Vastrapur Lake: Sherd Of Narmada In The Heart Of Ahmedabad

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Ahmedabad is located near the banks of the Sabarmati River 25 km from the capital city of Gujarat. Being the former capital of Gujarat Ahmedabad is one endowed with cultural richness and heritage. The old Ahmedabad is declared as India’s first UNESCO World Heritage City.

One of the most beautiful places in this city is Ahmedabad Vastrapur Lake. The Vastrapur Lake is located in the western part of Ahmedabad. Vastrapur Lake in Ahmedabad is surrounded by a lush green garden and the riverside is embellished with various stones.

The round pathway is built for health enthusiasts to jog and work out. A small outing at Vastrapur Lake in Ahmedabad with children on one of the weekends is a must-try place. Also, the Vastrapur Lake ticket price is 0 so you can enjoy the Lake view for free.

History Of Vastrapur Lake

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Vastrapur Lake was built in 2002 by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) which was later renamed ‘Bhakt Kavi Narsinh Mehta Sarovar’. Kavi Narsinh Mehta also known as Narsinh Bhagatwas, a poet and a saint born in Gujarat in the 15th century. 

Later in 2016, the lake dried up due to the excessive heat and lack of adequate rainfall in the year. Then the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation decided to fill the lake with Narmada’s river water. 

Places To Visit Near Vastrapur Lake

1. Kalyan Pushti Haveli


Kalyan Pushti haveli is around 1 Km from Ahmedabad Vastrapur Lake. It is the temple of Shreenathji in the form of Lord Krishna. This huge temple is the house of a 7-year-old infant incarnation of Krishna. The most amazing part of visiting this temple is the mini Govardhan Hill.

2. Nexus Ahmedabad One

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Nexus Ahmedabad One is a Mall and is 0.5 km from the Ahmedabad Vastrapur Lake. The mall is a great place to hang out after you have been to Vastrapur Lake. During Christmas time the mall is decorated with lights and other decors.

3. Sabarmati River Front


Sabarmati River Front is around 7.2 km far from Ahmedabad Vastrapur Lake. Trees surround the Riverfront. The riverfront is also famous for its flower show which happens every year.

4. Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum

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Lalbhai Dalpatbhai Museum also known as L D Museum is 2.6 km from Vastrapur Lake. The museum is famous for its ancient and medieval Indian art. The museum has a collection of various stone, marble, bronze, and woodcarving and 75,000 Jain manuscripts. The museum is spread across 9 galleries.

5. Ahmedabad Ni Gufa


Ahmedabad Ni Gufa is around 3 km from Vastarapur. It is an underground art gallery in Ahmedabad. The cave roof is made of many interconnected domes. The dome’s architect is BV Doshi.

6. Adventure Park


Adventure Park is just 400 m from Vastrapur Lake. Being a kid’s park it has many rides for kids. Parents can come here after spending their leisure time at Vastrapur Lake. 

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Hotels Near Vastrapur Lake

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Being in one of the posh areas there are many hotels near Vastrapur Lake. Following are some of the suggestions for the same – 

  1. Treebo Trwnd Tribecca Inn
  2. Hyatt Ahmedabad
  3. SM PG Service
  4. Hotel Shital Inn
  5. Hotel A1 Vastrapur
  6. Hotel Pratham Inn

Restaurants Near Vastrapur Lake


There are many restaurants near Vastrapur Lake. Following are some of the delicacies you can try –

  • Maruti Gujarati Thali

The combination of Gujarathi and Rajasthani delicacy is a part of this restaurant. They serve authentic Gujarati and Rajasthani food. It is famous for its Thail. 

  • Jassi De Parathe

A Punjabi delicacy near Vastarpur Lake, Jassi De Parathe serves authentic Punjabi dishes. Their bestseller dishes are Daal makhni, Patiyala Lassi, and Rajma Chawal. 

  • Kesar Foods

Kesar Food is another restaurant near Vastrapur Lake. It serves a variety of dishes including Parathas, Pasta, Noodles, etc. 

  • Tamil Pasanga Cafe

This Authentic South Indian delicacy offers many South Indian dishes including some of the bestsellers like Podi Idli, Kara Pongal, Filter Coffee, Tamil Nadu Dishes Mini Thali, etc. 

  • City Samosa

City Samosa is one of the fast food restaurants. It is famous for its samosas and Tea. The restaurant is well-known among the locals and has expertise in Samosa and Tea.  

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The Best Time To Visit Vastrapur Lake


Located in Ahmedabad Vasatarpur Lake is a popular destination for tourists. Although you can visit Vastrapur Lake any time of the year, the best time to visit Vistrapur Lake is November to February during the winter season. During this time the sun is not harsh and the weather is comparatively pleasant. 

You can also experience many cultural festivals during this time. Uttarayan or Kite Festival in January is celebrated with huge pomp and grandeur.  

Vastrapur Lake Timings

Vastraputur Lake timing is from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. The lake is open on all days.

Vastrapur Lake Ticket Price

There is no ticket fee to enjoy the view of this mesmerizing lake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which zone is Vastrapur in?

Vastrapur is in the west zone of Ahmedabad.

Is Vastrapur a good place to live?

Yes. Vastrapur is one of the best places to live in Ahmedabad.

Which is the cheapest area in Ahmedabad?

Some of the cheapest areas in Ahmedabad are – South Bopal, Gota, Satellite City, Chandkheda, Thaltej, and Maninagar.

Is Vastrapur a posh area?

Yes. Vastrapur is the most posh area in Ahmedabad.

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