Karma Beach: A perfect getaway to relax and unwind

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Imagine a private beach with white sand, pristine waters, and a magnificent panoramic view of the Indian Ocean. If that is your idea of a holiday, then head to Karma Beach which has private access through Karma Kandara Resort in the Karma Kandara Beach Ungasan area.

The uber-fancy cliff top Karma Kandara Resort has staked a claim on this stunning white sand beach in Bali, built a cabana bar on it, and maintained it immaculately to keep it looking pristine for all its guests to have a great time. In addition to the beach’s appeal, there is a great private beach club on the shore of Karma Beach Ungasan Bali. 

The main attraction of this Beach is its exclusivity and the way it has been kept litter-free and well-guarded. You must include Karma Beach in your Bali tour package and plan your holiday accordingly.

Karma Kandara Beach Club Entrance Fee

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Since this beach is privately located within the Karma Kandara Resort, you need to pay an entrance fee if you are visiting this only to access the beach. However, if you are a guest in the resort you get free access to the beach and the club.

Beach Access From Karma Kandara Resort

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To access the Karma Beach Ungasan Bali from the Karma Kandara resort area, you will have to take an escalator/gondola to go down a very steep cliff.

You can also avail the Karma Kandara Beach Club entrance ticket from the resort’s concierge.  Also, the entrance ticket includes a meal and drinks voucher. 

You can also find free paddle boards and snorkeling gear for use at the beach. And if you want to splash out, you can hire a beach cabana for the day or indulge in a beachfront spa treatment.

The Karma Beach Club was voted one of the world’s 50 best beach bars by CNN Travel. They regularly host DJs and other live music performances, and on Mondays, they show movies on the Karma Kandara Beach after sunset. If you want to time your visit with a special event, be sure to check out their events page in advance.

One of the stunning spots to view the Sunset In Bali over the Indian Ocean, if you are looking for the most beautiful beach in Bali, Karma Beach at Karma Kandara Resort may just be it

Most tourists who are holidaying in Karma Beach in Ungasan Bali spend their time sitting and relaxing under an umbrella-shaped tent and sunbathing on the beach while enjoying food and drinks.

If you don’t want to sunbathe, you can sit back and relax in the Karma Kandara Beach Club area while enjoying pizza and cold drinks.

The beach is a tranquil space with no vendors disturbing you. Karma Beach is also ideal for kids to swim due to the calm sea waves.

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Those who are not keen on paying the beach club entry fee can choose another white sand Best Beaches in Bali.  Echo Beach in the Canggu area and Mengiat Beach in Nusa Dua Bali are some of the beaches that do not require an entry fee to access the beach.

Some of the other beaches in the Ungasan area are:

  • Ungasan Green Bowl Beach.
  • Balangan Beach Bali.
  • Kutuh Beach is often referred to as the Pandawa Beach Kutuh.

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What is Karma Beach?

Karma Beach is a private access beach of Karma Kandara Beach Resort. You will either need to be a guest at the resort or pay for a day entrance pass to access this Beach.

What amenities does Karma Beach offer?

You can hire paddle boards, umbrella tents, and private cabanas on the Beach. In case you want to enjoy some drinks while relaxing at the beach, you can get them from the nearby Karma Kandara Beach Club.

Is Karma Beach open to the public?

No. It is a private access beach.

What makes Karma Beach unique?

It is a one-of-a-kind beach in Bali where it is accessible through Karma Kandara Resort in the Ungasan area

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