Explore the top 15 offbeat places to visit in Chandigarh: Chandigarh’s hidden beauty

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Chandigarh, one of the renowned cities in India, is known for its luxurious cafes, resorts, and marvelous architectural buildings, thanks to Mr. Le Cobusieur “the famous French architect”, who strategically planned the layout of this ultimate marvel. This capital city of Punjab and Haryana is rich in amazing Floras and Chandigarh with an abundance of parks and gardens. 

However, Apart from the most famous attractions and best places to visit in Chandigarh like Sukhna Lake, Sector 17Market, Elante Mall, The Rockgarden and many more, there lies a treasure trove of off beat places in Chandigarh that are not yet discovered by the travel enthusiast or which are very less known, but are gems to Chandigarh that offer a unique glimpse into the city’s diverse cultural tapestry.

So travelers, get ready to know some of the unexplored and less known but amazing and off beat places in Chandigarh and surrounding reasons each with their own distinct charm and specialty from quirky museums to an unexplored art gallery, Chandigarh still got you covered with some amazing gems just to make your day worth traveling in Chandigarh, these offbeat destinations will inspire you to venture off the beaten path and uncover the city’s true essence.

Offbeat Places in Chandigarh 

  1. ChandigarhMuseum of future design 
  2. Cactus Garden 
  3. Chandigarh Craft Museum
  4. Pijore Gardens 
  5. Terrace gardens 
  6. Chandigarh Bird park
  7. Chandigarh Dolls Museum
  8. Nana Saheb Gurudwara
  9. Morni Hills 
  10. Timber trail
  11. Pinjaur Fort Venture 
  12. Butterfly Park 
  13. Nepli forest 
  14. Mango Orchard 
  15. Pipliwala Town

1. Chandigarh Museum of Furniture Design

Image Source : Phantom Hands

Hey, if you have already been to Chandigarh, you must have an idea of how fascinating this place is and certainly have an Idea about the plans for its overall growth and development, well, this place is just a part of Chandigarh’s overall development. If you looking for a unique and fascinating experience in Chandigarh? Here you go, Chandigarh Museum of Furniture Design got everything to be considered as the most prominent and off-beat places in Chandigarh, this museum happily celebrates and are proud of he city’s rich heritage. 

Once you reach here, you are surely going to be mesmerized by the intricate art and architecture of the buildings as well as how it is designed, not only this but you will also learn about the innovative techniques and materials which were used in the creation of this beautiful lesser known place, the museum offers an amazingly unique opportunity to get some insights of the history and evolution of Chandigarh’s iconic furniture design.

2. Cactus Garden


You certainly might have been to a rose garden and have seen thousands of varieties of this beautiful flower, Now it is time to get a closer look at one of the best plants for your friends, you can gift this plant to those who irritate you, well, not really, but one thing is sure, you will enjoy exploring this fascinating place named Cactus garden. 

This place is the house of 4,000 different varieties and species of cactus. Apart from this, it is a must-visit off beat places in Chandigarh as which is situated in the sprawling Leisure Valley. All you need to do is just stroll along the pathways and witness some amazing cactus plants of varies shapes and sizes with different colors, This place is not only for those who are fond of plants and different floras, But also is the best place to learn about the unique adaptations and cultivation of these drought-resistant plants.

3. Chandigarh Crafts Museum


You certainly have heard about India being rich in Handicrafts and intricate pottery models, well If you want to witness it in real life, Wait no more and visit this Craft Museum located in Sector 10 Gardens, this museum being one of the most explored off beat places in Chandigarh is a hidden gem that celebrates the rich cultural heritage of the region. 

Want to know what all this museum consists of, well, the words in this blog will not really justify the level of beauty and charm this place beholds but just for the sake of your knowledge, The museum’s collection features a stunning range of traditional crafts, including amazing designs of textiles, pottery, metalwork, and woodcarvings, all of which are made with one aim in the mind which is to showcase the artistic tradition of the rich heritage of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. 

If you are truly a visitor and consider yourself a true wanderer than this place should be there in your things-to-do list in Chandigarh, so wait no more, visit this place and support the local artisans by buying someof the intricate designs.

4. Pinjore Gardens


If we talk about off beat paces near Chandigarh, then this place deserves to be listed in the top 10 places of the list,  Not very far away, but just a short drive from Chandigarh, the Pinjore Gardens, also known as the Yadavindra Gardens, There’s always a reason behind making up to any top 10listand the reason behind adding Pinjore gardens is the time this place has spent in this beautiful city, the place which has seen thousands of innovation the city is a historic garden, dating back to the 17th century, were once the Mughal emperors used to spend their leisure time in summers. 

But today decades later, this place has become one of the offbeat places in Chandigarh for tourists, a perfect place, and the best photography spots in Chandigarh, you can enjoy capturing the best part is you can stroll along the pathways while admiring the infamous Shivalik mountain ranges in the backdrop of Pinjore garden.

5. Terrace Garden


This strategically located off beat place in Chandigarh perched right on the top of Capitol Complex, is just a place that is perfect for the Instagram you, If you’re looking for a unique picture-perfect point and looking for a place to appreciate the architectural brilliance of Chandigarh. Being on the top of this architectural marvel “ the Capitol Complex “ it provides a decently amazing view of interconnected gardens with a picture-perfect view of iconic buildings surrounded by the Shivalik Hills. The terrace garden is a perfect example of modern design where you can enjoy the serene views of the landscapes and enjoy the peace the place has maintained.

6. Chandigarh Bird Park


Hello bird enthusiast, well the studies show that, if you are fond of the art of nature and a travel enthusiast, then you are someone who admires the sweet chirping of birds and are a good follower of knowing more about them, well, if it’s true than you should certainly visit this Bird Park in Sector 21 being one of the most lesser known and off beat places in Chandigarh, it is just a lush green park with a lot of different species of bird, where you can witness the sight of colorful peacocks, parrots, and various waterfowl species. A small tip: do visit this place so as to see and compare their way of living and activities of their lives which are somewhat as similar to a human.

7. Chandigarh Dolls Museum


One of the best places to visit in one day in Chandigarh is now losing interest in people’s minds because of the daily hustle and bustle in their life, forgetting about the old days when they used to play with Cinderella and other collections, the Chandigarh Dolls Museum is an exceptional and one of the most unique museums in the whole of India, that showcases the large variety of dolls from around the world. 

Be aware of Anabelle though, the dolls which are displayed, not only shows the different designs and the huge collections but also shows the incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail, ranging from traditional Indian Kathputli puppets to porcelain figurines from Europe. This museum is not only a museum but also a workshop where people can get a deep insight into the history of dolls in various societies.

8. Nada Sahib Gurudwara


Gurudwaras has always been a place where you can sense the incredible level of peace and calmness, a place where you can forget about your daily life hustle and bustle and get a chance to focus on your inner self, this power that this majestic place beholds is known by very few people and thus counts under the off beat places located nearby Chandigarh, the most striking fact of this gurudwara “ the Nada Sahib Gurudwara” is that it is believed to have been visited by the tenth Sikh Guru, Guru Gobind Singh, in the 17th century. 

What visitors can explore here besides peace and a sense of happiness within? Visitors can explore the ornate temple, and the marvelous architecture and can also participate in the daily prayers and community kitchen (langar) activities, which is known to be the most sacred acts in human life.

9. Morni Hills


Not one of the off-beat places in Chandigarh but near Chandigarh, just a short distance from Chandigarh, and you’ll discover the fascinating Morni Hills, which is basically a picture-perfect hill station, this hidden natural gem has some amazingly natural beauty which might amaze you with its charm, the things like lush forests, serene lakes, and panoramic view of the Shivalik range. 

Visitors can enjoy the scenic hikes, and the ancient Morni Fort, and can get a chance to capture a diverse range of flora and fauna, including the dazzling Himalayan black bear. Apart from all the thrilling and adventurous activities in Chandigarh’s Morni hills, you can experience the rich cultural heritage, with traditional villages and historic temples dotting the landscape. For nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers, this offbeat destination is a true hidden treasure.

10. Timber Trail

Image Source : HelloTravel

Here comes one of the most exciting places but off-beat places in Chandigarh. Situated in the Shivalik Hills, just a few kilometers away from Chandigarh  Nestled in the Shivalik foothills, just a stone’s throw from Chandigarh, the Timber Trail is a great place for adrenaline junkies and nature enthusiasts, that offers a range of outdoor activities like ziplines and rope courses to rock climbing and hiking trails. This place is built for those friends who really want to make good and thrilling memories with each other, This place has amazing resort facilities in Chandigarh, where guests can relax and soak in the stunning views.

11. Pinjaur Fort Venture

Image Source : Incredible India

How can this 17th-century architectural marvel which was made for the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb not fascinate you with its old and authenticate architectural design, this Fort is the perfect example of rich culture where you can explore the intricate architecture, including ornate gateways, picture-perfect courtyards, and impressive bastions. The fort also offers panoramic views of the surrounding Shivalik hills, which provides you a serene backdrop of Shivalik Hills. For history enthusiasts and those seeking a some look through into Chandigarh’s past, the Pinjaur Fort is a must-visit off beat place in Chandigarh.

12. Butterfly Park


The infamous Sukhna Lake’s charm is so majestic that it makes the nearby places less charming. Yet this beautifully designed with a great concept, Butterfly parkis just a bliss for those who live in Chandigarh, for the visitors, it has become an off beat place to visit in Chandigarh because of many other attractions in Chandigarh.

Yet the charm is Located near the famous Sukhna Lake, the Butterfly Park is a unique attraction in Chandigarh. Spread across 8 acres, you will be amazed to know that this place is home of 50 different species of beautiful featured butterflies. The park is specially designed for butterflies with a variety of nectar-rich flowering plants, water bodies, and host plants. Visitors can surely enjoy a nice stroll along the pathways and watch these colorful insects in their natural environment.

13. Nepli Forest


The forest filled with adventure and thrill, Nepli Forest, situated on the outskirts of Chandigarh, is a place that is waiting to be explored, this off beat place in Chandigarh, is home to a vast range of amazing floras and wild faunas including antelopes, foxes, and migratory birds. Apart from this, if you want to experience the feeling of getting lost in dense vegetation and surrounded by lush greenery where you can feel immense peace, this forest can help you out with all of that, apart from all the wildlife sightings.

 Visitors also can use this place as a picnic spot, where you can find a small temple, so it’s good for you, at least you can be dependent on god for your life. it is a popular destination among local residents and nature enthusiasts. So, if you want to experience some wild side of Chandigarh, you are more than welcome in Chandigarh’s Nepli forest.

14. Mango Orchard

Image Source : Weddingz

Attention all visitors to Chandigarh! If you haven’t already discovered Sector 52, you are missing out on an absolute treasure – the Mango Orchard. Mango lovers, got to visit this place, no matter how far you live, this lush green paradise of mango trees is fill of delicious and different species of mangoes, you just simply can’t miss plucking the fresh and juicy mangoes straight from the trees. Visiting this place is not just a place to vist, its an experience to admire, the odorous smell, the delicious taste, the experience, everything is just adorable. Not only this, but you can walk along the pathways while admiring the atmosphere out there.

15. Pipliwala Town

Image Source : Mappls

Pipliwala Town is not an off-beat place in Chandigarh but is an exceptional neighborhood in Chandigarh that boasts of the city’s rich cultural heritage. This area has the vibes of old town with a glimpse of modern architecture and narrow streets, you will find a vibrant local community that is deeply rooted in Punjabi traditions. Everything you have experienced in Chandigarh, if you want to see under one roof, just give yourself a visit this beautiful town, from the bustling markets, and traditional eateries, to small shops selling local handicrafts and textiles, Pipliwala Town offers a unique cultural experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

Unique attractions in Chandigarh?

Unique attractions in Chandigarh include the Chandigarh Museum of Furniture Design, which celebrates the city’s rich heritage of furniture design, the Cactus Garden with its extensive collection of cacti species, the Chandigarh Crafts Museum showcasing traditional crafts of the region, the historic Pinjore Gardens offering a glimpse into Mughal-era architecture, the Terrace Garden providing panoramic views of the city, Chandigarh Bird Park for birdwatching enthusiasts, Chandigarh Dolls Museum displaying a variety of dolls from around the world, Nada Sahib Gurudwara for spiritual seekers, Morni Hills and Timber Trail for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, and Pinjaur Fort for history buffs. These attractions highlight the diverse cultural, natural, and historical heritage of Chandigarh, making it a unique destination for travelers.

Off the beaten path destinations in Chandigarh?

Off the beaten path destinations in Chandigarh include lesser-known attractions such as the Chandigarh Museum of Furniture Design, Nepli Forest, Mango Orchard in Sector 52, Pipliwala Town, and Timber Trail. These destinations offer unique experiences away from the typical tourist spots, allowing travelers to explore Chandigarh’s hidden gems and discover its diverse cultural tapestry.

Secluded beaches to visit in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh, being an inland city, does not have any secluded beaches to visit. However, it offers plenty of other natural attractions such as parks, gardens, hills, and forests where visitors can immerse themselves in nature and enjoy outdoor activities.

Eco-friendly initiatives in Chandigarh?

Chandigarh has several eco-friendly initiatives aimed at preserving its natural environment. While the specific initiatives may vary, some examples include maintaining green spaces such as parks, gardens, and forests like Nepli Forest, promoting sustainable tourism practices at eco-friendly attractions like the Cactus Garden and Pinjore Gardens, and supporting local artisans and craftsmen who use eco-friendly materials and techniques at places like the Chandigarh Crafts Museum. Additionally, efforts to conserve wildlife habitats, such as bird sanctuaries like Chandigarh Bird Park, contribute to eco-friendly initiatives in the city.

Best offbeat activities in Chandigarh?

The best offbeat activities in Chandigarh include visiting the Chandigarh Museum of Furniture Design, exploring the Cactus Garden in Leisure Valley, discovering traditional crafts at the Chandigarh Crafts Museum, strolling through the historic Pinjore Gardens, enjoying the panoramic views from the Terrace Garden atop the Capitol Complex, birdwatching at Chandigarh Bird Park, exploring the unique collection at the Chandigarh Dolls Museum, experiencing peace at Nada Sahib Gurudwara, venturing into nature at Morni Hills and Timber Trail, and admiring the architectural marvel of Pinjaur Fort. These activities offer a diverse range of experiences beyond the usual tourist attractions, providing travelers with a deeper insight into Chandigarh’s culture, heritage, and natural beauty.

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