Top 10 Global Corporate Event Destinations

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Ditch your boardroom and get ready for an amazing time with your co-workers! Yes, we are talking about the offsite meeting, and here are some of the best global corporate event destinations that can make your time more memorable! The MICE Tour is a chance to connect with your work friends and dig deeper for your goals and achievements. 

It is no coincidence that the destinations that top our list have strong convention bureaus and a clear destination development strategy that can help have the best corporate events for every organization. Also, there are so many places for corporate outings in India which can be really amazing and having you all set up for a great time ahead. 

So, here are some of the best global corporate event destinations in world that you can consider for your organization.

Top 10 Global Corporate Event Destinations

1. Thailand


Thailand, the hub of tourists has been known to be one of the best global corporate event destinations in world. People can chill and relax at the same time while being in the whole party mood! 

According to recent news, Bangkok has been put in the major top destinations for MICE tours, and will also enhance the image of that city and help appeal to a new generation of planners to choose this destination much more. 

Evidently, there have been many notable shows done in Thailand which have been super hit! So, why not arrange your own offsite meeting at this really cool destination for your employees to have the best time? 

2. Indonesia


The government of Indonesia has been investing in popular destinations like Bali and Lombok, while also working on new destinations. 

As a matter of fact, Jakarta hosted the 2018 Asian Games every four years and also the annual We The Fest Music Festival in July. so, undoubtedly the place can be considered for the best global corporate event destinations, and plan your offsite meeting here. 

The fun vibe and cool culture of the place has definitely an impact on the people and can make this place much more fun! Also, why not have the best parties in the town while relaxing with your traveling buddies?

3. Singapore


With the modern infrastructure, advanced technology, and a great working culture, you can definitely count on this place for the best global corporate event destinations. Also, it offers you world-class venues and facilities for the organization to make the most out of the offsite trip. 

Singapore is like a hub for tourists and have the best time, so why not an offsite trip, that can help you set the goals and relish the achievements as well? 

It’s easy to have your trip planned here for the employees, and let you have a great time at the place. 

4. Dubai


 Dubai – a beautiful yet classy place! It is definitely one of the best global corporate event destinations. It’s a city that knows how to impress and can hold the people really well to create an unforgettable experience. 

But, it’s not just about the flashy buildings, you should know that there is a world-class infrastructure, really advanced technology and top-notch facilities to ensure your services run smoothly throughout the event. 

You can arrange everything in a luxe outlook and can create an impact for your organization and employees as wel. Make a choice from so many diverse yet luxurious hotels and have a time of your life. 

5. Malaysia


Malaysia is one of the fantastic global corporate event destinations, with the perfect combination of modern world and rich cultural experiences. 

The country has a diverse cuisine plans and a great variety of foods, which adds an exciting element for your people to have fun! Undoubtedly, it is an ideal place for holding such meetings and events for the organization. 

You get to talk for your team building, or even create the best networks in the world, the destination serves it all for you! So, why not create an impeccable print of your organization in your industry by making it the best?

6. Hong Kong


The location and facilities help this destination to be on the top list! Hong Kong has been the favorite since for the MICE Planners as it is an incredible place, for sure! 

The notable trade shows and conventions include the Hong Kong International Film & Tv Market, Global sources, Fashion show and the Asia Contemporary Art show. this is genuinely one amazing destination to organize your event for the organization. 

Let your time be the best with your co-workers and have a great offsite meeting in the most beautiful place. 

7. United Kingdom


From the beautiful streets of London to the scenic views of Edinburgh, you can get it all to have a great time. Also, there are so many luxurious venues which gets the attention of the event planners here. 

You can definitely arrange your high-class, and fun trips here with the work buddies and make the best out of your offsite meeting. Enjoy the live sessions in front of the iconic backdrops, while having the greatest time. 

Also, the transportation and easy navigation make it really easy to make it happen in the most convenient way ever! 

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8. Cape Town


Cape Town is like a sparkly gem on the tip of South Africa. But, did you know it is a big hub for corporate events as well? Yes, it’s true! Get involved in those fancy conferences with big ocean views, team-building activities on the sandy beaches, and networking events in the most surreal surroundings. 

Isn’t it amazing? Get your events planned in the most beautiful destination ever and have a great time with your co-workers. The city got some really amazing hotels, delicious cuisines and a buzzing nightlife to keep you entertained for a longer period. 

So, do plan your big conference or meeting here without any doubts!

9. Sydney


With the iconic Sydney opera house and Harbour bridge, the city comes with the perfect backdrop for business gatherings. The modern infrastructure caters to the needs of corporate events offering a seamless experience.

People can really enjoy their offsite meet here while taking a relaxing time into account. You can explore the place by taking a free time and attend the meetings in a great mood. Sydney’s charm and accessibility make it an ideal destination for interactive networking and productive collaborations, ensuring that corporate events here are both successful and enjoyable for all involved.

10. South Korea


The perfect combination of tradition and modernity comes here! It is definitely one of the captivating global corporate event destinations for you. 

The cutting-edge technology and a great cultural experience defines it all! You can indulge in an array of experiences and rich heritage as well. Have the advantage of the  world class technology and a great infrastructure to make it much more happening. 

So, get along your work buddies and plan your offsite meeting here to make the best out of it. 

Where is the best place to have a conference?

You can choose your venue according to different factors, like your budget, number of attendees, and catering.

There are so many amazing venues in India and outside. Just make your own arrangements and see which one suits you best. 

How can I choose a venue for a corporate event?

Choosing a venue for a corporate event is important to make sure everything goes smoothly. First, think about the number of people attending and whether the venue can accommodate them comfortably. Consider the location too, making sure it’s convenient for everyone. Look at the facilities the venue offers, like meeting rooms, audiovisual equipment, and catering services.


Check the ambiance and atmosphere to ensure it fits the mood of your event. Finally, think about the budget and make sure the venue’s cost aligns with what you can afford. By considering these factors, you can pick the perfect venue for your corporate event!

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