Ibn Battuta Mall In Dubai: World’s Largest Themed Shopping Mall!

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​Are you planning for a Dubai trip? If so, don’t mind adding Ibn Battuta Mall to your trip plan. Renowned to be the largest shopping centre, this place also offers a proper blend of time and culture. Inspired by the legendary explorer Ibn Battuta, this place is an architectural grandeur with the finesse touch of modern elements to cater for the needs of all its visitors like Dining, Shopping and traditional experiences.

Explore all the reasons why Ibn Battuta Mall is one the must-visit places in Dubai, the best times to visit this mall, shopping highlights, dine-out options and operating hours to nearby attractions at one go below:

About Ibn Battuta Mall In Dubai


The Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai is one of the largest themed shopping malls inspired by a Magrebi traveller of the 14th century named Ibn Battuta. This mall is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai very close to the Jebel Ali in Dubai.

Opened way back in 2005, Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai contains more than 300 stores along with 6 themed courts representing all the regions Ibn Battuta has travelled. This place also offers diverse dining options, entertainment facilities and luxury staying options. Shopping at Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai is a wishlist for many travellers!

Architecture Of Ibn Battuta Mall In Dubai


Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai is extended over to 3 million square feet. It is specially built on a program to deliver social and commercial activities coupled with art, culture and religious structures. This mall especially showcases 6 themed courts from Andalusia’s Moorish Spain to China’s indigenous architectural styles. 

Other courts like Egypt, Persia, India and Tunisia courts evoke the traditional essence with small designs and vibrant colours to showcase the respective region’s landmarks like the Tajmahal, Domes, Pyramids, etc. With eye-pleasing ornate arches, magnificent towers, domed structures and the grandeur of shopping lanes this place helps you transport in time and space to the old civilizations.

How To Reach Ibn Battuta Mall In Dubai?


Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai lies in the Jebel Ali Area of Dubai, one of the city’s major chunks. So reaching this mall won’t be a big task for there are multiple options of transport like private vehicles, cab or even public transport.

The most convenient and budget-friendly option would be through Dubai Metro which lies adjacent to the Iban Battuta Mall. Nearby hotels also offer free shuttle services and you can also find readily available taxis and buses from the drop-off points!

Ibn Battuta Mall Timings


Ibn Battuta Mall is open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM daily, offering visitors ample time to explore its wonders. Its extended hours throughout the week make it a top recommendation for the best things to do in Dubai.

Best Time To Visit Ibn Battuta Mall In Dubai


For optimal enjoyment of shopping at Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai, weekday mornings are the best choice to beat the crowds. Weekends at the mall tend to be packed, particularly in the evenings, due to the array of shopping and culinary options available.

Places To Eat In Ibn Battuta Mall


There are diverse places to eat in Ibn Battuta Mall, here are the top picks:

  1. P.F. Chang’s: Explore the food of Asian-inspired choices with a special touch of culinary wraps.
  2. TGI Fridays: Have access to American food style with potato flavours, burgers, ribs and pizzas. 
  3. Nando’s: Offers a dining experience with a wide range of spicy options like peri-peri grilled meat.
  4. Yo Sushi: Sushi restaurant where you can hey access to a varied range of Japanese dishes
  5. 5. Off-Cook Seafood Restaurant: Best in class for seafood exploration like Tuna and Salmon!

Shopping At Ibn Battuta Mall In Dubai


Shopping at Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai is a unique experience with options ranging over 300. Here are the top 5 segments:


  1. Souk: Access to traditional Arabian markets for textiles, souvenirs and jewellery.
  2. Home Decor Stores: You can choose from a wide range of furniture options for home needs.
  3. Hyper Market: Plenty of offers on daily essentials and grocery items
  4. 4. Electronic Zone: Electronic shopping at Ibn Battuta Mall in Dubai is a paradise for discounts 5. Fashion Avenue: From international brands to local crafts there is everything to get hands-on!

Places To Visit Near Ibn Battuta Mall


Near Ibn Battuta Mall, tourists can explore Jebel Ali horse racing, Butterfly Garden, Dubai Theme Parks, Resort complex and also waterfront dining options in the Jebel Ali arena.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What is so special about Ibn Battuta Mall?

With over 1 million square feet of construction area, Ibn Battuta Mall is one of the world’s largest themed shopping malls.

Who owns Ibn Battuta Mall?

Nakheel & Co. owns the esteemed Ibn Battuta Mall!

How many countries are in Ibn Battuta Mall?

Ibn Battuta Mall showcases six countries that the Magrebi traveller, Ibn Battuta, explored during his journeys.

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