9 Strange Laws Around The World To Remember For Your Next Trip

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The world is a weird place, full of surprises and unusual stuff, and you wouldn’t believe what goes on around the world, for there are so many strange laws that people have to follow in specific countries. 

So if you travel to different countries, every now and then, it’s time you learn about these strange laws so that you don’t end up in trouble or paying fines for things you didn’t know were illegal in that particular country while it’s just a random thing in yours. 

1. No Flushing At Night in Switzerland


Do you go to the bathroom at night? We are sure that 70% of the population has this issue of getting up in the middle of the night to either pee or, in some cases, poop too. 

However, if you are in Switzerland, you don’t have the liberty to do that because flushing after 10 pm is considered noise pollution in the country’s law, and you get in trouble if the neighbour complains. 

2. You Can’t Forget Your Wife’s Birthday in Oceania


How long have we been facing the problem of forgetful husbands, and how irritating it is that they don’t remember their wives’ birthdays and have the audacity to tell them they love them? 

Well, all the married ladies in Oceania don’t have this problem, for forgetting your wife’s birthday in Samoa is forbidden. If your wife complains to the police about it, you may have to undergo severe questioning and end up in the lock-up.

So all the married men in Oceania have to keep their wives happy by wishing them on their birthdays and giving them presents to stay out of trouble. 

This may sound like one of the strangest laws in the world but absolutely necessary. 

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3. No Sharing of Netflix in Tennessee


We all have that wealthy friend whose Netflix we have been using for a long time. We think, what is the point of paying for Netflix when you have a Richie Rich friend? 

Well, this is not the case in Tennessee because, according to the laws, you are not supposed to share your password with anyone. 

The funny part about this law is that Netflix itself allows access to four different devices, and the law is not only limited to Netflix but other entertainment as well. 

So be careful because if you are caught sharing passwords, you may end up paying hefty fines up to $2500 or one year of prison. 

It’s a relief that such strange laws don’t exist in India. Can you imagine having to pay for Netflix? 

Who does that? 

4. It’s A Criminal Offence To Not Take Your Dog For A Walk, In Turin Italy


You know how your parents always say that you can’t have a dog because they know that you won’t be taking care of it and your parents will feed them and take them out for walks?

If you are in Turin, you cannot just skip taking your dog for a walk and get away with it. 

It’s a crime if you don’t take out your dog at least 3 times a day. 

If you don’t follow the rules, you may end up paying a fine of 500 Euros which is 650 US Dollars. Italy is very protective of its animals and considers itself an animal-friendly nation. 

5. No Climbing Of Trees In Oshawa, Canada


We all know how much fun it was to climb trees while we were kids, but sadly kids in Oshawa can’t have this pleasure of climbing up trees. 

A law in Oshawa prohibits people from climbing trees in municipal parks or any part of the tree.

Well, that is just sad!

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6. You Cannot Change Light Bulbs In Australia


Can you believe that you cannot change light bulbs in Australia if you don’t have a certified license? Such strange laws make you want to ask why it is implemented anyway? 

Under Victorian Law, changing a bulb without a license is a criminal offence and could lead to severe punishment. 

So if you need to change the light bulb, get a certified electrician. 

7. Bring Out A Smiling Face In Milan Or Be Fined


Out of all the strange laws in the world, this one has to be the strangest. Milan compels people to smile at all times except for funerals or in Hospitals. You either smile all the time or be fined for it. 

Such strange laws are so unusual that it makes it hard to believe they exist.

8. High Heels? Not in Greece


It’s a little sad that we have to go back to our teeny tiny heights because we cannot wear heels in Acropolis. The ban on heels was imposed in the year 2009 to protect its ruins which are approximately 2500 years old, so one has to be respectful and wear shoes that don’t destroy it. 

It is believed that wearing heels will ruin old age ruins, but the real question is, who wears heels in ruins anyway?

9. No Selfies In Sri Lanka

Image Source : wikimedia

In one of the unusual laws in Sri Lanka, taking a selfie with the statue of Buddha is illegal and is punishable by imprisonment. The theory behind this, which makes sense, is that while taking selfies, you turn your back on him, which is considered a criminal offence. 

One woman who had a tattoo of Lord Buddha was jailed because Budhha is the God of approximately 70-80 per cent of people in Sri Lanka, and the people of Sri Lanka don’t tolerate any kind of nuisance when it comes to Lord Buddha. 

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Laws define the nature of the country and how it operates. These laws try to make us better and more civilised citizens. However, there are some laws which may sound extreme that exist around the world. 

If you can get imprisoned for forgetting your wife’s birthday, changing a light bulb, or for something as simple as pooping after 10 pm, then there must be some solid reason behind it. 

In a way, these laws are good but also on an extreme level, or maybe because we haven’t heard about such laws before, or maybe we have more straightforward laws here in our country. Suddenly, India, with all its problems, isn’t looking so bad, right?

No matter your opinion, the truth is that these laws exist, and everyone must follow them, for the laws of the land make a country great.

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