Law Garden Night Market Ahmedabad: A Bustling Street Fair!

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Have you ever visited Ahmedabad? If not, you’re missing out on a destination that seamlessly combines traditional culture with modern flair. From historical treasures to local shopping delights, Ahmedabad is among the top places to visit in Gujarat.

Not only for travel enthusiasts, but Ahmedabad also favours shopping fanatics to enjoy a diverse range of offerings, especially at places like Law Garden Night Market. Here the visitors can have access to an array of shopping options to buy jewelry, arts and crafts, paintings, decor items, clothing, and much more. 

They can also enjoy the culinary street food options available all across the law garden road. So, let’s learn more about Law Garden Night Market, Its timings, what to purchase, and tips to easily shop at this local market!

About Law Garden Night Market Ahmedabad

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Law Garden Night Market in Ahmedabad is a lively cultural street shopping hub that comes alive right after the sunset. This market will be set across the Law Garden side walls also known as Seth Motilal Hirabhai Park developed in 1997.

Not only does this informal market help its visitors to immerse in the rich heritage but also allows everyone to have diversified culinary options. The setup starts from the early morning itself catering to the morning deeds of street food and then some regular stalls will start in the morning too and operate till night.

The market offers a diverse range of products like handcrafts, jewellery, clothes, decor items, food, groceries, etc. The convivial atmosphere fosters a sense of camaraderie, inviting everyone to partake in the festivities and explore the myriad of shopping and dining options available. As evening descends, the market truly comes alive with live performances by local folk artists and musicians, adding a captivating dimension to your stroll.

Whether you’re seeking unique treasures, delectable treats, or simply soaking in the vibrant ambience, the Law Garden Night Market promises an unforgettable experience for all who wander its lively lanes.

Where Is Law Garden Market Located?

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Law Garden market is located on Ellis Bridge Road in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. This local market lies on the street walls of the park which turned out to be a popular evening destination for all for its diversified options and budget-friendly price tags. With the development of this night market’s lane, other adjacent areas like Parimal Garden Cross Road and Law College Road, further enrich their appeal.

How To Reach Law Garden Night Market Ahmedabad ?

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Law Garden Night Market Ahmedabad is conveniently located at the city’s one of the busiest places. The park street walls enjoy proximity to key areas like Ellis Bridge, Navrangpura, and also Paldi. Visitors can reach this prime place easily via car, public transport, or even a metro. Public transport takes you 10-50 rupees to reach from the city centre bus stand and the metro costs you 15 rupees.

Ahmedabad Law Garden Night Market Timings

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Law Garden Night Market Ahmedabad usually operates throughout the week including holidays. Its operating times are between 7:00 AM to Midnight 12:00 AM. It is mostly active in the hours of evening 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM.

It may take more than an hour to involve in a leisure stroll so plan your visit accordingly. Law Garden Market timings and availability might change with reasons like campaigns, local events, and construction activities. Do check the availability before leaving for this place.

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Law Garden Night Market Entry Fee

As it is a street shopping space, the Law Garden Night Market entry fee is absolutely free. You will only need to pay for what you eat and buy. Parking for four-wheelers will cost you around 20 rupees per hour and 10 rupees for two-wheelers.

Things To Buy At Law Garden Night Market Ahmedabad


Here are a few things that you need to have a glance at the time you visit Ahmedabad Law Garden Night Market.

  1. Gujarathi Handcrafts: Try indigenous handcrafted items that showcase Gujarat’s rich cultural touch
  2. Bandhani Sarees: These sarees come with tie-dye patterns in vibrant colours
  3. Embroidery Fabrics: Try embroidery fabrics that are handmade with definitive styling art
  4. Mirror Work Items: Check artisanal pieces decorated with beautiful mirrors to make them aesthetically appealing. 
  5. Silver Jewelry: Silver jewellery comes here with varied options at very reasonable prices
  6. Oxidized Metal Jewelry: This jewellery item is not only unique but also comes with a shining metal finish which is hard to find in all places
  7. ​Wooden Artifacts: You can find hand-crafted wooden articrafts that show the prowess of local artisans.
  8. Beaded Necklaces: This simple yet cheaper jewellery is a most sought-after item in the law garden night market.
  9. Quilted Table Tops: Tables that can add functional and traditional value to your home decor.
  10. Chaniya Cholis: It is a traditional Gujarathi outfit having a flared skirt and a designed top.
  11. Colorful Dupattas: These are seasonal dupattas and scarves to enhance your appeal with pleasing colours and designs.
  12. Kurti Tops: You can find elegant kuthi tops with different designs and price ranges.
  13. Antique Wall Hangings: These finesse items add a new touch to your home walls with all the different design characters.
  14. Miniature Paintings: These are very detailed miniature scale paintings that come with a frame ranging from folklore to Modern Indian history.
  15. Decor Pottery: This pottery comes in a hand-painted style with 3 different colours.
  16. Terracotta Artifacts: Carcings from the traditional Indian style terracotta stylings are used for these products.
  17. Ethnic Footwear: Locally known as Mojris, this ethnic footwear consists of embroidery and beadwork. These things can also be found at Sarkhej Roza near Ahmedabad Road. 
  18. Brass Items: Brass items available here have a diverse range from decor items to utensils.
  19. Souvenirs: Stroll through local unique souvenirs and also embed them in keychain customizations

Best Food Options At Law Garden Market

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Food options change with law garden market timings. However, here are the top 5 items everyone must have.

  1. Bhel Puri: This snack item is available in multiple places in the law market. It is made from puffed rice blended with chopped vegetables, tangy chutneys, and also crunchy flakes.
  2. Jalebi Fafda: This is a breakfast item that is a combination of the crispy Fafda served intact with jalebi sweet. 
  3. Kachori: A snack item with a deep-fried layer filled with spicy lentil mixture with a touch of curd and chutneys makes it mouth-watering
  4. Dabeli: A flavored snack item has it traces traditional Gujarat history. This is spiced up with potatoes and chillies and topped up with chutneys and pomegranate.
  5. Pav Bhaji: This is the most popular among the street foods of the Law night market. It is a buttered bread served in a combination of mashed curry

Shopping Tips For Law Garden Night Market

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Here are the shopping tips for Law Garden Night Market:

  1. Check Law Garden Market Timings: Not all the shopping slacks are open throughout the day, so check the timings of the items you are looking to purchase. 
  2. Bargain: Don’t hesitate to negotiate with the seller as most of the stalls here quote high prices considering the bargaining factor. 
  3. Carry Cash: Although UPI payments work here, it is advisable to carry some cash to grab the deal for a better price. 
  4. Explore Walk: Take a decent time to roam around the market to find the best deal and unique things you are looking to buy.
  5. ​Quality Check: As it is a street market there are potential chances for quality compromise, so do a quality check before you take the product 
  6. Be Respectful: Always stay humble towards the sellers which can help you get better prices on products.

Places To Visit Near Law Garden Night Market


The top places to visit near Law Garden Night Market are as follows:

  1. Kakaria Lake: As you visit the law market at night, also take a joyous ride to Kankaria Lake which is a photospot destination alongside various amusement parks and recreational activities.
  2. Calico Musuem: Calico Musuem Of Textiles is a cultural gem with a showcase of rich Indian textiles, artifacts, and also costumes.
  3. Sabarmathi Ashram: This place is Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy having all the historical value. Entwined with the Bapuji’s residence during the freedom struggle this place is a must-visit addition. 
  4. Sidi Saiyyed Mosque: It is an architectural wonder with stone latticework, renowned for its stone-carved windows design.
  5. Ellis Bridge: This bridge is very near to the Law Market, which has serene views of the Sabarmati River at the city vistas. You can have a decent time walking on it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Law Garden Market famous for?

Law Garden Market is famous for its night street market with various items like jewellery, artefacts, clothes, food, etc.

On which day Law Garden is closed?

Law garden operates throughout the week, the availability only changes when the construction or the campaigns running in that place.

What is the history of Law Garden Ahmedabad?

The history of Law Garden dates back to 1411 by Sultan Ahmad Shan the founder of Ahmedabad city.

What is the time of Law Garden in Ahmedabad?

Law garden operating timings: 5 AM–12 PM, 2 PM–10 PM.

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