Kankaria Lake, Ahmedabad A Perfect Destination For Fun And Relaxation!

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An incredible journey begins with a first step, here is a first step for you to explore the amazing Kankaria Lake which is situated in Southern Ahmedabad, where the history of this wonderful lake lies in the years old Kankaria Lake, constructed by Sultan Qutbuddin in the 15th Century. 

The structure of the Kankaria Lake in Ahmedabad is shaped like a polygon with 34 sides around it and is about 1.25 kilometres in circumference. The appearance of Kankaria Lake is so beautiful, which increases further with the fancy water inlets.

The Government of Ahmedabad took a decision to give a makeover to the lake in 2008, with modern bathrooms and seating. Apart from this, the communities near Kankaria Lake host a week-long Kankaria Carnival, where they celebrate Ahmedabad’s culture with lots of activities and beautiful sights every December. Which is super fun and also it will be a perfect honeymoon destination in India!

List Of fun Activity to do in Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad:

  1. Nagina Wadi
  2. Balloon Ride
  3. Toy Train Ride
  4. Stone Mural Park
  5. Amusement Park
  6. Bal Vatika
  7. Kids City
  8. Butterfly Park
  9. Segway Safari
  10. Desert Safari
  11. Kankaria Zoo

1. Nagina Wadi In Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad


One of the beautiful islands known as Nagina Wadi in Kankaria Lake is located in the centre of the lake, offering stunning views. This is one of the fun Activity to do in Kankaria Lake. This island is connected to the shore by a bridge which actually offers a beautiful view of the lake and the city skyline. 

This beautiful island has a pretty garden, a beautiful fountain, an amazing musical fountain, a drool-worthy food court, and a colourful laser show. As this laser show is timings based, which will be held every evening at Nagina Wadi Kankaria Lake, timings are from 7:00 PM to 7:30 PM.

The entry fee of Nagina Wadi is Rs. 10 per person whereas the Kankaria Lake timings of the garden is from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. And yes you can also enjoy the boating ride at Nagina Wadi where the Boating fee Kankaria Lake is Rs. 20 per person.

2. Balloon Ride In Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad

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Imagine flying up in the air above 120 metres height. This feeling of excitement of flying high can be experienced with the Balloon Ride in Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad! The ride can hold up to 30 people in turn which lasts about 10 minutes.

The famous Balloon Ride in Kankaria Lake is also called the Ahmedabad Eye, which is very popular at Kankaria Lake. At the balloon spot, there’s a restaurant, a heritage exhibit, and more to explore. It is really a great fun Activity to do in Kankaria Lake!

The Balloon Ride operates from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, with a ticket price of Rs. 300 per person. 

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3. Toy Train Ride In Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad


This is a place where you can enjoy a relaxing and fun ride on the Toy Train at Kankaria Lake. The mini train that you find in Kankaria Lake will travel all around the lake which covers about 4.5 km and accommodates up to 150 people in a single ride.

This amazing Toy Train in Kankaria Lake is a total of 25 minutes journey in which the cost per person is around Rs. 50 and the run time for the train is from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM. The Atal Express, which was brought from London, goes along a 2.3 km track next to the lake, moving at a speed of 10 km/h.

It can carry 150 passengers, including 36 adults, and has attracted nearly a million visitors in its first 11 months. Another train, the Swarnim Jayanti Express, was also introduced later. All trains and the railway itself are on a 2 ft narrow gauge.

4. Stone Mural Park In Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad


The famous Stone Mural Park at Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad is a special place that is usually put into words by displaying its unique stone murals which show Gujarat’s history, culture, and legends. 

You will get a chance to see thousands of stone carvings in Stone Mural Park. It has over 3,000 stone carvings made by local artists using traditional methods. The park also has a museum with Gujarat’s art and craft artefacts. 

Entry costs Rs. 10 per person, and it’s open from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

5. Amusement Park In Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad


Be prepared for an exciting day which is awaiting you at Kankaria Lake Amusement Park. As you start to explore the Amusement Park in Kankaria Lake you will get a chance to experience thrilling rides like that of roller coasters, bumper cars, and rides like the Ferris Wheels. 

In addition to these exciting rides, you can also explore the most spooky haunted house and the amazing mirror maze which is completely a challenging task for you. And yes when you hear a growling sound from your tummy there are yummy food courts where you can grab snacks and drinks to quench your thirst. 

It costs Rs. 100 to get in, and the park in Kankaria Lake timings is from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. 

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6. Bal Vatika In Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad


Why should adults have all the fun at Kankaria Lake? Kids do have a lot of fun zones where they can explore and enjoy their day. One such spot in Kankaria Lake is known as Bal Vatika, which is a fantastic spot especially made for kids. It’s a place where kids can have fun while learning.

Children in Bal Vatika can take advantage of the playground, library, museum, planetarium, and toy house. Besides, there are engaging activities such as puppet shows and magic performances.

Entrance is just Rs. 10 per person, and it’s accessible from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM, offering ample time for youngsters to immerse themselves in enjoyment and discovery.

7. Kids City In Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad


As Bal Vatika, Kids City is also an arena especially made for kids at Kankaria Lake which offers a lot of exciting opportunities for children that help them to develop their minds into various professions such as doctors, engineers, and teachers.

They can explore simulated buildings like hospitals, schools, banks, and courts to gain hands-on experience. Moreover, children can learn about financial concepts and community dynamics. 

The admission process in Kids City at Kankaria Lake is priced at Rs. 100 per person, and the Kids City operates from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

8. Butterfly Park In Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad


The Butterfly Park is one of the most beautiful and calm spots at Kankaria Lake which is completely colourful with a lot of different types of butterflies. This Butterfly Park at Kankaria Lake will fall under a unique dome spot where you can see more than 50 different types of species of butterflies from India and other countries with beautiful flower gardens.

In addition to this, you can also explore and educate about butterflies’ lives and habits at the Butterfly park centre. 

The cost for the entry ticket for Butterfly Park in Kankaria Lake is just Rs. 10 to enter, and it opens from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

9. Segway Safari In Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad


You get a chance to ride on a very specially designed two-wheeled electric vehicle which is popularly called Segway. These are a type of device in which you need to balance yourself and have an easy ride to go!

This segway ride can also be used to take a ride along the lakefront and enjoy the lovely views with an easy funny ride to go ahead. And yes there will be well-versed instructors who will guide you on how to ride on the segway safely.

The cost of this amazing ride ranges from Rs. 100 per person which lasts for about 15 minutes, where the timings of the segway safari welcome you from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

10. Desert Safari In Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad


Once you are into Desert Safari in Kankaria Lake you’ll feel like you’re in the Gujarat desert! You can ride on a camel or on a jeep on sandy land that looks just like the Rann of Kutch. 

There’s also local music, dancing, and puppet shows to enjoy. And you can try yummy traditional food at the desert camp. 

The cost for each person is Rs. 200 for an hour, and you can do it from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

11. Kankaria Lake Zoo In Ahmedabad


India’s oldest and largest zoo which is known as the Kankaria Lake Zoo. This is a zoo which was started in 1951 where you can find over 450 animals like lions, bears, tigers, and crocodiles. With these wild animals, you can also find a lot of birds, reptiles and fishes.

The ticket price for the zoo is Rs.20 for adults, and Rs. 10 for kids under 12 years, and it is completely free for senior citizens and people with disabilities. The timings for the zoo is from 9:00 AM to 6:15 PM.

Which Is The Best Time To Visit Kankaria Lake?


December is the best time to visit Kankaria Lake. In December, Kankaria Lake comes alive with the vibrant Kankaria Carnival! Since 2008, this celebration has showcased Ahmedabad and Gujarat’s culture with lots of fun stuff like shows, music, dances, fireworks, and laser displays. 

Apart from this, there are a lot more places you can visit near Kankaria Lake. Places to visit near Kankaria Lake include Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Kalupur, Kamla Nehru Zoo, Swapna Srushti Water Park, Shree Camp Hanuman Mandir, and a lot more.

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How To Reach Kankaria Lake?


To reach Kankaria Lake, located in Ahmedabad, one can utilise various transportation modes including buses, taxis, or private vehicles, with accessibility from different parts of the city.


Hence, Kankaria Lake Ahmedabad isn’t just water; it’s a fun-filled hub! From exciting rides to peaceful parks, learning spots, and cultural shows, there’s lots to enjoy. With its history and diverse attractions, it’s a place you won’t forget, perfect for locals and visitors alike!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which day is Kankaria Lake closed?

Kankaria Lake is typically closed on Mondays for maintenance.

Who is the owner of Kankaria Lake?

Kankaria Lake is owned and managed by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC).

Why is Kankaria Lake famous?

 Kankaria Lake is famous for being one of the largest lakes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and for its historical significance, recreational activities, and the Kankaria Carnival held annually.

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