How to Reach Bali From Mumbai?

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Bali, the gem of Indonesia and the “island of gods” never fails to please everyone! But, if you want to know how to reach Bali from Mumbai to witness the eccentric landscapes, stunning canyons, and mesmerizing beaches. 

If you are a Mumbaiite or living close to Mumbai, here is a perfect guide for you all about “how to reach Bali from Mumbai”. Make sure you are booking the appropriate Bali travel packages to explore this tropical paradise in Indonesia. 

There are some of the best places to visit in Bali with so many things to do! So, get ready to experience a great time in Bali! 

So, get ready Mumbaiites to have a magical time in Bali. Here is a guide for you all about how to reach Bali from Mumbai. Taste the utmost delicious Bali food, and the best nightlife, and stroll around the beaches. 

Let’s get started with finding the best ways of how to reach Bali from Mumbai. 

How to reach Bali from Mumbai by Airways?


Having a Bali tour from Mumbai on a flight would be the ideal way to reach your destination. It would be a hassle-free journey and the most convenient way of traveling to this beautiful heaven in Indonesia. 

Also, Mumbai is known to be the most accessible city in India, it has every type of transportation available for the people. Also, the distance between the two of them remains 5580 Kilometers by air, so all you need to do is book your flights and get ready to experience some amazing z! You can know about some of the Bali travel tips before traveling. 

You can depart from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and arrive at Ngurah Rai International Airport, make sure you are booking your tickets in advance to save some money. 

How to reach Bali from Mumbai: Airlines that Fly Directly


So, here are some of the most convenient flights to take if you are searching for a good Bali tour from Mumbai. These are the direct flights to take while planning your Bali trip! Carry your passports and visas for that. 

  • Gulf Air 
  • Vistara 
  • Flydubai 
  • Emirates
  • Qatar Airways 
  • Garuda Indonesia 
  • Go Air 

You can book your tickets with any one of these flights to fly directly to Bali from Mumbai! 

How to reach Bali from Mumbai: Average Air travel 

While having your Bali tour from Mumbai, it will take about 8 hours of travel from Mumbai to Bali. Also, if you are choosing to fly with an indirect flight, then your timings may vary with the same. 

So, if you want to reach there in about 8 hours or so, you must choose any direct flight! It would be a convenient option to choose for your travel plans to Bali. 

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How to reach Bali from Mumbai: Airfare


Searching for the tickets for your Bali tour from Mumbai? So, you should know that the ticket price from Mumbai to Bali ranges between 19,500 – 98,000 INR. 

But, they would definitely depend on the route, season, and booking time of your flights. So, try to book a round trip if you are planning to save some money while traveling. It would be a good option to get your booking completed. 

Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali

Ngurah Rai International Airport, or the Denpasar International Airport, and known to be Indonesia’s third busiest airport. It is a very well-connected spot in the city, and you can easily reach your stay via cabs and public transport. 

It is a very smooth arrival process and you will be at ease before your day starts at the airport. So, don’t you worry about the arrival procedure!

How to reach Bali from Mumbai by Ship?


Many countries offer seaway travel to Bali, Indian tourism has been coming up with plans to create a cruise trip for your Bali tour from Mumbai, connected by Kochi and Andaman & Nicobar Islands. So, this can be your plan as well! 

Also, if you really want to travel to Bali through waterways, you can take a flight to Singapore and book a cruise from there. But, it would not be suggested due to the rough experience in the sea. 

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What are the transportation options available for traveling from Mumbai to Bali?

If you are planning your Bali tour from Mumbai, take the direct flights to Bali! It would be the most convenient and safe option to travel to Bali. Also, you can travel via waterways on a ship but it would be a bit difficult to go via sea area. 

How long does it take to travel from Mumbai to Bali?

Taking a direct flight from Mumbai to Bali would take around 9 hours approximately! But, it would also depend on the type of route and flights that you would be taking. 

Which airlines operate flights from Mumbai to Bali?

IndiGo, Gulf Air, Vistara, Flydubai, Emirates, Qatar Airways, Garuda Indonesia, Go Air, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways, Vistara, Sri Lankan Airlines, Turkish Airlines and more.

Are there any visa requirements for Indian citizens traveling to Bali from Mumbai?

You do not need visa on arrival if you are an Indian tourist and staying in Bali up to 30 days. 

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