16 Local Food Items You Must Experience In Spiti Valley

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Spiti Valley is well-known for its difficult terrain, adventurous hiking experiences, monasteries with great architectural marvels, stunning lakes, wonderful valleys, and enchanting settlements. However, Spiti Valley also has a diverse and delectable cuisine which symbolises the region’s Tibetan Buddhist culture and tradition. 

The local food of Spiti valley is heavily influenced by its geographical location and climatic conditions, since the locals rely only on locally grown spices, vegetables, and grains, as well as on the traditional cooking methods.  So many of the meals of the Spiti Valley are found in response to the region’s needs and requirements.

So, if you’re a foodie then explore the flavours of the local food in Spiti Valley with our  Spiti Valley tour packages. Here is the Spiti food guide to the top 16 delicacies that are must-have food in Spiti Valley.

16 Local Food Items You Must Experience In Spiti Valley

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1. Sea buckthorn tea: Zesty Orange tea

The sea buckthorn bush grows alongside the Spiti River. The brilliant orange berries are plucked around August and September. This fruit contains vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, and antioxidants. It has been marked as a cure for diabetes and high blood pressure.

Staying in Spiti requires extensive trekking and walking and hence a lot of energy throughout the day so this tea is a must before you start your journey towards exploring the region. This seabuckthorn tea is a pleasant tea with several therapeutic properties. The zesty orange tea of Spiti Valley is a true pleasure.  

2. Churam: Tea that is a power meal

A power tea that keeps Spitians energised and warm all day. Churam is a tea that people drink as a morning beverage. It is a black tea that includes Yak cheese, butter, sugar, and barley flour. This tea is a complete meal on its own. Relish this powerhouse tea with your breakfast

3. Mokthuk: Momos in Soup

If you want to gulp a hot bowl of soup and have momos, instead of ordering two dishes, Spiti combines the two into one meal called Mokthuk. Momos, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, are dipped in a soulful soup made up of veggies and traditional spices and served hot.

4. Madra: Authentic Himachali dish

Madra is a part of authentic Himachali cuisine. It is prepared using curd, chickpeas, kidney beans and black-eyed beans tossed in spices and garnished with dry fruits. Madra is often a part of the celebration in Himachal. Do not give this dish a miss and even ask for a recipe for this mouth-watering dish.

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5. Trout fish curry: Served with homegrown spices

For fish connoisseurs, this meal is a paradise delight. The trout fish curry is made by seasoning the fish and frying it in mustard oil with organic and traditional spices. Steamed veggies are added to enhance the flavours, and it is served with rice.

6. Thupka: Hand-pulled noodle soup

Thukpa is a traditional Tibetan noodle soup that is extensively loved and consumed in the Spiti food menu. It is a pleasant and hearty meal prepared with hand-pulled flat wheat Noodles which are mixed into chicken or beef soup with spices, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and seasoning. This meal is a favourite among all the inhabitants of Spiti Valley

7. Momos: The best street food

Momos prepared around India are on one side, while Momos from the Spiti Valley are on the other. No trip to Spiti Valley is considered complete without having a taste of Momos. Momos are the Spiti local food and the most popular and conveniently accessible street food. Momos packed with meat or veggies are served with a spicy tomato-based sauce.

8. Chhang: Getting high with Millets

Chhang, a locally brewed millet-based beverage, is often served as a welcome drink in various parts of the region. Chaang is made from finely milled finger millet that is cooked and then fermented for a few months. When served in bamboo jars, the drink contains both warm water and fermented grain. This beverage is ideal for keeping the body warm throughout the severe winters. After a long day of adventure and exploring the Spiti Valley, refresh yourself with Chaang.

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9. Butter tea: Yak cheese in tea

Butter tea is created by steeping tea leaves in hot water, which is then transferred to a churning cylinder together with yak butter, salt, and water. So the yak butter thickens the consistency, which is necessary in the chilly environment to keep you warm and your lips from being chapped. They call it butter tea, cha, or namak cha, and the flavour varies from place to place. Butter tea is readily available in most of the restaurants and cafes in spiti valley. Some of the places where you can taste this gem are at last Indian Restaurant, Himalayan Cafe, Sol Cafe and Yak Cafe.

10. Tingmo: Traditional Tibetan bread

This is the most often consumed traditional Tibetan bread.This bread is made with wheat and yeast, and then steamed. The bread is typically served with vegetable curries and stews. Tingmo is light, fluffy, and absolutely delicious, making it a must-have local food in Spiti.

11. Chhurpi: The Yak Cheese

I am sure you’ve never tried this sort of cheese before. This delicious cheese is a regional delicacy that you will crave indefinitely. Chhurpi cheese is created from female yak milk. Cheese is an excellent source of calcium and protein. This cheese is available in Bakery Chops and Confectioneries, as well as several of Spitial’s best-known cafés such as Sol Cafe and Himalayan Cafe

12. Phirni: Warp the meal with this dessert

When your journey to Spiti comes to a close, before you say goodbye to the Spitian delicacy, wrap it with this dessert. This delicious delicacy is made with rice, milk, and sugar. Slow cooking yields a creamy consistency and is served cold with nuts and dried fruits.

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13. Aktori : Spitian Pancapes

This is one of the most ancient recipes of Lahaul and Spiti region that is prepared during celebrations and festivals . It resembles the english pancakes and is prepared by mixing buckwheat with wheat flour and then pan fried. This is a kind of dessert and is served after the meals. This is the best must have local food in Spiti Valley

14. Skyu : Pasta of Spiti

Skyu is an Indian pasta. This delicious recipe is composed of handmade pasta, veggies, and meat cooked in a nutritious and spicy sauce. This is an excellent local food in Spiti valley to keep you going throughout the cold day and will keep you warm while also tingling your taste senses. Sky is a satisfying and comfortable dish to have on a go.

15. Quo

Yak cheese is utilized in a variety of ways in the local food of Spiti. Quo is one such dish which is created of cubed barley flour, potatoes, and yak cheese. It creates an easy gourmet dinner or lunch meal when combined with local spices and herbs.

16. Arak : Protecting Spiti from Winters

Arak is a transparent, white liquid. This beverage is present in practically every house in Spiti Valley. Arak is produced by distilling chaang, another local fermented drink. Arak is a favourite beverage among Spit inhabitants, as it protects them from the severe and harsh winters. This drink is also part of their traditional festivals, and they are more than delighted to share it with visitors to the valley.

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Is it safe for tourists to try street food in Spiti Valley?

Yes, tourists should definitely taste the street food of Spiti Valley. However, keep an eye on the sanitation of the place where you are eating. You’re on vacation and don’t want to spend your days with medications.

How spicy is the local cuisine in Spiti Valley?

Spiti local food has a distinctive flavour. The flavours are infused with locally sourced spices. The dishes in the Spiti valley are not too spicy. However, some of the meals you taste might be spicy. If you completely dislike spicy foods in your diet, you can request the chef not include them in your meal.

Is vegetarian food readily available in Spiti Valley?

Yes, vegetarian cuisine is easily accessible in Spiti Valley. Spiti Valley’s native cuisine includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Pure vegetarians will not have any food difficulties. Some vegetarian food options in Spiti valley  include madra, thupka, tingmo, aktori, and skyu

What are the must-try dishes in Spiti Valley?

Some of the must-have foods in Spiti valley are Chaang, momos, thukpa, thentuk, mokthuk,trout fish curry, Phirni,Seabuckthorn tea and butter tea.

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