of species feed freely in low light conditions during the nighttime. This means that there’s a lot of activity beneath the water. Because you’re targeting a lot of fish at their preferred feeding time, the angling action is usually top-notch.

Fishing during the night also requires slightly more skill than daytime fishing, so there are plenty of bragging rights to be earned. Don’t worry if you’re a novice, though – anyone can go night fishing. All you need to know is where you can go, what you should bring, and what you can target.

Lake Fishing


In contrast to sea fishing, for lake fishing you will have to go to the forest. Mangrove forests on the island are filled with lakes and rivers. This type of fishing is cheaper and more affordable for tourists. Basically, freshwater fish lovers go to two large reservoirs – Beratan and Batur Lakes. Fishing takes place here at any time of the year. In resort areas there are special artificial ponds where you can catch catfish, gurami or lilac fish.

An elongated fishing rod is used for fishing. You can fish from the shore or aboard a small fishing boat.

Locals, however, prefer sea fish, so lake species are rarely found in markets.

Returning to the shore, from sea or lake fishing, you will most likely be given the opportunity to fry the caught fish in the nearest restaurant or cafe and immediately enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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Where should you go Fishing In Bali?

There is, quite literally, no bad place for fishing in Bali. While most anglers take a boat from the Southern End of Bali because most holidays take place on the Southern End of the island. Jimbaran Bay in the south is particularly a popular shore for fishing spots.

In fact you can go fishing anywhere and the North of Bali has the FADs set up for this purpose and the Bali Strait (which lies to the East of Bali is the perfect place for anglers to take a boat and test the waters).Gilimanuk Harbor in the east of the Island is also quite.

The Nusa Islands


One of our top choices for a place to enjoy a fishing trip and, perhaps, a private fishing charter would be the waters around the Nusa Islands (Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and Nusa Penida).

The limestone cliffs and white sand beaches of this area look awesome from the sea and make for amazing photographs. It’s a great place for drone photography too (check out the Drone Laws in Bali before you fly). 

The area is also great for finding the biggest Giant Trevally specimens and you can find some really interesting and challenging hard-fighting species here too.

It’s also good for Mahi Mahi at the right time of year and if you want to meet some exciting marine life, you can go swimming with manta rays on a trip here too.

The Lombok Strait


Lombok is a neighbouring Island in Bali and the Lombok Strait is where the water is funnelled between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.

It’s a challenging place for a charter boat because the water is choppy and rough but it’s a brilliant place to go for game fishing.

If you want your fishing trip to end with the deck stacked up with the tastiest catch possible, then you’re going to want to risk the Lombok Strait.

Typically, you’re going to get some tuna and wahoo, plus plenty of other species.



Amed is a fishing village area in Bali and it is one of the finest places to go fishing here.

In fact, thanks to the care and effort put in to build some amazing FADs in Amed’s waters, you will find a ton of great game fishing in this area.

We’d also note that Amed is a bit further off the beaten path than most tourists like to go, which means fishing here tends to be a bit cheaper than it is in the South of Bali.

Anglers seeking a great deal on a fishing charter in Bali are unlikely to be disappointed with a trip to Amed.

Where Is The Best Sea Fishing In Bali?

South of Bali, Gilimanuk Harbour and The Nusa Islands are some destinations for Best Sea Fishing in Bali

What Are The Best Months For Deep Sea Fishing?

You can fish in Bali all year round, but July to November is when you’ll catch the highest number of fish. If we were to choose a single month to fish in Bali, we’d go with October.

Does Bali Have Good Fishing?

Yes, Although not quite known as other water activities in Bali, fishing in bali can be pretty good because if its rich marine biodiversity in the reefs and waters of Bali

How To Book A Bali Fishing Holiday Or Fishing Charters In Bali?

You can get in touch with your hotel concierge or book through any travel planners conducting such fishing tours

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