Jetty Garden – Where Serenity Meets The Sea

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Jetty Garden in Daman is situated on the shores of the Daman Ganga River near Jetty, Moti Daman. Probably one of the best places to visit in Daman and Diu, the Jetty Garden attracts tourists and locals alike.

Amidst the bustling city life, Jetty Garden in Daman provides a tranquil experience to enjoy some time with nature with friends, family, or even alone.

The Garden for all

The Garden for all

The Garden for all

The Jetty Garden in Daman also features an amphitheater where cultural events and performances are held from time to time.

The best time to visit Jetty Garden is the period between October to April when the weather is cool and pleasant and you can enjoy the park and its activities.

The Jetty Garden is open at all times but the best Jetty Garden timings are from 5 pm to 7 pm.

The History of Jetty Garden

The History of Jetty Garden

The History of Jetty Garden

One of Daman’s most intriguing and serene locations, the Jetty Garden attracts a lot of tourists, enjoying the stunning views or taking pictures.

Daman was under the Portuguese colony up until its integration into the Indian Union in 1961, after Independence. The tourism aspect of Daman consisted of mostly traders and missionaries up until then.

With a great view surrounding Daman, more and more tourists started to flood in from all around India. The construction of the Jetty Garden was a move towards increasing the tourism appeal of Daman.

The vision of the Jetty Garden was to create a public park with very limited space available and with engaging spaces that would cater to all groups of society.

How to reach Jetty Garden

The easiest way to reach Jetty Garden is by hiring a taxi or hiring an auto-rickshaw.

How to reach Jetty Garden

How to reach Jetty Garden

Things to do in Jetty Garden

Jetty Garden is always bustling with people all year long. This is because it provides an escape from the busy city life. Some things to do in the Jetty Garden are:

  • Morning and evening walks/jogs

The garden has neatly manicured lawns with colorful flowers and lush green trees. This provides an amazing experience for those morning and evening walks. With the sound of the waves crashing and aquatic birds nearby, you can find peace while making those exercise runs.

  • Picnic with an amazing view

With the sea as a backdrop, picnics in the garden are one of the best things to do in Jetty Garden.

  • Photography

A view that comprises the estuary, where the Daman Ganga River meets the Arabian Sea, and two Portuguese forts of the 16th century along with two lighthouses make for great Jetty Garden photos. The beautiful sea as a background, makes photography one of the best things to do in Daman and Diu.


  • Boat rides

There are a lot of ferries anchored close by and you can enjoy a ride with your friends and family.

Eateries and hotels

Jetty Cafe, Daman Jetty Rolls, and Manjan’s Chicken and Takeaway are some of the restaurants near Jetty Garden where you can treat yourself to some local snacks and food. If you are vegetarian then you can check out the best vegetarian restaurants in Daman and Diu.

If you want to stay in hotels close to the Garden, Hotel Brighton Daman, VITS Select Daman, and Le Pension are the top hotels near Jetty Garden.

What is Jetty Garden?

A Jetty Garden is an elegantly and carefully designed attractive garden constructed on the banks of the Daman Ganga river. With beautiful and exotic garden arrangements like flowers, fountains, and seats facing toward the river, the Jetty Garden provides people with a great place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

How can I get involved in Jetty Garden?

Engaging yourself in various activities is a great way to get involved in Jetty Garden. Some of the activities you can try are – Planning small picnics, clicking beautiful panoramic view pictures, getting together with friends to have a chat, evening and morning jogs, fishing by the pier, boat rides, meditation, and yoga.

What types of activities and events does Jetty Garden offer?

The various types of activities Jetty Garden has to offer are morning and evening walks, photography, children’s park, boat rides, picnics, meditation, yoga, and street food sampling.

The inclusion of a theatre in the garden gives options to hold events and cultural performances from time to time. You have to contact the local authorities if you want to hold any programs or events.

How does Jetty Garden contribute to environmental sustainability?

The constant maintenance of the garden, flowers, and trees present in the Jetty Garden helps contribute to environmental sustainability. With the growth of urban lifestyle and the construction of buildings all over the city, the need to preserve trees and greenery has become more important.

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