A beginner’s mecca, Surfing in Kuta Beach

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Kuta Beach is a very popular tourist attraction in Bali. It offers white sandy shores with crystal clear waters with huge waves which makes it a favourite amongst surfers worldwide. It is the most famous Beach in Bali, bustling with crowds most of the year round. It is an ideal place for surfing, which is favoured by most tourists looking for excitement. It is also an ideal place for watching the most beautiful sunsets in Bali. At night, the entire beach comes alive with a happening nightlife in Bali.

If you are planning a trip to Bali, then you must add Kuta Beach as one of your places to visit in your Bali Trip Package.

Kuta Beach is a great surf spot for beginners and one of the very few surfing beaches without a reef bottom in Bali, therefore, it is a very safe place to learn how to surf. There are a number of surf schools available for you to choose from at Kuta Beach. One that comes highly recommended is The Bali Wave.

Kuta is definitely the best place to start surfing in Bali.

Surf Schools in Kuta

  • Bali Surf Class
  • 27 Surf and Relax
  • Odysseys Surf School
  • Windy Sun Surf School

Seminyak Beach


As you head northwest, away from Kuta Beach, you’ll eventually enter the resort zone of Seminyak Beach. You’ll notice two things here, that the water gets clearer and the waves get slightly bigger. It’s still great for beginners and there are still tons of surf schools on the Beach

Surf School in Seminyak

  • Santai Surf School
  • Bali Green Surf School
  • Kima Surf
  • Da Waves Surf

Legian Beach


Legian Beach is the next main beach break on offer out of Kuta. It’s technically not a different beach at all, but you will notice a difference in that there are way more five-star hotels and chic beach bars dotting the shores here. It’s walking distance from Kuta.

The character of the wave is very similar to Kuta Beach. However, the general rule of thumb is that waves get a bit bigger and more exposed as you head north-west. That means Legian often packs a punch, is great for taking a step to shifting green waves, and an all-round perfect spot for early intermediates on the charge to Bukit.

Surf Schools In Legian Beach

  • UP2U Surf School Bali
  • Surfer Stop Bar and Surf School
  • Bali Surf Class

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When to surf in Kuta, Bali?


Dry Season(May- November):

Less rain and a dominant south-easterly trade wind mean prime surfing season in the dry season between March and November. Those offshore actually create some irresistible conditions all down the Bukit headland. Pros and experts are drawn to the breaks there.

However, Kuta stays good for starters, with regular chest-high waves with a nice kick to them.

Wet season (December-April)

Bali’s wet season isn’t actually that wet. Rains tend to pour once a day if at all. When they do come, it’s typically in strong bursts and at night. The downside is that means run off that can bring some pollution to the waters, particularly on the Seminyak beaches to the north-west of Kuta.

Wave-wise, there’s good consistency that keeps sets hitting Kuta throughout. They don’t have the same quality or power as the dry-season swells, but that’s actually better for total beginners. Lineups get big around Christmas in Bali period, so watch out for flying boards then.

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What time to surf in Kuta?

Usually, the dry season between March -November is ideal for surfing. Although the rainy season is also conducive but there can be stronger winds which affect waves and might be dangerous for surfing.

Is there food nearby?

Yes and loads! Kuta Beach is lined with warungs and restaurants on the coastlines and you can find a plethora of cuisines here.

Which month is best for surfing in Bali?

The dry season is ideal for surfing

Is Kuta Beach good for surfing?

It is one of most famous beaches for surfing in Bali

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