How to Reach Bali from Delhi

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This beautiful tropical paradise is a place located among volcanic mountains, rice paddies, and rose-hued reefs. Apparently, this place has everyone’s hearts who love to spend their time near the beaches. Let’s get your trip planned with the whole guide on How to reach Bali from Delhi. 

The best-ever Bali trip packages can let you explore some of the best places while having a significant time on the island. The perfect climate and the calm ambiance of the region make it much more attractive to people from all over the world. 

Are you ready for those beautiful scenic treks, amazing cuisines, and some of the best places to visit in Bali? So, let’s get started with the whole guide on how to reach Bali from Delhi. 

Where is Bali?


Bali is a well-known province in the Southeast Asian country of Indonesia. And, Indonesia is an archipelago of over 17,000 islands, whereas Bali is located 8 degrees below the equator, which makes it fall in the southern hemisphere. 

If we talk about the islands in Bali such as Bali, Nusa Ceningana, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida lie to the west of Lombok and to the east of Java. There is an interesting thing, that the country of Indonesia has a total of 3 time zones. 

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How to Reach Bali from Delhi


The Bali tour from Delhi is a delight by taking a flight. This beautiful destination is around 5000 kilometers away from Delhi by air and 8500 kilometers by street. Indonesia shares a great network with numerous nations and is associated with worldwide urban communities through air and watercourses. 

You can easily travel with accessible facilities and conveniences for vacationers. For movement all through the island, Ojeks and nearby transports are accessible for the people and those pondering regarding how to reach Bali from Delhi, then here are different methods of transportation that you can choose. 

How to reach Bali from Delhi by Airways?


As mentioned, the distance for the Bali tour from Delhi is around 5,829 kilometers, and would take 9 hours and 5 minutes of flying to arrive at the beautiful destination. For more convenience, there are 7 flights taking off weekly from Delhi to Bali which includes Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, and so on. 

The famous Ngurah Rai International Airport or Denpasar International Airport is located in the South Kuta region and is 13 kilometers away from Denpasar, the capital of Balo. there are a huge number of departures from global airports. 

Also, Indonesia has some homegrown flights related to significant urban areas inside the country. Also, have a taxi to reach your destination after coming out of the airport and easily get away to enjoy the tropical place. 

Bali tour from Delhi by Airways (Price & Much more)


It would be the most convenient way of transportation for your Bali tour from Delhi, but there are no direct flights between Delhi and Denpasar, but a wide array of options with one layover for the travelers to get there. 

The cheapest flight ticket would cost you around INR 20,000 that is operated by Malindo air, with a layover in Kuala Lumpur. But, if you want something for the fastest connection, then keep your attention towards Singapore airlines which provides the shortest journey of 9 hours and 20 minutes with a layover in Singapore.

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How to Reach Bali from Delhi by Road?


Transports are not an exceptionally normal type of transportation in Bali, but the sudden spike in demand for longer courses has been associated with the rules of Denpasar, Singaraja, Gilimanuk, and Amlapura. 

These significant distance transports have no less than one terminal in every town. Also, the charges can go up to IDR 10,000, and more costly traveler transports are additionally accessible, also managed by the organizations like “Perama”. 

The Ojek is a private bike taxi which is a type of hitching in Bali and permits a paying traveler. These are much more accessible and convenient for travelers to have their budget-friendly Bali tour from Delhi. 

So, the base installment is IDR 30,000 for a distance of 5 kilometers, to be precise for the travelers having their Bali tour from Delhi.

How to reach Bali from Delhi by Ship?


On a travelers’ note, Bali is an impactful port for most of the excursion liners from South East Asia. For the most asked question about how to reach Bali from Delhi by ship, it is a trip to Singapore, Sumatra, or Java and then a boat to Bali. 

You can move ahead with some of the best Bali itineraries for your getaway in the tropical paradise and have a great time ahead

Bali Visa Details for Indians


A Bali Visa for Indians is no big deal since Indonesia is a visa-free country, so no Indian needs a visa for Bali if they want to stay for less than 30 days. Isn’t it amazing? 

You would easily be traveling to Bali with no such hassles and get your trip planned now for a great time ahead. 

Requirement for Passport for Indians


Yes, you would definitely require a passport for the Bali tour from Delhi. It should be valid for 6 months after you return to India from Bali. 

Also, you must have proof of a return flight to India, with confirmed hotels or resorts in Bali with at least UDS 100 Per person for each day. 

So, you can fly easily from Delhi to Bali without any kind of interruption if you have a valid passport and return ticket to your country. This would make the process easier and hassle-free to get your travel plans booked without any problem. You can know more about the currency exchange in Bali to have an overlook for your budget as well. 

Carry your proofs along with you and have a happy journey to the tropical paradise of Indonesia.

What are the transportation options available for traveling from Delhi to Bali?

For having your traveling sorted from Delhi to Bali, you must opt for the airways option as it comes out to be the most convenient way of transportation. 

But, on the other hand, you will also find the option to travel from ship and road as well. Traveling by road can get uneasy for many reasons, but you can definitely choose flight options and ship. So, make sure you find the most convenient and suitable option for yourself. 

How long does it take to travel from Delhi to Bali?

Traveling from Delhi to Bali can be a thrilling adventure! The journey typically takes around 8 to 9 hours by flight. Imagine boarding a plane in Delhi, soaring high above the clouds, and landing in Bali, Indonesia. 

Once you arrive, you’ll be greeted by beautiful beaches, lush greenery, and a rich cultural heritage. So, pack your bags, get ready to explore, and enjoy your journey from Delhi to Bali!

Which airline operates flights from Delhi to Bali?

The airlines that operate flights from Delhi to Bali include Air Asia, All Nippon Airways, Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Vistara, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Batik Air and some more. 

Are there any visa requirements for travelers going from Delhi to Bali?

No, Indonesia is a visa-free country! So, you can travel hassle-free without any kind of visa for Bali, if you are staying there for up to 30 days. 

But, you need to have your valid passport, proof of your return flights, and accommodation details to show for the proof. 

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