Kishtwar National Park in Kashmir 2024: The Complete Guide

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Kishtwar National Park also known as Kishtwar High Altitude National Park, is considered one of the popular attractions among tourists and nature lovers. The footfall of visitors is increasing every day, as it is one of the major Wildlife destinations in Kashmir. 

Kishtwar National Park, one of the top places in Kashmir holds a special place in the heart of the Himalayan region. To explore this beautiful place, We have brought you our special Kashmir tour packages, which you can both enjoy and explore. 

Kishtwar National Park is not only known for its destination but for its beauty also, as it attracts wildlife lovers and comprises the musk deer and Himalayan brown bear with its rich flora and fauna, it offers great trekking opportunities that add another layer of exploration in the thrill, In this piece of content we will talk about everything you need to know about Kishtwar National Park.

Exploring Kishtwar National Park

Exploring Kishtwar National Park

Exploring Kishtwar National Park

Kishwat National Park is located in Doda District, about 40 km north-east of Kishwar Town, it was established to conserve the species of Snow leopard associated as one of the seven snow leopard reserves under a project launched by the Central Government to safeguard its prey population and its vulnerable mountain habitat.

Dated On 4th February 1981, The Park was declared a national park which has spread over an area of 400 sq km. The area falls in the central crystalline belt of the Great Himalayas surrounded by the Rinnay River in the north, the Kibar Nala catchment in the south, the Great Himalayas in the east and the Marwa River in the West. The height of the park ranges from 1700m to 4800m. Kishtwar National Park in Kashmir draws the maximum number of tourists visiting here.

The terrain of Kishtwar National Park in Jammu and Kashmir is generally rugged precipitant and shaves narrow valleys bound with high ridges opening in its upper glacial parts. The Rocks in Kishtwar National Park are naturally formed with the composition of granite, gneiss and schist that is occasionally covered by beds of Marble, It has alkaline soil, alluvial with gravel deposits.


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Highlights of Kishtwar National Park

Highlights of Kishtwar National Park

Highlights of Kishtwar National Park

.Park elevation ranges up to 1700 metres to 4800 metres above sea level.

Combining varied topographies like dense forests, precipitous valleys, gushing water and snow-capped mountains.

Area: 2190 Sq km

Attitudinal Range: 1,700 to 4,800 metres above sea level.

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Let’s Deep dive into Kishtwar National Park

Kishtwar National Park in Jammu and Kashmir is well known as its best tourist destination for trekking and camping where they can see leopards near the river flowing water, it is no less than heaven for tourists to explore Kishtwar Wildlife Sanctuary and click some good pictures for your Instagram post. 

Places like Pensi La, Drang Drung Glacier, Daksum, Panikhar, Suru Valley etc are some of the popular attractions in Kishtwar National Park in Kashmir.


Kishtwar Wildlife Sanctuary, one of the most famous wildlife sanctuaries in Kashmir is famous for its rich biodiversity that includes Brown bear, Musk deer, Ibex, Markhor, Snow Leopard, Wild boar, Indian Muntjac, Serow and Rhesus macaque with other bird species. One of the Popular tourist places in Kishtwar National Park is the shrine of Shah Asrar.

Also for more information visit their official website.

How to reach Kishtwar National Park?

How to reach Kishtwar National Park

How to reach Kishtwar National Park?

To reach Kishtwar National Park one can reach here by different modes of transportation- By Air, Railways and Roads.

By Air

The nearest airport in the Kishtwar region is Satwari Airport located in Jammu which is 250 kilometres away. You can reach here, Just by booking the tickets of flight, the airport has regular flights from all the major cities in India where you will get private taxis that are available for Kishtwar National Park from outside the airport.

By Railways

One of the nearest railway stations to Kishtwar National Park is Udhampur Railway Station which is 180 kilometres away & The next nearest railway station is Jammu Tawi Railway Station located in Jammu which is 248 Kilometres away, both of these railway stations are connected to all major parts of the country, you will get private cabs, available outside to the railway station, that will take you to Kishtwar National Park.

By Road

Kishtwar National Park connects all other places in Jammu & Kashmir with connectivity amongst Cities like Jammu, Udhampur, Doda, Srinagar etc by National Highway 1B. Private and State government service-based buses are available from these places to make you move to Kishtwar National Park. Also, you can hire a cab or sharing or private taxis available in Jammu, Udhampur and Srinagar, also check out where to stay in Kashmir.

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Distance covered to Kishtwar National Park with connectivity and its nearby places or cities.

  • Jammu to Kishtwar National Park-226 KM
  • Leh to Kishtwar National Park -619 Km
  • Bangalore to Kishtwar National Park -2876Km
  • Mumbai to Kishtwar National Park -2155Km
  • Delhi to Kishtwar National Park- 770Km


Must read: visit the official website for more information.

Flora in Kishtwar National Park

Flora in Kishtwar National Park

Flora in Kishtwar National Park

Fauna in Kishtwar National Park

Kishtwar National Park boasts a large number of wildlife species that come under the fauna category.

  • Hangul or Kashmir Stag                                       Brown Bear
  • Serow                                                                       Himalayan Black bear
  • Ibex                                                                          Indian Muntjac
  • Musk deer                                                               Markhor
  • Snow Leopard                                                        Wild Boar 
  • Rhesus Macaque

Birds in Kishtwar National Park

  • White Cheeked Bulbul                                         Paradise Flycatcher
  • Western Tragopan Himalayan Jungle Crow     Bearded Vulture
  • Himalayan Snowcock                                            Himalayan Monal
  • Koklass                                                                     Griffon Vulture
  • Golden Oriole                                                         Indian Mynah

Dominant Fauna

  • Mammals -Long Tail Marmot, Bats, Leopard cat Langur  The Indian false vampire Bat Himalayan tahr and many more
  • Birds- Golden Eagle

Things to do in Kishtwar National Park

There are lots of other Things to do in Kishtwar National Park.


You can do mountaineering here on peaks like Sickle Moon, Crooked Finger, Eiger Cathedral and many more.


You can do trekking from Kishtwar to Baltal, Kishtwar to Dachhan, Warwan, Anantnag and back to Kishtwar via Synthen Pass.

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Wild Life tour to Kishtwar National Park

Wild Life tour to Kishtwar National Park

Wild Life  tour to Kishtwar National Park

Himalayan Snowcock and the town bear make their home by themselves only. Here you will find 15 mammal species.

Sightseeing in TattaPani ( hot spring) and Nagseen.

Kishtwar National Park attracts people from all over the place because it has naturally occurring hot water springs. People come here from far-off places to take a dip as it is said that whoever takes a dip here, their health-related problems like rheumatic get solved.


Here are some of the pilgrimage tours that are arranged for Hindus and Muslims such as Amarnath, Athara Bhuja Temple and Hatta Wali Matta which are recommended. 

Some important Islamic religious places are Ziarat Zain Shah Sahib, Farid ud Sahib, and Hazrat Asrar ud Din Sahib are important and can be easily visited by travellers. Also, check religious places in Kashmir.

Tips for visitors

  • Facilities available: Forest Rent houses at Ikhala, Sounder, Sirsi and Yourdu (Marwah)
  • You can visit:  Mammal bird watching or viewing September to March, March to May
  • Dress: Spring/summer– Trekking Shoes, Raincoat and Light Clothing
  •             Winters – Trekking shoes, Heavy woollens, waterproof windcheaters, also 

check tips for visitors near Kishtwar National Park in Kashmir.

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What are the timings for Kishtwar National Park?

The Kishtwar National Park is open for 24 Hours

Which is going to be the Best time to visit Kishtwar National Park?

September and March are considered one of the Best times to visit Kishtwar National Park.


Kishtwar National Park is heaven for nature lovers, it has a rich biodiversity with diverse terrain. Here you can do various activities like trekking, wildlife tours, and religious pilgrimages, best to visit from September to March.

What is Kishtwar National Park known for?

Kishtwar National Park is known for its biodiversity, including species of Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Himalayan brown bear and many more, it is renowned for its diverse terrain, rugged valleys, dense forest and snow-capped mountains. Kishtwar Wildlife Sanctuary is known for its flora and fauna.

What are the best activities to enjoy in Kishtwar National Park?

In Kishtwar National Park Trekking wildlife tours, camping, mountaineering, bird watching, religious pilgrimages and sightseeing are some of the things to do in Kishtwar National Park

When is the best time to visit Kishtwar National Park?

For Kishtwar National Park, September and March are considered one of the Best times to visit Kishtwar National Park.

Are there any accommodation options available near Kishtwar National Park?

Kishtwar National Park offers forest rainhouses, guest houses, camping sites, hotels and resorts and homestays. You can easily find the best accommodation options available near Kishtwar National Park in Jammu and Kashmir.

Flora in Kishtwar National Park has almost thirteen kinds of vegetation available inside of the Park, It feels like you’re lying in the lap of nature, found at the altitude of 2400-3000 m whereas, at a Lower altitude of 1700—2400m named as silver fir Abies, Spruce Picea Wallachia with a mixture of cedar Cedrus deodar added with blue Pinue Griffith. Humid weather leads to lots of short-term vegetation such as chestnut, blue pine, cedar, walnut, maple, popular, bird cherry, ash and yew being grown in full quantity.

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 Flora in Kishtwar National Park has dominant flora which comprises constituents of

1) Coniferous

2) Alpine

3) Meadows 

4) Scrub forests

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