Top 8 Places To Visit In Bentota in 2024

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From leisurely beach days to thrilling water sports and immersive cultural experiences, Bentota offers various attractions that promise to captivate visitors of all interests.

To fully experience the wonders of Bentota, consider exploring Sri Lanka tour packages including this coastal gem in your itinerary.

Welcome to the sunny shores and coconut-lined streets of Bentota, where adventure meets relaxation in perfect harmony.

Nestled along the southwestern coast of Sri Lanka, this tropical paradise beckons with its pristine beaches, vibrant culture, and endless opportunities for excitement. 

Whether you’re a thrill-seeker craving water sports galore or a laid-back beachcomber seeking serenity, there are various interesting places to visit in Bentota.

 So, grab your shades, kick off your sandals, and get ready to dive into the enchanting rhythm of Bentota.

Best Time to Visit Bentota:


Choosing the perfect time to visit Bentota is crucial for fully experiencing its beauty. Blessed with a tropical climate, Bentota enjoys warm temperatures year-round. 

However, the ideal time to visit is during the dry season, which extends from November to April. During this period, travelers can bask in the sunshine and enjoy various outdoor activities, from sunbathing on the beaches to exploring the lush gardens.

For those who prefer fewer crowds and lower prices, the shoulder seasons of May to July and September to October offer pleasant weather with occasional showers making the most of the many places to visit in Bentota.

How to Reach Bentota:


Reaching Bentota is relatively easy, with several transportation options available for travelers. 

The most convenient way to reach Bentota is by air, with Bandaranaike International Airport (located near Colombo) being the nearest international airport.

From the airport, travelers can opt for private taxis or pre-arranged transfers to reach Bentota, which is approximately a 2-3 hour drive away, placing you within easy reach of the many places to visit in Bentota.

Alternatively, for those already in Sri Lanka, train travel offers a scenic and affordable option.

Bentota is well-connected by rail, with regular train services running between Colombo and Galle, making it convenient for travelers to hop on a train and enjoy the picturesque journey along the coastline.

Additionally, public buses and private taxis are available for travelers who prefer road travel. Buses operate frequently between major places to visit in Sri Lanka, with Bentota being a popular stop along the route.

This option offers a more local experience but can be slower than taxis or trains, so factor in travel time when planning your exploration of places to visit in Bentota.

Discovering the various Charming Places to Visit in Bentota:

Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Sri Lanka’s southwestern coast, Bentota emerges as a serene and enchanting destination that attracts travelers with its pristine and one of the best beaches in Sri Lanka, lush landscapes, and cultural treasures.

 From leisurely beach days to thrilling water sports and immersive cultural experiences, Bentota offers various attractions that promise to captivate visitors of all interests.

 We’ll explore the top places to visit in Bentota, inviting you to embark on a journey of discovery through this tropical paradise.

1. Bentota Beach: A Haven of Tranquility and Adventure


The jewel of this coastal paradise is Bentota Beach, which captivates visitors with a captivating fusion of sun, sand, and sea and is one of the top places to visit in Bentota.

This beautiful shoreline, which stretches along Sri Lanka’s southwest coast, features pure blue waters and powdery golden sands, making it the perfect place to unwind and have fun.

Bentota Beach offers a wide range of activities to meet any traveler’s preferences, from relaxing sunbathing to thrilling water sports adventures, in addition to its natural beauty.

Things to do at the Bentota Beach


Leisurely Beach Days: For many visitors, the allure of Bentota Beach lies in its promise of laid-back leisure. 

Tourists are encouraged to relax and take in the peace of their surroundings by the picture-perfect sunsets, soft sea breezes, and rhythmic sound of the waves crashing against the shore.

Unfold your beach towel, soak up the warm tropical sun, engross yourself in a good book, or just close your eyes and allow the tension of daily existence to disappear.

Water Sports Adventures: For those seeking a more active beach experience, Bentota offers an array of thrilling water sports activities that promise an adrenaline rush like no other. 

Jet skiing, windsurfing, and kite surfing are popular choices for adventure seekers looking to ride the waves and feel the wind in their hair. 

Banana boat rides provide fun for the whole family, while parasailing offers a bird’s-eye view of the stunning coastline below.

Cultural Excursions and Sightseeing:


Beyond its natural attractions, Bentota also offers opportunities for cultural exploration and sightseeing. Visit nearby temples, such as the Kande Viharaya Temple, to immerse yourself in Buddhist temples in Sri Lanka‘s rich religious heritage and architectural splendor. 

Explore the Lunuganga Estate, once the home of renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa, and marvel at its lush gardens and captivating design. 

Take a trip to the nearby town of Beruwala to visit the Barberyn Island Lighthouse and Beruwala Harbour, where you can witness the daily activities of local fishermen and soak in the authentic charm of coastal life making it one of the most interesting places to visit in Bentota.

2. Exploring Brief Garden: Where Nature and Art Collide


Amidst the beautiful surroundings of Bentota, there is a hidden treasure that is just waiting to be found: Brief Garden. 

Once the private estate of well-known Sri Lankan artist Bevis Bawa, this charming botanical paradise attracts guests with its serene beauty, artistic style, and alluring charm is a must-add to your list of places to visit in Bentota.

You’ll enter a world where nature and art meet most amazingly as you walk through Brief Garden’s twisting paths and lush forests.

Things to do at the Brief Garden


Discovering Bevis Bawa’s Legacy: Brief Garden is more than simply a botanical garden; it’s a living example of Bevis Bawa’s imaginative vision, which turned this vast estate into a work of inspiration and design driven by his love of the arts and the natural world.

Bevis Bawa, the younger brother of well-known architect Geoffrey Bawa, made a name for himself in the field of landscape architecture by fusing traditional Sri Lankan architectural features with his distinctive style to produce a sanctuary that is both ethereal and unique.

Guided Tours: Gain insight into the history, art, and botanical diversity of Brief Garden with a guided tour led by experts. Learn about Bevis Bawa’s life and legacy as you explore the garden’s hidden treasures.

Art Workshops: Tap into your creative side with art workshops and classes offered within the garden’s inspiring surroundings. From painting and drawing to sculpture and photography, there are opportunities for artists of all ages.

Picnics and Relaxation: Pack a picnic basket filled with delicious treats and find a secluded spot amidst the garden’s greenery for a leisurely outdoor feast. Make sure to add Brief Garden to your list of places to visit in Bentota.

Highlights of Brief Garden:


The Main House: Start your journey at the Main House, where Bevis Bawa once entertained guests and hosted lavish gatherings. 

The Japanese Garden: Wander through the carefully chosen flora, twisting pathways, and peaceful water features that make up the Japanese Garden, a peaceful haven of Zen-inspired architecture.

The Secret Garden: Venture out on an exploration to locate the Secret Garden, a secret haven tucked away within the lush greenery of Brief Garden. 

The Water Garden: Visit the serene ponds, flowing streams, and cascading waterfalls to rejuvenate your senses. The Water Garden is a symphony of sight and sound. 

3. Exploring the Bentota River: Nature’s Serene Playground


The serene Bentota River, another gem waiting to be explored among the many places to visit in Bentota, winds its way through the lush landscapes surrounding the town.

As it flows leisurely past lush mangrove forests, charming towns, and tranquil backwaters, the river provides a calm haven from everyday life.

The Bentota River offers an amazing experience full of wonder and tranquility, whether you’re looking for adventure, cultural immersion, or just a quiet getaway into nature.

Things to do at the Bentota River


Cruising Along the Bentota River: One of the most popular ways to experience the beauty of the Bentota River is by embarking on a leisurely boat cruise.

 As your experienced guide points out interesting locations, offers fascinating insights into the local ecosystem, and entertains you with stories of the river’s rich history and cultural significance, you can drift down the tranquil waters. 

Watch for glances of local fauna, such as vibrant birds, monitor lizards, and perhaps even a crocodile or two lounging on the banks of the river.

Mangrove Safari Adventures: If you like nature and want to get close to it, a mangrove safari is a super cool adventure. You’ll hop on a boat and quietly cruise through narrow paths and twisty waterways. 

It’s like a secret journey through a special kind of forest called mangroves. These trees have roots that tangle together and create homes for lots of different plants and animals. 

Birdwatching Excursions: The Bentota River is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts, offering prime opportunities to spot a wide variety of avian species in their natural habitat.

Bring along a pair of binoculars and keep a lookout for colorful kingfishers, majestic egrets, and elusive herons as they flit and glide among the branches of the mangroves. 

With its rich biodiversity and abundance of birdlife, the Bentota River provides a birdwatching experience that is sure to delight nature lovers making it one of the most loved places to visit in Bentota for birdwatchers.

4. Exploring Kande Viharaya Temple: A Spiritual Journey


Standing tall amidst the serene landscapes of Bentota, the Kande Viharaya Temple is a significant landmark and a must-visit on your list of places to visit in Bentota.

Situated amidst the serene landscapes of Bentota, the Kande Viharaya Temple stands as a symbol of spirituality and cultural heritage and is one of the most popular temples in Sri Lanka.

 This ancient Buddhist temple offers visitors a tranquil sanctuary where they can immerse themselves in the teachings of Buddhism, marvel at magnificent architecture, and experience moments of peace and reflection.

Things to do at the Kande Viharaya Temple


Discovering the Temple’s History and Significance: The Kande Viharaya Temple boasts a rich history that dates back centuries, making it a respected landmark in Sri Lanka’s religious landscape.

 Founded in the 18th century, the temple holds significant cultural and religious importance for Buddhists across the country. 

Its name, “Kande Viharaya,” translates to “Mountain Temple,” reflecting its location atop a picturesque hill that overlooks the surrounding countryside.

Exploring Architectural Magnificence: You will be welcomed by the sight of majestic buildings decorated with elaborate carvings and vibrant colors as you get closer to the temple complex.

The central feature of the temple grounds is the great stupa, or dagoba, which rises magnificently against the sky.

As its golden peak shines in the sunlight, the entire area glows in a dazzling glow. The temple’s architecture, which combines elements of traditional Sri Lankan style with inspirations from other Buddhist civilizations, is a work of art for visitors.

Participating in Religious Ceremonies: Throughout the year, the Kande Viharaya Temple hosts a variety of religious ceremonies and festivals that provide unique opportunities for cultural immersion and spiritual enrichment. 

From colorful processions to chanting rituals and blessings, these events offer visitors a glimpse into the vibrant traditions and customs of Sri Lanka’s Buddhist community. 

Joining these festivals of Sri Lanka allows you to connect with the local culture on a deeper level and experience the warmth and hospitality of the temple’s devotees.

5. Exploring Lunuganga Estate: A Journey Through Time and Tranquility


The Lunuganga Estate, which is hidden away within Bentota’s lush surroundings, is a tribute to the vision and imagination of well-known Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa.

Once Bawa’s getaway, this lovely home provides guests with an unusual glimpse into the life of one of the nation’s most significant leaders in architecture and design.

An immersive experience that is both inspiring and enlightening is what Lunuganga Estate promises, from its carefully designed areas to its beautifully maintained grounds making it a must-add to your list of places to visit in Bentota.

Things to do at the Lunuganga Estate


Exploring the Estate’s Gardens: In the middle of Lunuganga Estate, there are amazing gardens. They show how good Bawa was at making landscapes look beautiful, especially in tropical places. 

Some paths twist and turn through lots of green plants, calm ponds, and fun sculptures. It’s like going on an adventure among the many places to visit in Bentota.

You can find quiet spots to relax or see big views that make you feel amazed. Each part of the gardens shows a different idea from Bawa’s mind about how things should look and feel.

Discovering architectural marvels: Apart from its lush gardens, Lunuganga Estate has a variety of architectural treasures that reflect Bawa’s creative nature and distinct preferences.

Explore the main house to learn more about Bawa’s design choices and lifestyle. It features a remarkable blend of modernism and colonial characteristics. 

Other highlights include the Water Garden Pavilion, the Heliconia Walk, and the Japanese-inspired Tea House, each offering a glimpse into Bawa’s diverse influences and creative genius.

6. Exploring the Turtle Hatchery: A Window into Conservation


Situated along the shores of Bentota, the Turtle Hatchery offers visitors a unique opportunity to learn about the conservation efforts aimed at protecting endangered sea turtles. 

This sanctuary serves as a haven for these magnificent creatures, providing a safe environment for nesting and hatching, as well as rehabilitation for injured or sick turtles making it one of the most intriguing things to do in Sri Lanka.

Visitors to the Turtle Hatchery can embark on a journey of discovery, gaining insight into the fascinating world of sea turtles and the challenges they face in the wild making it a valuable addition to your list of places to visit in Bentota.

Things to do at the Turtle Hatchery


Understanding the Importance of Conservation: The Turtle Hatchery plays a vital role in conservation efforts to safeguard sea turtles and their habitats. Visitors can learn about the various species of sea turtles found in Sri Lanka, their life cycles, and the conservation efforts being undertaken to ensure their survival for future generations.

Participating in Conservation Activities: Visitors to the Turtle Hatchery can actively contribute to conservation efforts by participating in various activities and initiatives.

 This may include assisting with nest monitoring, helping to clean up nesting beaches, or volunteering with hatchling releases.

 By getting involved in hands-on conservation activities, visitors can make a tangible difference in the protection of sea turtles and their habitats, while also gaining a deeper appreciation for the importance of environmental conservation.

7. Embracing Artisanal Traditions at Kaluwamodara Handicrafts Cooperative


Nestled in the heart of Bentota lies the Kaluwamodara Handicrafts Cooperative, a vibrant hub of creativity and craftsmanship where visitors can immerse themselves in the rich cultural heritage and experience shopping in Sri Lanka.

This cooperative serves as a showcase for traditional handicrafts, offering an authentic glimpse into the artistic traditions and skills passed down through generations. 

Visitors to the Kaluwamodara Handicrafts Cooperative can explore a diverse array of handmade products, interact with local artisans, and experience the timeless beauty of Sri Lankan craftsmanship.

Things to do at the Kaluwamodara Handicrafts Cooperative


Discovering Handcrafted Treasures: The Kaluwamodara Handicrafts Cooperative is a treasure trove of handmade goods, each reflecting the unique cultural identity and artistic flair of Sri Lanka. 

Visitors can browse through a captivating collection of products, including intricately woven textiles, intricately carved woodwork, colorful pottery, and exquisite metalwork. 

From traditional masks and batik textiles to delicate jewelry and decorative items, there’s something to suit every taste and preference when you explore the many places to visit in Bentota.

 Each piece tells a story of craftsmanship, creativity, and cultural heritage, offering visitors a chance to take home a piece of Sri Lanka’s artistic legacy.

Supporting Sustainable Tourism: By purchasing handmade products from the Kaluwamodara Handicrafts Cooperative, visitors directly support local artisans and their families, contributing to sustainable livelihoods and economic empowerment within the community. 

In addition to supporting local businesses, purchasing handmade crafts also promotes sustainable tourism practices by encouraging cultural exchange, preserving traditional craftsmanship, and fostering greater appreciation for the cultural heritage of Sri Lanka. 

Visitors can feel good knowing that their purchases have a positive impact on the lives of artisans and help sustain the rich artistic traditions of the region which can be seen at the various places to visit in Bentota.

8. Cinnamon Island: Unveiling the Secrets of Sri Lanka’s Spice Heritage


Tucked away amidst the tranquil waters of Bentota River lies a hidden gem that beckons visitors to embark on a journey through Sri Lanka’s rich spice heritage: Cinnamon Island.  

This lush place is a must-visit on your list of places to visit in Bentota.

This picturesque enclave serves as a living testament to the island’s centuries-old tradition of spice cultivation, offering an immersive experience where visitors can explore lush cinnamon groves, learn about the harvesting process, and discover the aromatic treasures that have shaped Sri Lanka’s culinary and cultural landscape.

Things to do at the Cinnamon Island


Discovering the Art of Cinnamon Cultivation: In the fragrant cinnamon groves, visitors can stroll along rows of cinnamon trees that flourish in the tropical climate, their glossy green leaves sparkling in the sun.

In-depth explanations of the labor-intensive methods used to produce this valuable spice are provided by experts, who offer insights into every step of the cultivation process, from planting and harvesting to drying and processing.

Savoring Culinary Delights: No visit to Cinnamon Island would be complete without indulging in the culinary delights that showcase the flavors of Sri Lanka’s spices. 

Visitors can sample traditional dishes infused with aromatic spices, such as cinnamon-infused curries, cardamom-spiced rice dishes, and nutmeg-flavored Sri Lankan desserts. 

Cooking demonstrations and spice-tasting sessions allow visitors to learn about the diverse uses of spices in Sri Lankan cuisine and inspire them to recreate these flavors at home.

Bentota captivates travelers with its natural beauty, cultural richness, and warm hospitality. 

Whether lounging on its pristine beaches, exploring its historical landmarks, or indulging in shopping adventures, Bentota offers an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression on every visitor. 

With its enchanting allure and diverse attractions, Bentota truly stands out as a paradise found along the shores of Sri Lanka’s southwestern coast.

How far is Bentota Beach from Colombo?

Bentota Beach is approximately 65 kilometers south of Colombo.

How many days do you need in Bentota?

You can enjoy a fulfilling experience in Bentota with a minimum of 2 to 3 days.

Which is the best time to visit Bentota?

The best time to visit Bentota is during the dry season, which spans from November to April.

Is Bentota worth visiting?

Yes, Bentota is worth visiting for its beautiful beaches, water sports, cultural attractions, and tranquil ambiance.

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