9 Mysterious Flights Disappearances

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We are pretty sure that you have flown at least once on an aeroplane but what if you take one of those mysterious flights and disappear into thin air? Sounds scary, right? Well, it is scary because there are stories of mysterious planes that disappeared and no one heard anything about them. 

Some of these flight disappearances have been discussed but no trace of these flights has been found to know what exactly happened to them and where these flights disappeared even after hundreds of search attempts for any survivors.

Mysterious Flight Disappearances In The World

1. Malaysia Airlines MH370


Malaysia Airlines and its disappearance have proved to be the biggest mysteries in the history of aviation. The airline flew from Kuala Lumpur on 8th March 2014 but never landed in its destination, Beijing. 

The carrier had 239 passengers on board and the last communication was 38 minutes after take off, when the plane was on the South China Sea, after which it disappeared from the radar, never to be found again. 

The rescue operation of this mysterious plane went on for months but all the missions failed because there was no trace of anything, making MH370 one of the most mysterious flight disappearances in the world.

There is a T.V. series on Netflix featuring the story of MH370, however, movies mould scenes accordingly to keep the audiences hooked, so don’t believe everything you see in this TV Series.

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2. Amelia Earheart


Amelia Earhart was the first woman in the history of aviation who has flown two thousand twenty-six miles across the Atlantic Ocean and the first woman to fly solo across the pond in the year 1932, proving to the world that for some women sky isn’t the limit. 

However, Amelia met a tragic and mysterious end, when she was on a trip to fly around the world, her plane twin-engine Lockheed Electra disappeared from the radar near the International Date Line in the Central Pacific Ocean. 

There have been a lot of speculations and discussions regarding one of these mysterious flights that disappeared, specifically the one in which Amelia was flying. Some people are of the view that she must have been stranded on an island, while some scholars say that her plane met a tragic end, but nothing can be said with certainty.

3. Flying Tiger Flight 739

Source: Wikipedia

During the preliminary stages of the Vietnam War, in the year 1962, when the mysterious flights Flying Tiger 739 vanished over the Marina Trench on the Pacific Ocean while flying from the Philippines to Guam. 

One hour after the last communication with the plane, the members of the Standard Oil tanker reported a luminous explosion in the sky, which they linked to the Flying Tiger Plane.

Since there were no distress calls reported by the air traffic control, it is difficult to pin down the exact reason for what went wrong and exactly when it went wrong. 

An exclusive search was made by 1300 people, 48 aircraft, and 8 surface vessels who searched rigorously for 144,000 square miles, all of which proved to be unsuccessful, making it one of the most mysterious flights in the world.

4. Indian Air Force Plane Crash


Another mysterious plane in our list of mysterious flights that disappeared into thin air is the Indian Air Force plane an A-32 Twin Engine turboprop, that flew over the Bay of Bengal in 2016, carrying 29 passengers onboard disappeared. 

The aircraft was flying from Tambaram Air Force station to Port Blair, however, it never reached its final destination.

The search and rescue operations that took place for this mysterious plane became the largest search operation in history, which involved surface vessels, submarines and several aircraft, sadly no traces were found.

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5. Lady Be Good

Source: Wikipedia

Lady Be Good was A U.S. Army Air-corps B-24 which was a part of the bombing raid on Italy in the year 1943. Seems like Lady Be Good, did not meet a good end, as it was the only plane that did not return to its base in Libya. 

An extensive search was done but no trace was found, however, when the crew of an oil survey exploration was taking aerial photographs, the plane was found in the Libyan desert. In 1960, the corpses of the crew members were found, and among their things, there was a diary of a pilot which stated how there were eight survivors after the crash. These survivors walked some 85 miles out of which 5 gave up and 3 of them continued walking till they died. It is one of the mysterious and one of the oldest mysterious flights in the world.

6. Vancouver Douglas DC-4


The Douglas DC-4 flew from Vancouver in 1951 and it was supposed to stop at the Anchorage Airport in Alaska. The weather worsened and there was very poor visibility, but the warning issued was too late. No trace of the aircraft or the passengers on board has been found to date.

7. Flight 19 Torpedo Bombers


During World War 2, the United States Navy dispatched five Torpedo bombers who were sent on their routine training over the Bermuda Triangle. None of the five aircraft were found again. 

There was a search party of 13 men in a Marine flying boat, they too were never seen again, making it one of the spookiest aviation mysteries.

8. Stardust in 1947


British Airways Stardust flew from Buenos Aires to Santiago in 1947 but never landed. 50 years later, in the late 1990’s a few pieces of the wreckage began to appear in the Andes. In the 2000s the body parts of the passengers were found preserved by the glacial ice. 

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9. Uruguayan Airforce Flight 571

Source: Wikipedia

In 1972, a Uruguayan Airforce, with 40 passengers onboard, carrying the members of the Uruguay Rugby team disappeared while crossing the Andes. 

Several searches took place but it bore no results, however, 72 days later, 16 survivors emerged who were presumed dead. The story of how starvation led them to eat the flesh of their fellow passengers who died in the crash has been shown in the movies Alive and the Society of Snow.

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