Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba in Spiti: Know More!

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Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba, where the Indian road ends but the hunger for authentic food amidst nature continues.

Located near the banks of the river Baspa, Hindustan ka Aakhri dhaba proudly fulfils the hunger of travellers as they reach the one-corner point of India. The dhaba’s location is serene, with a breathtaking view of the majestic Himalayas and the roaring river Baspa.

Explore authentic food in the most basic Indian Style at Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba with Spiti Valley tour packages.

3 Best things to do in Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba – Last Indian Restaurant

  • Taste Delectable Cuisine

The speciality of Hindustan ka Aakhri Dhaba in Chitkul besides being the Hindustan ka Aakhri dhaba is the wide array of food items that it can bring to your plate that too freshly prepared with the region’s own species. The dhaba can tingle your taste buds with authentic Himachali cuisine to the classic Indian Dishes, be it the Parathas with white butter or the Rajma Chawal and Daal Chawal.

  • Admire the scenic beauty

The striking feature of the Hindustan ka Aakhri dhaba is its open air seating arrangement in the most basic way and that gives you an exclusive view of the exotic surrounding snow covered mountain. The gushing sound of the river Baspa adds a charm to the dhaba. 

  • Snap at the iconic sign board

Don’t miss an opportunity to take a photo with the iconic signboard and make a moment that will last forever.

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The best time to visit Hindustan Ka Akhri Dhaba – Last Indian Restaurant

The best time to visit Hindustan ka Aakhri Dhaba in Chitkul is during the summer. This is the best time to experience the tranquil beauty of Sangla Valley and Chitkul. The Café is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Winters are not considered the best time to visit the place if you are not accustomed to cold waves, since the winters are harsh in this area.

How to reach Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba – Last Indian Restaurant

Once you reach Chitkul the last dhaba of India is quite accessible; you may get assistance from locals in locating the dhaba. However, when you reach Chitkul Dhaba’s sign board is extremely noticeable.

Chitkul is well-connected by road to the major neighbouring railway station and airport. The nearest railway station is Shimla. You may take a toy train from Kalka to Shimla, then continue your journey by bus or taxi. The major nearest airport is in Chandigarh. Himachal transport buses operate till Chitkul.

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Hotels near Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba – Last Indian Restaurant

There are several hotels near Hindustan ka Aakhri Dhaba. Tourists visiting the last dhaba of India can arrange accommodations in Chitkul. Depending on your needs and budget, you may choose from a variety of hotels and guesthouses. However, homestay possibilities are also available in Chitkul. Those who want to learn about the Sangla valley’s culture, traditions, and way of life can stay at one of these homestays. The proprietors of these homestays are warm and friendly.

5 Places to visit near Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba – Last Indian Restaurant

  • Explore Chitkul Village: Last Village of India

The last village in the Baspa Valley and the final stop on the traditional Hindustan-Tibet trading route. It is also the last point in India to which you may travel without a permit.This village, located in Himachal Pradesh’s Kinnaur district, is mainly covered in snow during the winter, and the residents relocate to lower areas to avoid the severe weather. The Chitkul village has a fascinating blend of Indian and Tibetan culture. The village is a traveller’s paradise with its picturesque location and scenic beauty.

  • Sangla Buddhist Monastery

The Buddhist Monastery, also known as Brelengi Gompa, is located near the Reckong Peo in Brelengi. This monastery was established in 1992. Founded by the Mahabodhi Society to assist the Dalai Lama in performing the Kalachakra ritual. People from all over the world visit this Monastery since it is a prominent religious centre in the region.

  • Baspa River : A walk by the sparkling river

Take a walk along the river, or simply spend some time absorbing its picturesque view of the Sangla Valley, apple orchids and snow capped mountains. You may dip your hands and legs to enjoy the chilly, glacial water, and it is even safe to drink. This location is a popular destination for campers and hikers. Locals even give guests a boat trip on the river to enjoy the experience. A vacation is incomplete if you do not visit this place near Hindustan ka Aakhri dhaba.

  • Bering Nag Temple

This temple is a must visit place to visit near Hindustan ka Akhri Dhaba. This temple has great religious significance, and people from all across India come here to worship.This famous shrine is devoted to Lord Jagas, also known as Bering Nag, a manifestation of Lord Shiva. The temple is surrounded by lush forests, and its architecture reflects the region’s rich cultural and traditional legacy.The temple holds the yearly Fulaich fair, a colourful celebration, celebrated with great devotion

  • Tibetan wood carving centre

It is a popular tourist destination and a shopper’s delight. Tourists can buy wooden handcrafted souvenirs from here and promote the region’s artists and their work.

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Why is it called the "Last Dhaba of India"?

The Dhaba proudly calls itself as the last dhaba of India because at this Dhaba the India road ends. Just 2-3 kms from the Dhaba is the Indo-Tibetan Border. 

What kind of food is served at "Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba"?

The dhaba serves the most authentic, freshly prepared meals. Because the dhaba attracts guests from all over the world, the menu includes a wide variety of well-chosen meals. It provides a three-course meal of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Tourists may select from simple daal chawal, rajma chawal, and even non-vegetarian options. They may also prefer light foods such as momos, omelettes, and noodles. The ideal way is to have a cup of steaming tea while admiring the wonderful surroundings.

Can visitors interact with locals at "Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba"?

The owners of the Hindustan ka Aakhri Dhaba are locals and they have been running the dhaba for over years now.Tourists whilst enjoying the delectable food can engage in fruitful and hearty conversation with the locals and know more about the region and their experience living at the remote part of the Country.

Are restroom facilities available at "Hindustan Ka Aakhri Dhaba"?

Restroom facility is available at the Hindustan ka Aakhri Dhaba.

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