ISKCON Temple Delhi: Things To Explore in 2024

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To all the devotees of Lord Krishna and Radharani, ISKCON temple holds a significant place in their heart and soul. The temple is famous with another name as Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir and worshipped as a Hindu temple. 

The ISKCON Temple in Delhi is one of the largest temples in the entire country. Inside the temple, there is vedic cultural centre and art galleries present to justify the religious history behind the formation of ISKCON. You want to know about the essence of hindu religious scriptures, you can purchase the holy Bhagavad Gita from the cultural centre.

The temple has got multiple places and things to visit. It has a separate library, a bookstore, a restaurant and so many other facilities that will keep you engaged throughout the day. If you are planning to include this in your India Tour, below mentioned information will help you to navigate the entire spiritual place in a smooth manner.

History Of ISKCON Temple


Although ISKCON carries an ancient history in terms of its formation, it was recently that the ISKCON Temple in Delhi was constructed on 5th April, 1998. The temple was built and designed by Padma Shri Achyut Purushottam Kanvinde.  

The temple was built in collaboration with the Hinduja Foundation at the end of December 1995. It took almost 3 years for the project to get completed with a budget of 12Cr which was mainly funded by Delhi and other parts of the country. The history behind the ISKCON temple has a rich cultural significance in the country. If you are travelling to ISKCON in January, you can also plan for some exciting places to visit near Delhi for the new year.

Architecture of ISKCON Temple


The ISKCON temple was built by Padma Shri Achuyut Purushottam Kanvinde with a brutalist architecture of the Hindu Temple keeping in mind. There are a total six major sections you will come across while visiting the temple.

  • The Temple: Think of a temple standing at the top of the hill, this is how the ISKCON temple in Delhi is constructed. It looks beautiful in terms of its looks and design. People from all over the place come inside the temple premises to perform various rituals, prayers throughout the day.
  • The Center Of Vedic Studies: If you are someone who has a deep interest in learning about vedic philosophy and ancient Indian wisdom,you can find a place inside the ISKCON for such vedic discussions and a library full of such religious books to enhance your knowledge.
  • The Center Of Vedic Performing Arts: There is also a place near the temple where you can see many dancers and singers performing the traditional music and dance shows which gives you a soul-satisfying experience inside the temple.
  • The Krishna Jayanti Park: After visiting the temple, gaining knowledge about its architecture and reading various scriptures, you can come to the Krishna Jayanti Park and relax for a while. Inside the park there is a serene pond and waterfall that creates a calm atmosphere for the visitors to sit and enjoy.
  • The Museum Of Vedic Culture: This museum inside the ISKCON temple in Delhi uses modern technology to describe the scriptures in story form by using the old Hindu texts along with lights and sound effects. You will perceive the story in a more realistic way with the help of these technologies.
  • The Ashram: It is a place where everyone stays together to serve the Almighty and learn about the vedic scriptures. Everyone stays together in the ashram as a community with love and affection.

How To Reach ISKCON Temple delhi


ISKCON Temple in Delhi is also amongst the best places to visit in India during March as the temperature remains pleasant and travel-friendly in this month. 

If you are planning to visit ISKCON Temple in Delhi this year, there are multiple routes by which you can reach the destination. Below are listed the major ISKCON Temple Delhi location routes which you can take to reach your destination.

  • By Bus: The Delhi Transport Corporation has multiple buses that go from the route passing towards the ISKCON Temple. You can take any bus that goes towards Kalkaji Extension or Nehru Place. Once you reach there, take a taxi or auto to reach the destination.
  • By Metro: If you want to reach the ISKCON Temple in Delhi via metro then you need to take the nearest metro to ISKCON Temple Delhi which is the Nehru Place Metro Station on the violet line. Once you reach the station, take an auto or taxi towards the temple. It will take you 15 minutes to reach the temple.
  • By Private Car or Taxi: The ISKCON Temple in Delhi is situated on the main road in the East Of Kailash. You can get a private taxi from any corner of the city to reach the temple. Make sure to look for the less traffic routes while travelling by car in the peak hours.

Best Time To Visit ISKCON Temple Delhi

If you want to have a profound experience with the ISKCON temple in Delhi and feel a positive presence of the spiritual energy at its best, prefer to visit the temple either in the early morning or in the late afternoon to avoid the crowded environment and extreme heat of sun.

During the early morning, you can feel the cool breeze of the air along with the sounds of chants and prayers which will give a positive start to your day. In the late evening when the sun is about to set, the entire temple garden lights up with the soft golden lights of sun which makes it perfect for meditation or spending a quiet time with nature. For an appropriate understanding of the ISKCON Temple Delhi timings you can visit the online official website page.

Things To Do At ISKCON Temple


If you are visiting ISKCON Temple in Delhi, definitely you will not have a boring experience like many other temples. The reason behind this statement is that you will get lots of interesting things to do at ISKCON Temple that will make your visit worth remembering.

  1. You can have a quality self time by having a solo walk around the Hare Krishna Hill on which the temple is situated.
  2. There are multiple Aratis that happen throughout the day inside the temple. You can participate in one of them and feel the divinity of the Arati.
  3. Explore the different experiences of Ramayana and Mahabharata explained inside the Vedic cultural Museum to gain a deeper understanding of our culture and religion.
  4. Visit the Ramayana Art Gallery inside the ISKCON Temple in Delhi to understand the Story of Ramayana. The main characters are Rama and Sita, and their life story. All their life events are described in the form of beautiful and elaborated paintings on the walls. This experience will enlighten you on the existence of spirituality rooted in our ancestral history.
  5. You can also explore the cultural library by reading the religious scriptures and choose to buy one if you like to.

The Bhaktivedanta library has the largest printed Gita in the world. Apart from these collections of books, look for the multimedia video that shares knowledge on spirituality.

Places To visit Near ISKCON Temple

  • Lotus Temple: Lotus temple being in a very close proximity to the ISKCON Temple in Delhi, makes it easy to visit the place in a short span of time. You can enjoy a peaceful moment with your family in the surrounding garden of Lotus Temple in the evening time.
  • Qutub Minar: It is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites you should visit. It is located at a very short distance from the ISKCON Temple in delhi. If you want to know more about India’s history in terms of its rich architectural heritage, visiting Qutub Minar should be on your bucket list. This world heritage site plays a vital role in making India amongst the oldest countries in the world.
  • Connaught Place: If you want to have a stunning experience shopping in the local markets of New delhi, tasting the delicious street foods, this is the place that you should visit. Located at a short distance from the ISKCON temple, Connaught Place is a hub of entertainment, shopping and local food for the tourists. If you are travelling with your spouse, you can look for some nearby romantic restaurants as well.

Interesting Facts About ISKCON Temple

  • The largest religious book in the world named as ‘Remarkable Bhagavad Gita’ was inaugurated on 26th February, 2019 by the Prime Minister Of India, Shri Narendra Modi.
  • The ISKCON temple in Delhi was opened almost 3 years after the planned date on 5th April, 1998 by Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the former Prime Minister Of India.
  • In the construction of this massive temple, almost 250 workers were employed at that time.
  •  An amount of 12 Crore rupees in total was sanctioned to build the temple. Most of these funds were raised from contributions of the ISKCON devotees.
  • The main practice of the ISKCON community is to chant Hare Krishna names which is known as ‘Harinam Sankirtan’. It is believed that devotees around the world chant this maha mantra to raise their consciousness to a higher level of spiritual possibility.


If you are a person having an urge of spiritual upliftment and want to know more about India’s Spiritual History, visiting ISKCON Temple in Delhi will enlighten you with all the necessary knowledge and understanding of the Hindu Culture and Religion. After visiting this sacred place you will come not only with beautiful memories but an element of divinity within yourself.

What activities and services are available at ISKCON Temple Delhi?

There are various activities that are available throughout the day like, Aarti and Prayer, Religious Teaching Classes, cultural sessions, Meditation and Yoga, community service such as serving food to the visitors and many more.

Can non-Hindus visit ISKCON Temple Delhi?

Yes, as long as visitors respect the guidelines and rules of the temple which is applicable for every religion. This temple is open for the people of any religion.

What are the visiting hours of ISKCON Temple Delhi?

The temple remains open throughout the day, the best time to visit is early morning or late afternoon for tourists. But it is advisable to follow the official website for exact timings of the events that take place inside the temple.

What is ISKCON Temple Delhi known for?

The ISKCON temple was formed to cherish the devotion towards lord Krishna. The International Society of Krishna Consciousness is known for its beautiful architecture, spiritual ambience and the teachings of Bhagavad gita on life.

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